The Compartmentalization

Health Log

– I weighed myself for the first time in a long time because I needed to weigh my dog and it turns out I’ve lost a lot of weight! Ugh, almost back to my stupid set point. People have been telling me I’m slimmer. It’s an odd feeling because I definitely am slim in the waist again (I can fit into old clothes), but I don’t feel too skinny. I actually think I’ve gained some decent mass overall. I mean, this was predictable, as I stopped calorie counting and I’m not stuffing my face all the time. I’ve also been way too lax on eating regularly, I think. I need to rediscover proper snacking.

Independence Log

– I did my taxes early! And got a nice return, just in time for vacation, which is going to be more expensive than I thought. I probably won’t be taking a large vacation like this for a while.
– Some MoviePass thoughts: Going to the movies alone is great! It becomes a nice get in get out affair and since my schedule is odd and ever-changing, it’s nice to be able to schedule midday movie treats for myself. I always think to myself I could never get used to a 9-5 schedule and I’m so thankful I’m not in a cubicle because I don’t think I could do it.

Connection Log

– I’m trying to make myself more available. It’s a weird paradox of wanting to go out and wanting to stay in. On any given day, one can beat out another for no specific reason. But I think I’ve missed the idea of making plans with someone and both parties actually show up and things go according to plan. I also think a lot of people like giving off the vibe that they’re too busy and have to “pencil you in”. On the contrary, I want to try and make my schedule more open. Sure, sometimes I am busy literally because I’ve scheduled some me-time, but I’d like to try and be consistent with people and not have the “when was the last time we saw each other?” chat with people I consider my friends.
– Some more MoviePass thoughts: I think I’m learning the art of paying attention to things intently for at least a couple of hours. Previously, I’ve become used to streaming things non-stop and just partially paying attention. With shows (cough Netflix cough), I can just watch it and rewatch it and rewatch it. It’s almost an illness, but with MoviePass, it forces me to be present and I think that’s a great thing. It’s easy to try and multi-task with streaming at home, but at a theater, there’s a certain grace about it. Hopefully, this can intermingle with the idea of being present with people. It’s a lost art form, the idea of a proper conversation with an intellectual. I actually am hyper-aware of this being the anxiety-ridden awkward person I am and I like to judge people on the quality of their conversational abilities. It’s fun!

Experience Log

– I’ve pretty much been putting everything aside in order to focus my free time on planning my vacation. It’s one of those feelings: “I shouldn’t start on this until after vacation” or “I’ll figure this out after vacation, when my mind is less busy”. It’s only slightly inconvenient that I’m also moving (gasp! Yes, it’s official), so I’ve been putting stuff off because of this too.
– I got SCUBA-certified (officially)! Just in time for vacation too. For these next dives, we went to Laguna Beach (Shaw’s Cove) and it wasn’t as magnificent as Catalina Island, but at least it was close. Diving is so fun, amazing, exhilarating, and exhausting!
– We celebrated Tet over the weekend as well. I suddenly felt old and didn’t want to get in line to get money. However, I’m still in the “kid” generation, so I did get some envelopes. I think it was a shift in mentality. Turning 26 and really pushing for my own independence…I don’t really need to look forward to a boost in cash reserves because I finally feel like I’m stable with my money, or at least, smarter. And I’m very aware that I am so blessed to be able to think that. Then again, any money (including tax return) before vacation is helpful.
– I’m moving, but we’ll save that for another post.

