The Quiet Place

Y’all, I’m feelin’ some type o’ way. Life is just mad dece right now and I’ve had my reflective moments (which went well with the gloomy clouds of early June). It’s not even as if something amazing happened, but I just want to remind myself (and readers, namaste) to notice, acknowledge, and celebrate these content moments (#contentments) in life where things are sailing smoothly; I am so grateful.

On another note, I randomly woke up at 0500 one day and had thoughts to check my Tumblr. It was a strange, pleasant trip down memory lane and I’m glad it exists, almost like a microcosm in a time capsule of my life a few years ago. Times were simpler, but definitely more angsty.

From where I sit, I get to enjoy the sunsets almost every night- I never really appreciated sunsets until now; like seeing them when I’m not even doing one of those “hike to a nice viewpoint and enjoy the sunset” moments, it suddenly makes it all the more enticing to just stop what I’m doing and appreciate the vast beauty of all the colors. It’s a gentle chime, a reminder to pause and be grateful.

We’ve had guests over and perhaps I’ve realized how much I appreciate my solitude.

Health Log

– My parents go hard with the hospitality, and food is no joke. We ate pretty good and there was just mounds of food. I haven’t been really healthy lately.
– My overnight oats randomly started tasting sour. And not even the whole batch would be; if I make 4, then half would be sour and the others wouldn’t. I tried experimenting with different things, but I’m not sure what the variable is. I haven’t changed things since I first started making them. I’m really disappointed, because it’s been such a staple for me daily, but I couldn’t bring myself to make them for awhile because I couldn’t stomach it.
– Meal prep had gone partially out the window: too much other food to eat, very little fridge space for my meals, and the fact that I didn’t want to leave the bonus room to interact with other human beings.
– I did spend more time at the gym to avoid being home, so there’s that.

Connection Log

– I’ve drastically decreased my social media presence this month. Sometimes I forget how false and addicting it can be, so when I do recognize that I’m slowly turning into a zombie, I know I need to step back.
– Coincidentally, I’ve also been wanting to be a hermit anyway, so it’s kind of working out.
– On the other hand, I also want to get back into the swing of things and spend more time hanging out with people. I still feel like I need to give more effort in this section of my life, but I haven’t been prioritizing it.
– It’s an annoying paradox.
– This month, my aunt and cousin and her family stayed over with us for a few days. I actually hadn’t seen my cousin for over 15 years and to be honest, I don’t really remember anything about her. Her kids were super cute (I watched Trolls three times in a row), but this house is not meant to have kids running around. Nonetheless, it was fun and I petitioned my parents to adopt a child. Sometimes the noise is charming.
– Not less than a week later, my parents had their friend(s) over from Florida. They stayed for almost a week and it was hell-ish for me. Family is one thing, but this was a different story. Also, I thought it was just gonna be one dude, but it turned out to be 4 adults and 3 kids. I get that they were on vacation, but a bit of respect for someone who is trying to sleep to wake up early for work would be appreciated. I rescinded my petition for my parents to bring more humans into this house.
– Some observations:

  • I love kids. I don’t know if I love all kids.
  • I don’t like when people are in my house. I don’t like when I have to share the bathroom with multiple people. I don’t like not being able to sit/walk around in my underwear at any given moment. I don’t like when people touch and use my things (um, deodorant and sandals are one-person items!).
  • As much as I enjoy change and challenge myself to adapt to situations, I feel like when my routine is messed up by someone other than me, it really throws me into a tizzy and I get unnecessarily grumpy.
  • People really know how to make themselves at home real’ quick. “Make yourselves at home” isn’t literal, it’s for politeness’ sake.
  • I am a solitary creature. I am socially awkward. I don’t think these things will ever change.
  • So. Much. Waste.

– In conclusion, I’m moving to a distant mountain cave so I can be a hermit as I’ve always dreamed of doing.

Experience Log

– Summer’s officially here! I’m hoping to have more time to do some fun things.
– I think I’ve spent most of this month debating if I want to cosplay at SDCC, what I want to cosplay, and how I’ll go about making it in time.
– I’ve also spent this month marveling about how people can have long hair and not want to buzz their head every time it falls in the face or touches their neck. Not to mention it’s just really hot. Long hair, do care!
– I think now, we will finally have a chance to do work on the house. We had some time after my vacation to make the house livable, then my parents went on vacation, then we’ve had guests over back to back. I’m hoping for some calm now to focus on home improvement.

