The 27

Twenty-seven feels like a gross, in-between year where you’re not a non-adult, but you’re also not a new adult, so people start thinking you’re Grown. 

But fuck it if I just want to float away into oblivion and not have to worry about growing up.

I think in recent weeks, I haven’t had much reflection time. So, I deliberately made no (interactive) plans for my birthday weekend and opted for another self-care weekend. Though lately, my weekends have consisted of me vegging out on the couch. This weekend, my plans consisted of organizing my thoughts, trying to quell anxieties, and really taking a clear look at where I was in life.

Okay, well, it was mostly vegging out, but that’s okay too. On my last day of 26, I watched my favorite movie, The Fall, and it still holds up so wonderfully.

Anyway, I was thinking of writing something profound and nuanced, but I think I’m just tired and ready to call it a night. I think I’ve been trying to get more motivated this season, but I’ve been peak vegetation, so I’ve often just been relaxing heavily.

~ by Btab on 17 December 2018.

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