The Mellow Yellow

Shoutout to Megan (M’gan) who says she can hear my voice when she reads my blog, which is the a major compliment as a blogger!

Health Log

– Calisthenics have been fun because I’ve been able to do them at a moment’s notice, while watching TV, anywhere. I’m still researching which workouts to do and stuff, so it’s a process. Definitely different than strength training at the gym for sure.

Independence Log

– My car started having issues again and a light went on that I’ve never seen before (AT) and it was freaky, but thankfully, I made it home. When I went to get my oil changed (very procrastinated), I tried to get it fixed, but they said I had to go to a transmission specialist. So I did, but it would cost $1000 to replace and they weren’t sure that would solve the problem. They did diagnose multiple problems, so that’s cool. I started taking my dad’s car to work since we decided to DIY the repair and had to wait for the part to ship. As a note, I don’t understand how guys think driving a giant truck is manly…I feel like a baby in a bassinet.
– This ultimately led to me thinking about getting a new car (as I wait for my Tesla dreams to come true because right now, it’s not wise to get one). It’s very stressful shopping for big buys because you have to be sure since this will be with you for a long time.
– Anyway, we bought a replacement part (TCM) and replaced it and the lights turned off and everything started working again. Of course, I was hesitant and sure enough, my car stalled on the freeway and now I’m back to panicking every time I drive. I think we have fixed it, but who really knows? I’ll be shopping for a new car, and will hopefully have one this year.

Connection Log

– For Steph’s birthday, we went to the pool and I (we) got super wasted and got to pet a total of three (3) dogs and it was a great time but I didn’t get tan even with only SPF 30 and that’s a shame. Sometimes, it’s nice to remember I (we) can still go hard when the situation calls for it. And sometimes, it’s nice to remember that I have no chill and have never learned what my limit is.
– I also went to go get dim sum with Matt and Megan and I haven’t gone to dim sum in forever so it was nice. I still don’t like driving in crowded places like Westminster and this feeling was magnified in my dad’s truck. Luckily, no casualties. Also, if anyone knows the policy for why the fuck they stop making certain items in the middle of lunch (1330), please let me know because I didn’t get my egg tarts (#youdimsumyoulosesome). Time to make my own vegan version! I don’t like going out on weekdays, but sometimes, I’ll make an exception.
– For a weekend getaway, I went to San Francisco and Redwoods National Forest in support of Amadeo’s engagement, which was thrilling in and of itself. I drank three days in a row, which is a shocker for me because usually I can only do one. I am a strong, independent man who enjoys being single, but it’s not the most fun being a third/fifth/seventh wheel and I’m still getting used to being more vegan/eco-friendly while traveling. It’s easy to be cynical. But overall, it was a nice trip. I did go back to work on Monday after getting in at 0200, so that wasn’t the best end to it, but go me for not calling in sick.
– As if I hadn’t had enough of being a wheel, walking around a lot, and going out in the middle of the week, I also went to Disneyland with Matt/M’gan and Nane/Ashley while my sister was home. Still not into heat, walking, and lines, but it was nice for nostalgia’s sake. I hadn’t been since I was 19!
– Anyway, I guess I should cut my hair, shave my face, and get back on dating apps because the weather is cooling down and I’m willing to leave my house now. I think I’ve become so used to personal space and independence and being alone that it’s hard to get accustomed to having someone around. I also just have this semi-rational fear that I’m gonna be that single friend that is discarded when all my couple friends only hang out with other couples and it makes me sad. Shoutout to all the couples that don’t make their single friends feel unwanted and uncomfortable!

Experience Log

– I finally started making Persie her own dog food based on a conglomeration of recipes I found online. I’ve been worried about her losing too much weight and not eating enough, so lo and behold, here we are. Luckily, it doesn’t add too much time to my meal prep and she really likes it and it’s rather healthy. It is rather expensive though and I don’t like the idea of me buying meat again, but it’s a compromise I need to make for he sake. I’m mainly worried about the nutrients and if it’s correct. She’s also had stomach and digestion issues, but I’m hoping they will subside as she gets used to the food more.
– I’ve been growing out my mustache because experimenting with hair is fun, and I’m trying to get it to curl up at the ends, but it keeps growing down and it’s essentially a baby Fu Manchu, which I am not about to be a racist archetype so I need to fix ASAP.

