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Health Log

– I think a lot of my current slump has to do with my lack of discipline. I think complacency and procrastination and fatigue have all played roles. A lot of it also stems from the unshakable though that still nags: how the world is going to shit and it all feels so pointless. Lately, it’s been easier to coast because nothing feels urgent or completely necessary. And while that’s partially true, by default,  that also makes it partially false. I need to be more disciplined. And I also need to cope with the futility I constantly feel.

– Anyway, I started a list of more disciplined health-related activities I could do since it’s around this time of year for betterment, or at least, reevaluating where I am in life.

– Taking Amadeo’s sagely advice, I’ve started listening to audiobooks on my commute when there’s traffic and it’s changed my life for the better. I’m so much more invested in the books than caring that other people are horrible drivers (which, for the record, they still are, don’t @ me). I’ve noticeably reduced my road rage without trying. It’s not a cure-all, but it is doing wonders for me. Ever since my commute has increased drastically this Spring, I’ve been all over the spectrum while driving- as if I’ve forgotten all my hard-earned training. Now, I’ve found an external source of motivation to be better. Hopefully, it will transfer over to when I’m not listening to books while driving.

Independence Log

– My mail-in ballot never came and I realized too late so I was debating how much I wanted to go to a place to vote for the Midterm Elections, even until the last minute. Luckily, I realized that I need to put my money where my mouth is and really commit to action for a better future. A lot of it may “not matter”, but it’s better than the alternative, see: aforementioned complacency. So I voted in my first non-presidential election! Results were surprising and somewhat disappointing, but it also felt good to be a part of any positive change there was.

– More problems with my car have cropped up this month, which really really make me want to get a new car ASAP. Unfortunately, got called from the waitlist twice and both times, it got sold before I got there. I’m stuck between continued waiting or settling for another car. Both have their pros and cons, but the main thing is that the latter is available. I’m leaning towards fuel cell because it just makes more sense for me right now. Hopefully, a decision will be made next month.

Connection Log

– We went to Temecula for Kathy’s birthday and I was blissfully buzzed all weekend. I also got to bring Persie along to play (fight?) with the other dogs that were there. It’s so fun and chaotic having a house full of pets with such different personalities. And I met a lot of new people and it made me think- maybe I don’t hate humans, after all. I’m working on not being a complete antisocial shut-in even when life is throwing me a lot of curveballs and that’s as far as the baseball references are gonna go because I don’t know. As predicted, wineries are fancy and bougie and for ballin’ people and I will happily pregame with all the hard alcohol for the rest of my drinking days. Day drinking is not for me!

– I had a very mellow Thanksgiving day, just chilling and catching up on me time (aka playing Witcher 3 DLC all day oops). And on Black Friday, I stayed at home! My consumerist capitalist mindset has been diminishing slowly throughout the year, so while I still love deals, I really get a kick out of rationalizing that I don’t need certain things anymore.

– I bought 2 digital games earlier in the week since the PS Store had their Black Friday sale early. I rationalized I no longer want physical copies of anything and I no longer will buy movies (I really wanted to get Crazy Rich Asians, but I held off). Since I went on an online shopping spree for sustainable clothes previously, I didn’t need to go shopping for any of that either.

– I went to my aunt’s house over Thanksgiving weekend and it was a nice time with family. But what I really wanted to do was to get my Google Home minis activated, which arrived the same day. I got three of these for free from a Spotify promotion! So far, they work pretty well, doing nifty/useless things. But now this opens up a world of possibility for this smart home. I’ve gotta remind myself that I only really want to do useful things with it and not just purchase random smart appliances just because I can. There’s a fine line between efficiency and laziness. But my parents like the novelty and I like listening to them try to make Google understand their accents.

– After doing three of the Pathfinder 2e playtests, we have officially begun our campaign where I can create a character that I can see grow. I’m really excited because it seems I’m luckily surrounded by a group of good people with whom I can hang out and play every week. Very routine! It’s only been a couple of sessions, but it’s been so fun getting into fictional shenanigans.

Experience Log

– I finally cut my hair after a little over a year. It had been a long time coming, but I really was just experimenting to see how long I could do it for. At times, it looked good and at other times, it was hideous. The length started bothering me because of how annoying it felt when hair would touch my neck. But I got some cool styles out of it. It didn’t get as long as I would have liked it, but that would take years, and I don’t think I had it in me.

