The Three Week Sojourn


– “We get it, you went to New Zealand and Australia and had the best vacation of your life.”
– Yes, my friends, it is true. For 3 weeks, my sister and I went on the vacation that was at the top of my priority list probably since forever. We actually tried to go last Spring, but it didn’t work out. However, luckily, this year, I feel more stable in my life- enough so in order to be able to take a long, international vacation.
– First off, I didn’t realize I hadn’t left the country since 3rd grade. Life just seemed to happen and I didn’t prioritize these trips, which seems like such a shame.
– Luckily, I was able to check off things on my Life List like skydiving and SCUBA diving.
– No exercise and a lot of eating out while not drinking enough (dehydrated af, never again) made for a lot of poor nutrition and bowel movements. My routines were all thrown off, especially when to eat. It’s been at least a month of me without my health routine and I am verging on wasting away.
– It was really nice to stay disconnected from whatever was happening in the world and just take the time to experience life and people and nature and freedom and joy. It’s times like this that I need to remember…I’m so blessed. Even just walking around, whether it was a nice city or not, there was something magical just being there and experiencing something different. My phone stayed on airplane mode the entire time since I didn’t want to pay for data, but it worked out because it kept me disconnected.
– Being sustainable was not easy, but the two countries were very forward thinking. I tried to reduce as much as possible where I could, though we got a lot of napkins. I am definitely far from being naturally sustainable, and while we had to work at it consciously, it was fun to try and be a sustainable traveler.
– I feel like all the measurements are so backwards in America and I wish we could be like the rest of the world, especially with increasing globalization.
– What does it say about me that I think 3 weeks is too long and I am glad to be back? Something like being too comfortable with the familiar/routine. Something like being overly introverted. Something like I’m glad I really enjoy my job so much that I missed my kiddos.
– Peep my Instagram for highlights, I don’t think I’m going to write a gigantic post here because I’m sure I won’t be able to cover everything.

Things I’ve Learned:
– My max vacation time is probably 2 weeks
– I’ve reworked my vacation list to more realistically be able to plan and take vacations
– I’m definitely a homebody
– I was able to semi-comfortably live out of a bag
– Malaysian food is bomb
– My sister and I survived each other’s nonsense, spending virtually 24/7×3 together
– I could never be a travel blogger or travel for my job; I appreciate vacation when it’s not every day

Things I Knew (which were solidified):
– nature > cities
– Airports and airplanes suck (but lounges on the other hand…)

Signal Boost

Jessica Jones (season 2). A staple of my downtime during vacation since it came out while I was away. When there was good enough wifi in the hostels, I’d watch these episodes. They were great. I love the character development for all the characters. I was surprised to see what happened this season, as I didn’t think they were going down that route, but it seemed to work out nicely for the most part.

Ugly Delicious (season 1). I watched this series on our first plane ride to Oceania. I feel like it could have been more. It was good, but it never dug in deep enough. Then again, I like my food documentaries about how we’re destroying the world and big agriculture sucks, etc. etc. There were a lot of good questions posed, but not enough good answers. Wasn’t even really about so-called ugly delicious food.
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. On our 13 hour plane ride back, we got free movies, so y’know, why not. Also, Awkwafina is bae. It was actually funny in a stupid, I’m-glad-I’m-watching-this-on-a-plane way.
Baby Driver. On the same plane ride, finally got around to watching this. Pretty good with interesting characters, but ew, Kevin Spacey.
The Dark Tower. Also watched this on the plane against my better judgment (decided not to watch it before because of low ratings). Fell asleep multiple times unfortunately. Probably would’ve been really hard to follow along if I didn’t read the series recently.
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. And another plane movie. Finally got around to watching this and it was the Aubrey Plaza + Anna Kendrick movie I needed, but didn’t know.  Also funny in a stupid, I’m-glad-I’m-watching-this-on-a-plane way.

~ by Btab on 25 March 2018.

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