The New Reality Stone

Health Log

– I’ve been addicted to white sugar lately…ever since my vacation and eating out and eating poorly. I crave white sugar now and I know it’s really bad so I’m allowing myself to indulge now so I can stop later. It’s basically cocaine, guys. But I’m sure I can wean myself off.
– Because I’ve noticed this change in habit, I’ve also started to relook at my nutrition and realize I need to modify it slightly. I still don’t want to go back to calorie counting or looking at macros, but I am going back to trying to eat more daily. But also, more healthily. A lot of my shorts/pants don’t fit as well (they be slippin’).
– I started eating breakfast at around 1000 and if I don’t stay up super late, it means I’m kind of slightly maybe casually intermittent fasting.
– I’ve been going to new gyms lately and checking out the ones in my area. Luckily, I still have some good 24 Hour Fitnesses nearby. They sadly don’t compare to my Mission Viejo gym, but I’ll have to get used to them. I also already choked on some water at one of them, so I can never show my face there again.
– So I started growing out my hair and beard to see how long I can get it before it annoys me. So far, so good. My dandruff is in check! And then I started growing out my beard because it grosses people out. And it was pretty gross. I shaved it (un)fortunately, but not until I met my goals of being able to ponytail and braid it. I can’t say I miss it because it was kinda gross, kinda unmanageable, but I’ve been phantom stroking where it used to be. Also, I missed my chin…but it looks abnormally small now or my neck looks bigger or something. I don’t know, I might develop a chinferiority complex. I’m still growing out my head hair, but I don’t like grooming. So far, it’s been very simple to manage.
– I’ve gotten sick twice in the past two months, ever since returning from vacation. This is probably due to many factors: (a) all the sugar I’m inhaling, (b) being 26 is causing my body to start deteriorating at an alarming rate, (c) I’m really stressed out from moving.

Independence Log

– So I have this very realistic fear that I’ll never want to leave my parents’ house now because we’re remodeling and I get a say in some of it and we’re adding smart technology. My plan is also to make my bedroom completely zen and minimalist and calming: just for sleeping. Then I get the bonus room to do whatever I want with. In conclusion, how the fuck will I move out, pay more, and live in a shittier place? You would think me wanting to start a relationship one day will make me want to move my ass, but you know, it’s surprisingly not that motivating.

Connection Log

– It’s actually been really fun working on the new house with my parents. They’re really into interior design and I’m really into showing them how we can make our house really cool.
– The main drawback is my commute, which is 400% worse now. And since I have to sit in traffic now, my road rage management skills have gone out the window and I’m just angrier now. I’m trying to get back to controlling this but people just really suck at driving.

Experience Log

– So much of my time post-vacation has been getting used to living in a new house. It’s taken up all my energy. I’m still wrapping my head around it. There are pros and cons, both of which I’m still discovering on a daily basis. And it’s odd to think about how we take things for granted or we’re just used to living a certain way and it all gets uprooted. I’m a huge advocate of change, though, so it’s been…interesting and challenging.
– I feel like I’ve put so many things aside since the vacation, so I’m trying to get back to basics and work on routines even though things have been kind of jarring being uprooted and all. I’ve been telling people how bizarre it is to come back from vacation expecting to relax at home, but when we came back, we weren’t home anymore. And I never got a proper goodbye to Malaga Lane, to Mission Viejo, to the house I grew up in, to the only house I remember. It sounds silly and melodramatic, but it’s really sad for me in a way that I think neither my parents nor my sister understand. Honestly, I think I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.
– Mission Viejo, the city in which I grew up in but no longer live in as previously mentioned, decided to have it’s first official comic con after I moved away, so of course I had to go. I’m really not sure who decided to have it or why, but it was sweet. It was held at the City of Mission Viejo library, which I still frequent. I mean, I had zero expectations that it was going to be a “con”, but I really liked the cardboard cut outs; also got to spectate some D&D games, got some books from the library, could not figure out how to play Carcassonne, saw some cosplay. It was super chill and in it’s infancy, so I hope they continue the tradition in the coming years and continue to grow because that would just be awesome.