Signal Boost

– Crazy Rich Asians. Ya boi saw it again and again and it’s still great and moving and I’m still in shock. This movie is making history and I’m glad to be here to witness it. I can’t wait for the sequel, which has already been announced. The thought of this movie and everything about it just brings me to tears of joy. I’ve been following all the marketing, watching lots of interviews, listening to the soundtrack (which is lit!), so clearly, this is like the next Avatar for me, except instead of learning Na’vi, I’m learning Chinese (wo yao ni de ai).

– To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. A Netflix original movie about a teenage girl who writes secret letters to the boys she’s had crushes on and they get sent out. Lana Condor is one to watch. Teen angst is great and though this movie was predictable, it was cute and charming and funny. Asian lead!
– Mary and the Witch’s Flower. A movie about a young girl who discovers a flower, leading her to a world of magic and wonder. I was so sad when I missed the theater run of this movie, but then I saw it on Netflix! It’s from Studio Ponoc, the animation very similar to Studio Ghibli, as the director is formerly from there. A sweet movie with beautiful animation; it’s very Ghibli-esque, like you can’t tell the difference apart from perhaps a bit less of that magical whimsy. Still, a fun story.
– Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. A movie about the fallout from making a dinosaur park, like what did you expect to happen? You know, I will say I was disappointed, as the first one is one of my favorites and I just watched the original trilogy on Netflix. The story was blah and there weren’t any oh shit moments. It all seemed rehashed just for money. The tone was all over the place and it didn’t have the charm of the first movie. Also this entire premise is whack and the ending is whack. Now, writing this all out, I’m just mad.
– Tag. A movie about a group of friends who are still playing the same game of tag in adulthood in an effort to stay young at heart. The premise is far-fetched (based on a real story though), but also charming and unique. It was ridiculous and silly, but the message was nice. Sometimes I feel like I have drifted or am drifting apart from many people in my life and it’s a nice reminder to work hard at the relationships you want to keep and also, to stay young at heart.
– Humans (series 1-3). A British show about synthetics trying to live among humans as equals. AKA a better Westworld, fight me. For real, I love WW but it’s so confusing. This is more about the human condition. I started thirst-watching for Gemma Chan but I’m so glad I found this show because it’s amazing and heartbreaking and makes me really think about these moral and social dilemmas. The show kept getting better and better and I’m not sure if they’re making more, but that series 3 finale episode left me shook and I have no one with which to discuss it.
– Kim’s Convenience (seasons 1 & 2). A show about a Korean Canadian family that owns a convenience store. Uh, this show is so cute and I’m so glad I found it (on Netflix now!). A nice look at an immigrant family, a quirky little comedy that doesn’t hold back on topics of interest. I can’t wait for more seasons.
– Disenchantment (season 1 part 1). A show about a princess, a demon, and an elf; basically medieval/fantasy Futurama/Simpsons. It has its funny moments, but it’s overall a bit…safe. In fact, it wasn’t too over the top and irreverent, which I was expecting. The story was slow at first, but picked up towards the end. I liked the little things like signs and background stuff, which were clever. Curious to see how part 2 will be.
– Portlandia (season 8). A show about all the diverse, unique people of Portland, OR. The final season! I enjoy making fun of Portland. I’ll miss these funny characters, the cameos were great this season.
Halt and Catch Fire (series). A show about the start of the Internet era and how a group of people plan to leave their mark. I watched season 1 when it first came out, but didn’t continue even though I enjoyed it. Now that the series is done and on Netflix, I’ve finally had the chance to binge it all. And what a series! It sucks that shows like this don’t get the appreciation it deserves in terms of publicity, but truly an intriguing show with a great cast. I really enjoyed the development of each character from the start to the end, as they’re all rather morally gray characters. While I was confused a lot of the time in terms of jargon and understanding all the intricacies of what they’re actually doing, still the characters brought me back.

– Nightwing by Tim Seeley. A comic about how Nightwing makes his own way in Bludhaven. It was decent. I’m a big fan of Grayson, so coming from that, this was a little too generic for me. However, it was still fun and the characterization of Nightwing is great.
– Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick. A comic about non-compliant women shipped off to another world for prison. It was good, but too short (10 issues) and once again, I’m confused if it’s continuing or not. It felt like just a start to the story, barely touching the surface of such an interesting concept. And yes, it’s blatantly feminist and it’s glorious in that regard. My favorite issue was the Meiko story set in the past. They needed more of these stories of all the ladies.
The Sheriff of Babylon by Tom King. A mini-series comic about an American man in post-9-11 Baghdad solving a murder. Very intense, and is based on King’s actual experiences. To be honest, I was a bit confused, but the layout and pacing and mood were great.

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