The Sobriety, redux

Back in 2015, I decided to go sober for 6 months as a little social experiment and it is documented as a peer-reviewed article here on this site. Below is a more anecdotal telling of the next phase in my relationship with alcohol.

On May 6, 2017, I threw a house party. A few weeks later, I realized I hadn’t been drinking for a while (in part due to a lot of stress and busyness and not socializing). So, as per us(ual), classic Brian, I decided to see how long I could go. I previously did 6 months, so definitely wanted to try a full year.

Today is the day, folks. I did it. It was way easier than last time. A lot of the “omg why aren’t you drinking?!” turned into “oh, you’re doing one of your things again…” and it stopped there! Guys, peer pressure is real, but don’t let it affect you! Say no to drugs…unless you want to say yes, I ain’t your keeper. The point being you are your own person and you are not beholden to anyone except yourself.

I’ve been moving towards a healthier lifestyle in general, so it just never fazed me too much. There were times where I had some intense cravings for alcohol, ie my birthday, but they soon passed. There is this feeling of freedom in my relationship with alcohol now. I don’t need to drink stuff I don’t want to drink anymore. I can be selective. All that I need is vegan tequila and some oranges and I’m ready to go.

I invite you to “lent” yourself, but not just during Lent and not just for however long Lent is and not just because Jesus is watching. But do it just because. It’s a fun, cool, eye-opening, introspective experience. But as with everything, it’s a balance. I don’t feel the need to do another alcohol-based challenge anymore. I don’t think my friends and I are in a place where we go hard too often (that place being late-20s), so it’s not a big deal economically or health-wise.

I hope there is some good life wisdom to be gleaned from this post.


~ by Btab on 6 May 2018.

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