Signal Boost

– Avengers: Infinity War. A movie about a bunch of badasses fighting a really badass, sad grape grandpa (raisin). I WASN’T READY. Was I ever going to be ready? No. I can’t believe the day actually came. And even though I had known it was coming, I was anticipating it, I still wasn’t ready. I’m still in awe that all of these movies came together. How blessed are we that we can experience this? How can I wait over a year? WHERE? WHO? WHY? Listen, I’m just glad it’s not horrible. Clearly, it was an everything all at once, nonstop movie that jumped around so much because there was so much to deal with. I think the balance will come in the sequel, so I’m not too worried anymore. When that comes out, we can treat it as one movie. And it will near perfection. Friendly reminder that I kinda sorta agreed with Ultron and I kinda sorta agree with Thanos; don’t @ me.
– A Quiet Place. A movie about a family that has to shut the fuck up or they will be eaten, like can you imagine how hard that would be for some people…but for me, that’d be awesome because it’d be like a forced silent meditation retreat. One of my new favorite movies of the year! I’m glad I didn’t get any spoilers and I’m glad it held up as a horror thriller. So original! So well done! I can look past the cheap thrills because it was so well done! I love that Krasinski and Blunt were starring together. I love the use of ASL and actual deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds. Noah Jupe is great as well (loved him in Wonder). I was so surprised at how intelligent this film was. I can’t stop gushing.
– Ready Player One. A movie based on a book about a bunch of nerds who live in a VR game. One of my favorite books, though I don’t know if I’d still like it if I read it again. I don’t remember much from it, but I do know this film adaptation is super watered down, which makes sense because this is Hollywood and there’s only so much you can put in a movie. Unfortunately, this really dampens the film. Good for kids and entertaining as a whole, but of course, disappointing.
Tomb Raider. A reboot movie based on the reboot of the game series about a woman who gets beat the fuck up by everything and still makes it out alive. I really wanted to like it. I love the Tomb Raider series. I am really enjoying the Tomb Raider game reboots. I often credit the first movies with how I became a man. There is an Asian supporting actor in this film. But it fell a little short. I, of course, would like to enjoy this as a videogame film, but that would do it a disservice by cramping it into a small category that is not well-respected. I did just find it…boring. I do hope they make more so it can evolve.
– Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. A movie about a mom who goes toe to toe with the incompetent police department because her daughter was raped and murdered and obviously no one cares about that. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this one. Added it to one of my favorite movies of 2017. The acting, writing, intensity…it was all great. It reminds me of movies where not much happens in the way of plot, but getting to peek into the lives of these folks during an important moment in their lives, it’s rather satisfying when done properly (otherwise we would tip into boredom territory).
– Wind River. A movie about the murder of a Native American woman and the search to find her killer. On Netflix now! Do note that this movie is a side adventure with Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch, before Infinity Wars. No, but very intense, interesting drama that discusses the real life issue of sexual assault on women on reservations. Slow, but with great characters and acting.
– Batman Ninja. An animated movie about Batman getting transported back to feudal era Japan. I know, let that sentence sink in because this movie is as ridiculous, bombastic, and amazing as it sounds. I mean, I love Batman and I love feudal Japan, so it really worked out for me. The animation style(s) in this were amazing. There were samurai monkeys, cool Bat family outfits, crazy transforming robots, and the overdramatic Japanese fun that just all went together so well. What a trip. Next cosplay idea?
– A Series of Unfortunate Events (season 2). A show based on a book series about 3 orphans who have the worst luck because adults are so incompetent. I liked this season a lot more than the first one, with a lot more nuanced plots and unraveling secrets (though also, to be fair, more questions than answers). I like the new characters and differences from the novel series; I think they add a lot more ethos. Can’t wait for the next (final?) season!
– Mindhunter (season 1). A show about some white people who decide they want to learn more about psychopaths and serial killers. Only watched this because Amadeo said it was good and then stayed for David Fincher and Anna Torv. Pretty good so far, though at times, a bit boring. Really creepy, just like I wanted.
– Love (series, 1-3). A show about shitty, quirky, suh LA, white people who find love and go through all the crazy, somewhat mundane relationship drama. I finally got around to watching this because the last season came out this year. Honestly, I’m glad there’s only 3 seasons, otherwise this would be more seasons of nonsense. I did not like these characters and by the end, I still did not like them. Still a fan of Gillian Jacobs and her acting chops, but Mickey was so hard to like. I enjoyed the show as a whole, but if I liked the characters, it would be so much better. The mains are frustratingly annoying, but they’re also realistic and I guess, relatable.