Signal Boost

– Incredibles 2. A movie about…FUCKING FINALLY! So thankful to have this movie, as the first one is one of my favorite Pixar movies. And I’m so thankful that it doesn’t suck; in fact, it’s an incredible sequel that touched on a lot of interesting, poignant topics. That part about the law vs. morality is way too relevant, even though they probably didn’t anticipate it at the time. It feels so perfect in the way it seamlessly left off from the first one, as if there wasn’t a 14 year gap between films. Wholesome family goodness.
– Deadpool 2. A movie about how to properly make a fun, family film. Spoiler alert: my new favorite movie of 2018. The meta was on point. The jokes were perfect. Everything tied together so well. I didn’t think it could get better than the first. I’m actually glad they’re unsure about a third movie because this one ended so nicely. Unwholesome family goodness.
– Ocean’s 8. A movie about a group a bad-ass women who rob the Met Gala, featuring an Olivia Munn cameo. I was so excited when I heard about this cast helmed by America’s Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. Plus, two Asian women including the one and only Awkwafina. And of course, Rihanna being the best. It was formulaic, but it was fun and classy. I enjoyed how each of the cast members interacted with one another.
– Solo: A Star Wars Story. A movie about trying to profit off of a franchise with a random story (#RandoCalrissian). Since I’m not a toxic Star Wars fan, I quite enjoyed the film (I hope the losers don’t bully this guy into depression). In fact, I was actually looking forward to it. Donald Glover did not disappoint and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed everyone’s performances as well as the story. It was fun filler, but why can’t there be some peace in the galaxy? But more importantly, can I pull off a Lando cosplay?!
– Love, Simon. A movie about a closeted gay guy and his coming out journey in high school. Y’all, I’ve been itching for some good teen angst and I finally found it. This is cheesy and corny, just like the cheese corn you can get at KBBQ places. But it was also very cute. I found myself very engrossed and I’m glad it wasn’t spoiled for me before I watched it. Keiynan Lonsdale and Alexandra Shipp are my favs. Greg Berlanti knows his teen angst. Soundtrack was great too.
– You Were Never Really Here. A movie about a man hired to save a girl from sex trafficking. Super intense, but kind of confusing and boring because I probably should’ve been paying more attention (the movie isn’t long so there is no moment to pause). Very Drive-esque in protagonist and tone.
– Blockers. A movie about a bunch of parents trying to stop their kids from having sex. It was highly rated, so I had to go see what the fuss was about. It was rather hilarious and subverted a lot of tropes, which I was worried about. It brings up a good point about female virginity and all that controlling hyper-masculinity. John Cena is hilarious.
– Ibiza. A Netflix original film about a woman neglecting her work to go after a man. It sounds bad when you put it that way because it sounds anti-feminist…but also, isn’t feminism being okay with a woman doing whatever the fuck she wants for whatever reason she wants? That’s all beside the point because this movie has no substance, but it’s fun and it’s funny and I hope I can take enlightening drugs in my 30s and still be a functional adult. Also, Gillian Jacobs is bae and I thought the guy was Renly Baratheon but apparently, it’s the actor that plays Robb Stark, oops.
– Cargo. A Netflix original film about a man who has to find a way to keep his daughter alive in a zombie apocalypse. That premise is so amazing. I had the pleasure of watching this short film when it came out (you should try to find it somewhere on the Internet and watch it) and it blew my mind (and my tear ducts). So when I found out that they made a film out of it, I was so excited. A good film that added some interesting nuances to the zombie genre. Still cried.
– Set It Up. A Netflix original film about the remake of the Lindsay Lohan classic, The Parent Trap. It’s a predictable rom com about two white leads, so definitely right up my alley. No, but Lucy Liu was it in and then I saw that it had a high Rotten Tomatoes score (which in retrospect, is probably highly inflated currently), so I had to see what that was about. It was cute; nothing too novel or deep. I really enjoyed all the minor characters, at they were all so memorable and funny.
– Sense8 (series). A show about telepathy, orgies, and acceptance (it covers all the bases, really). I’m still processing how blessed we are to have this series, which recently aired its finale, which appeared after cancellation and subsequent fan outrage. I could drone on, but I feel like I don’t want to spoil anything, but just know that you should watch this because it’s ridiculous and fabulous and, in classic Wachowski fashion, incomprehensibly brilliant (PS there’s no yellowface, so you’re safe). It’s a wild ride and I want you to experience it for what it is.
– Luke Cage (season 2). A show about a bulletproof black man in Harlem. This season is great, as it’s really cohesive and fun. I love Misty Knight; the team up with Coleen was amazing. Alfre Woodard was spectacular this season. Even when Danny Rand showed up, I admit I liked their chemistry, but I still can’t wrap my head around how much of a weeaboo he is. So, we have a show like this that is unapologetically black, the culture, the vernacular; it’s great. Then we have the scenes with Danny in a Chinese restaurant, him meditating, and saying how he wants Luke to go visit him and experience where he comes from? God, if we had #AAIronFist, this would look so much more fulfilling. I think my favorite thing about this season is that there is a lot of gray in all the characters: Luke, Mariah, Shades, Bushmaster. Really well done.
– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (season 4, part 1). A show about a woman who was kidnapped and held in a bunker for years and now is making her way through adult life. Yes, from that blurb, you will know this show is super serious. I just found out this show is ending after the rest of this season comes out, which is kind of a bummer, but also, it’s always good when shows end before they get too long and bad. This first half of the season was great as always and it keeps up with the previous seasons’ zaniness, quirkiness, and downright hilarious stupidity. This is my type of humor. Also they said “this is Kimpossible” and I say that all the zamn time.
– Bill Nye Saves the World (season 3). A show where the esteemed Bill Nye helps me relive my childhood and teaches adults about important scientific topics in bite-size, easily digestible episodes. Ugh, y’all this season is the best so far! All of these topics were very poignant and all the segments were more polished and more interesting. My favorite episode was 3.4 “Recipes from the Future”: I really want to try and build an indoor/vertical/lab/hydroponic garden; I’m really excited for fake lab meat and perhaps eating insects (also, algae “shrimp” is something new to me, but how cool).
– The Flash (season 4). A show about the fastest man alive, Barry Allen, on his quest to have the most angst of all CW shows. Listen, I was ready to give up on this show. I just can’t do 20ish episodes per season at 1 hr each. It just leaves too much room for filler episodes and I don’t have the time. But I’ll make the exception for this show because it still kept me coming back even after the first few dull episodes (thank Glob for Arrowverse on Netflix and binging so I don’t have to wait a week to see what happens next). I really liked, no spoilers: Sad Barry and #feminism and Run, Iris, Run and the jail episodes. The villain was rather interesting as well with more nuance than usual. Overall, a good season, but I miss the simplicity and happiness. Too much drama now, but as is the curse with all shows, especially Arrowverse. I’ve given up on Arrow and Legends, but we’ll see how Supergirl fares.
– Legion (season 2). A show about…I don’t even fucking know, I’m just here for the ride. Watching this show is like magic and musical and artistry and drugs all wrapped up in a neat little show. I love the characters though. I find the artsy scenes to be bizarre, but so interesting. I would say the highlights for me would be episodes 2.3 and 2.4 as we got to explore the minds of the other characters.
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. A videogame about Chloe and Nadine from the series on their own adventure outside of the testosterone-driven Nathan Drake usual fare…aka double Lara Croft time, holla! Ugh, I love this series and, while I don’t think this should be a full priced game that came in its own case because it’s really just a DLC and there were no new mechanics, this was a beautiful story. I simply love the gameplay and the little conversations and I’m so glad we got to highlight these two characters. No spoilers, but Naughty Dog does it again; it may be formulaic, but it is just so endearing.
– Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep – A fragmentary passage. A game about what the fuck Aqua has been up to since being lost in the dark world and how this series continues to make me cry. Dream Drop Distance was okay and I couldn’t bring myself to grind levels for the final boss, so we’ll just skip that. This game is a continuation of PSP’s BBS, and y’all, Aqua is one of my faves. It’s a very short game, but the story is necessary in anticipation of next year. I was gonna trophy hunt for both of these games, but then gave up because I don’t know if I have the patience and/or skill for it. I used to go hard in all the secret optional Square Enix stuff (even before trophies were a thing), but these days, I want to experience the story and move on to new things. I loved this little DLC-ish game and I’m glad it exists. It’s very sad.
– Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. A collection of pieces from the mind of Aurelius, who is pretty much my new philosophy zaddy. A lot of these points I’ve come to realize for myself through these years, but it’s so great to see them reiterated in such a classic book, which wasn’t even meant for publication. I don’t agree with everything and that’s fine; I take away from it what I needed to take away from it. It’s gonna be one of these things I need to have around so I can go back to it and read each part like Bible verses when I feel like I’m straying from the path.
– Trees by Warren Ellis. A graphic novel about mysterious “trees” that have landed on Earth. Aliens, bro! But I don’t know if this was canceled or if it’s on hiatus, but it’s definitely not complete. Which I’m glad, because there is so much potential and they’ve barely scratched the surface. Warren Ellis is bae though, so I trust what will happen. So I guess technically, it’s not complete, but don’t read it if you need a cohesive story.
– The Omega Men by Tom King. A graphic novel about a ragtag group bent on avenging their worlds. Very short, only 12 issues, but so much power in each page. To be honest, I wasn’t completely following all the points and the politics, but the emotional aspects were great.
– In Fina We Trust by Awkwafina. An EP by comedic Asian American rap artist that makes me crack the fuck up. “Inner Voices” is just hilarious and smart while “Testify” really shines as a serious piece. Everything’s coming up Fina and I’m all here for it.

~ by Btab on 29 June 2018.

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