– I’ve been listening to Christmas music this month unashamedly and I’ve learned there is a lot of danger in Spotify premium. It’s just too much power. No shuffle, no ads, songs on demand. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It was just a trial (un)fortunately, but now I feel like Spotify free sucks. This is the problem with subscriptions and the feeling of need once you’ve felt power; you feel beholden and as if you can’t go back.

– I caught up on my shows so I’ve started a bunch of new ones. I just like having TV on in the background. Finally was able to try out some shows I had on my list but never got a chance to start until now.

Signal Boost

– Blindspotting. A movie about not being able to see something the same one someone else sees it because of bias. What a powerful movie topped off with awesome rapping from Daveed Diggs. The film deals with modern day issues like police brutality, racism, guns, and gentrification, all set within the backdrop of Oakland. 

– A Star Is Born. A movie about how Lady Gaga became famous. Wow, what a revelation in Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga! I really liked the song “Shallow” when it came out. I don’t know anything about the older versions, but I like how this seems like how singers get their start in today’s cutthroat music industry.

– Christopher Robin. A movie about a man who loses touch with his childhood, aka growing up and learning about how horrible the state of the world is and all you do is work work work until you die, but no, I’m not bitter or anything. Cute! I don’t care much for Winnie the Pooh, but he was rather endearing in this (really random) film. I liked all the parts where he had to pretend not to be alive in the real world. A good reminder for us to never let the world take our child-like innocence from us.

– Venom. A movie about a loser alien who comes to Earth and makes friends with a loser human and then they save the world. Y’all, Riz Ahmed was just trying to help the planet because humans are the worst! This movie was a mess and a half, and I’m still mad about Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises so I had some flashbacks. In this day and age, there’s no excuse for a poorly done superhero movie.

– The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (season 1). A show about a teenage half-witch who deals with choosing her human side or witch side. And if y’all were hoping for a reboot of the classic Sabrina the Teenage Witch show, this is not it! And while I’m still mildly disappointed by this, it’s actually a very dark take, and I quite like it. Still, I found the side characters to be much more interesting than Sabrina and Harvey. And all this satanic stuff is a bit much (Dhruv would like this show). Not enough fun magic! Too CW at times, which I know that’s what they’re going for. There were some filler episodes, which is shocking for Netflix. Overall, decent.

– The Good Place (seasons 1 & 2). A show about four humans who are sent to a good place after they die. Oh my gods, this show is amazing. I started watching because I heard good things and I was caught up on all my other shows. I’m so glad I found it! It’s a wild ride and not what you expect at all; quirky, cute, ever so endearing. Usually, I don’t watch network shows, but I’m glad to have found this.

– It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season 13). A show about a bunch of degenerates. Probably the only show I’ll watch with an all-white cast because they’re degenerates and it’s hilarious and very poignant and clever and wildly self-aware. The season was very political and timely and they tackled issues in typical Sunny fashion. This season’s finale was really touching.

– Killing Eve (season 1). A British show about a detective and a psychopathic assassin and their strange cat and mouse. At times, quite hilarious and far-fetched. At other times, very dramatic. Sandra Oh is perfect (Asian leads!). Even though it was only 8 episodes, there were times when it still felt slow.

– Insecure (seasons 1-3). A show about a black girl living in LA. Very real, very modern, very messy, very funny. I couldn’t stop watching, though there were times when I just couldn’t stand the characters’ actions/reactions.

– Barry (season 1). A show about a hitman-turned-actor and yes, it’s as absurdly hilarious and dark as it sounds. It’s Bill Hader, so it makes sense. Surprisingly dark, but a strange and interesting tale about a very Macbeth-like character.

– GLOW (seasons 1-2). A Netflix show about women wrestlers in the 80s. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. It points out its racism, but it doesn’t do anything about it. It’s blatantly sexist, but it does little to give these women agency. This is my problem with period pieces. I can’t even remember half of these women’s names. But it’s fun and funny and the second season really developed these women for the better.

– Mister Miracle by Tom King. A comic about a daring escape artist who’s also a new god raised on Apokolips and also is perhaps in a dream? I don’t know anything about this character, but I love him (and Big Barda) now. The way King writes these characters is so human (just like Vision). I was confused throughout the miniseries (12 issue run), but I think that ambiguity is intentional. There are some small things that you’ll miss if you blink. 

~ by Btab on 30 November 2018.

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