– Nailed It! A reality cooking competition where contestants compete to earn $10K by remaking popular dessert recipes. I’m glad I finally watched this on Netflix because I’m not really one for competition reality shows, but this was hilarious because it was awkward and it was hilarious. Like really awkward and not all of the awkwardness was satirical. Nicole Byer is great, Jacque Torres was precious. I feel like I could be on this show as a contestant.
– Chef’s Table (volume 4). A Netflix original documentary about pretentious chefs and how fabulous their restaurants are. I love Chef’s Table, though maybe a little less now what with all my disillusionment with the Food Industry. This season is all about pastries, which went really well with Nailed It! I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, seeing how I’m addicted to sugar and just finished a year of dessert recipes. There was not enough connection to the land, the environment. I mean the Milk Bar lady literally just uses Corn Flakes. And none were vegan pastry chefs, which was disappointing. I love the creativity of these chefs though; pastries are so fun to make.
– Horizon Zero Dawn. A game about a woman who must prove herself to a society that rejected her only to learn that she is the one who must save the world from the machines (and also so much more backstory that I love). Ugh such a great, original, novel IP, something I’ve been waiting for for a while. At first, it was difficult, but I quickly got addicted to hunting (there was a bit of personal sadness even though they were robotic animals I don’t know don’t @ me) and upgrading and once I got the hang of things, it was really fun and easy. But besides the addicting mechanics, I just plain loved the lore and the story. I rarely read and listen to things when games have lore stuff, but this was different. Everything was interesting and well acted. #STRONGFEMALELEADS
– Rise of the Tomb Raider. The second game in the rebooted franchise, this one shows Lara becoming more of a Tomb Raider, fighting Trinity, and chasing her father’s legacy to protect his reputation. I love Lara Croft and this is her best game yet! At first, it was frustratingly slow and I felt so weak and useless, but then as things progressed, it became another addiction to collecting and hunting. Some of the times, the mechanics were very frustrating, but that’s partially due to my broken controller joystick (it’s really hard to shoot accurately with a faulty joystick). I was trying to pace myself, but then couldn’t stop one weekend and just beat it. Great story, great acting…I love the evolution from the first game of the reboot and I’m so excited to see where this series goes next in the finale to the trilogy. It’s what I want from a Tomb Raider game. It’s a good foil to Uncharted because of the serious nature of the game. #STRONGFEMALELEADS
– Bloodborne. A game about a hunter who seeks…honestly, I can’t give a good sentence summary, so I’ll just stop. It took me some convincing from Amadeo to get this game as I know the reputation. I’m more of a casual gamer, so the hardcore difficulty of this game didn’t really appeal to me. Nonetheless, I did want to play some coop games…and I’m so glad I did. What a magnificent, enigmatic, creepy, frustrating, rewarding game. And we got to platinum it together too. We have so many fun videos of all our shenanigans together now. I bought Dark Souls III right after also.
– Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko. I love this album; it has all the mellow, SoCal chill vibes that I love. Every single was great, every song is great. I just have so much love for Hayley and her just doing her thing out there.
– My Dear Melancholy, by The Weeknd. A surprise EP which I wasn’t feeling at first, but definitely grew to enjoy. I realized that The Weeknd can say the raunchiest things in that smooth voice and it sounds great: “But if you call me up, I’m fucking you on sight.” It’s overall a tragic, open album. He’s truly melancholy about a lot of these public breakups.
– Staying at Tamara’s by George Ezra. A great album that indeed had to grow on me. Every George Ezra song just makes me want to put on a nice outfit and go dancing. Not like clubbing and grinding, but like folk dancing with cowboy boots. So cheery.
– AMERICA by Thirty Seconds to Mars. Is this band destined to just live in my adolescence a la Evanescence (#unintentionalpoet)? Well, the album has it’s moments so that’s a good thing. I’m not one to criticize a band’s growth and direction so I do enjoy it as an album. My favorite 30STM songs are the big anthems and there are good ones on here.
– Joyride by Tinashe. Well, this is no Aquarius, which I’ve previously stated was an entire album that I could just make love to; she just has that voice. There are some good songs on here, but overall, it’s not my favorite. I can’t even think of a song I really enjoyed as I didn’t really like the singles.
– 44/876 by Sting and Shaggy. Okay, this came out of nowhere and when I first saw their collab single on Spotify, I had to listen. Little did I know, there’d be an entire album. It’s very island vibes meets 2000s adult contemporary, so very much in lane for both of these artists. And it works so well. Digging the vibes.
The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui. An illustrated memoir from someone who lived through the Vietnam War as a child, as a refugee, as an Asian American. A story that resonates so deeply with me and parallels my parents in many ways. It’s heartbreaking, real, and just…lovely. It’s really inspired me to just be there in the present with my parents and to understand them better as people.
– Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughan. I really liked Y: The Last Man, but this was only okay. I think I had a different expectation and I was disappointed. I found it somewhat boring and every time something interesting happened, it just fizzled. Overall, interesting characters, but forgettable for me.


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