Signal Boost

– Black Panther. My first introduction to Black Panther was in a random X-Men comic where Storm went to Wakanda. He was and is such a badass. Also, this film is incredible. I couldn’t stop internally screeching in the theater. An amazing Marvel film featuring predominantly non-whites?! I am here for this! Also the soundtrack is lit. Everything about this movie is excellence embodied.
– Annihilation. I don’t know. I’m definitely glad I had people watching with me this time so we could discuss it after. Mindbending, confusing, brilliant, disturbing, hmm. Still digesting this one.
– Justice League. Wait…I actually really liked this movie. Probably because I had very low expectations. The main thing for me was that this was way too short. How are you going to introduce 3 new characters on top of an ensemble cast and be this short? That’s why it felt so…not as epic. But really, still…I really really liked it. I think I can forgive a lot of the weird moments because OMFG, I can see some of my favorite characters come to life. I mean this was always going to be Wonder Woman and a bunch of awesome dudes, but even then, Miller and Momoa were brilliant. Honestly, Miller may be a better Barry than Gustin. Fighting scenes were quite enjoyable. A good mix of humor and gravitas. I’m actually excited for the future of the DCEU, granted they don’t fuck everything up again.
– Coco. I wasn’t ready! Pixar does it again! I am floored! The predictability of the film is not mutually exclusive with how great it is. I was just bawling. And I’ve always loved how Spanish sounds when sung. Brilliant. Needless to say, this movie made it on my list of favorites of 2k17.
Call Me By Your Name. If you thought this movie was going to be a psychological thriller about someone who takes over another person’s life and becomes them, you’d be like me: rather wrong. This is more of an artsy, white nonsense movie that takes place in the idyllic European countryside. For movies that don’t really do anything, I prefer the mumblecore genre. Nonetheless, acting was superb, I understand the acclaim, though I probably wouldn’t watch it again. Rather boring, not my style. I also have no idea what the title means (I know they said it in the movie, but I don’t understand it).
– Lady Bird. More white nonsense, but this time, white girl nonsense. I was looking forward to this film because of the acclaim, and I do love indie, quirky, coming of age stories. But zamn, maybe I don’t anymore? I found the titular Lady Bird character to be really annoying and I get why she is, but it was so frustrating. Maybe I just have a lower tolerance for ungrateful little shits. Nonetheless, acting was superb, I understand the acclaim, though I probably wouldn’t watch it again. I do wish I enjoyed these acclaimed films more, but maybe I’m not cultured enough. It had its funny moments.
– Molly’s Game. Chastain, Elba, and Sorkin? What chemistry! This movie kept me really engaged to see what would happen next, even though I wouldn’t categorize this as a top movie of 2k17, nor would I want to watch it again any time soon. It was fun and smart and very interesting.
– The Disaster Artist. I don’t even remember why I wanted to watch this movie, but I think I heard it was really weird (without directly commenting on James Franco). Even when it said based on a true story, I thought that was satirical. Anyway, these people are real and I’m shocked and confused. Entertaining, but in the strangest way. Awkward, disturbing, random. I don’t even know.
– I, Tonya. Such a strange true story to read about, with a lot of commentary on America as a whole. Another film with an entire main cast of wonderful acting. I enjoyed the way the story was told, and as riveting as the incident and controversy was, I don’t think it needed this movie.
– Wonder. I was actually reading this book with one of my kiddos and it had a really great message: to choose kind. Such a wonderful, heartwarming story and I actually started crying instantly. Bullying sucks, y’all.
– Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. What a fun film. I don’t even know why, but Jack Black had me cracking up. A good followup to the original (and nicely modernized!) to reiterate how evil this game is.
– The Greatest Showman. So many mixed reviews. It was good, decent. I didn’t really care for the story, nor did I care for the character. I cheered when their circus closed last year. But I appreciate the Hollywood sanitization of the real life story for the sake of fun storytelling. I will say: this soundtrack is lit though. I’m so glad I got a Zac/Zendaya duet (I need Zedd to remix it though). Don’t care to rewatch, but will be bopping to this soundtrack.
– Beast of Burden. I mean, I only watched this for Daniel Radcliffe. I randomly saw it on Fandango, added it to my list, couldn’t find it in theaters, so watched it only. I was only half paying attention, but not worth watching. Makes me rethink my decision to literally watch any film in theaters with MoviePass. Should I still be choosy? I mean, it doesn’t even have a wiki page.
– The Shape of Water. A lot of old people in this showing. I was really looking forward to this one, but I’m not so sure how I feel just yet; I want to let it sit. I think my tastes have changed…looking at my 2017 top movie lists, it’s all blockbuster superhero fun times. I don’t have a taste for the elegance and depth of movies like this anymore. At least, that’s how I feel right now based on some evidence. Like, “it was a great experience, but I don’t think I’d watch it again (because a lot of parts dragged)”. Everyone was phenomenal, but it was still kinda…weird. I found there to be too many plotholes or threads that went nowhere. It fizzled out for me.
– Hostiles. It started out slow, but then it hit me. Such immense intensity in these characters. I ended up loving the slow build. It’s still so heartbreaking thinking about how invading Americans have treated Native Americans.
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. I love a good alternate universe one-shot. This story tells of Victorian era Gotham City as Batman attempts to solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper. It was rather boring and hard to follow and the animation style wasn’t for me. Eh, I sadly haven’t really enjoyed the last few DCUAO movies.
– Fullmetal Alchemist (2017). They made a movie in Japan and they just released it here as a Netflix original. Naturally, I had to watch it. It was great! With the caveat that you should probably watch the anime series (both) before watching this because I don’t think you’d be able to follow along without it. The good news is that the series are amazing. This was a good adaptation that was faithful, but suffered from the fact that they tried to squeeze the series into a movie. It did make me want to rewatch both series, which are on Netflix as well. Such convenience!
– Altered Carbon season 1. I’m still torn. I initially wanted to watch this because Dichen Lachman and Will Yun Lee and a diverse cast and sci-fi. It seemed like it’d be awesome. I feel overall, it was good, but fell short of what I expected. The concept is very interesting and I’d like to see where they go next. I think I need to rewatch and pay more attention though. I rewatched it and I think there are many issues (they could have addressed the racial stuff better). I wouldn’t say it was whitewashing, but it could be better. But I think I’m more anticipating what’s coming next; I do hope they address the issues and make a better season 2. It’s a clever show indeed with a lot of potential.
– Planet Earth II. The quintessential nature documentary returns! I love these, even with the added drama. Even as I watch some of the same things over and over again, these episodes seemed to keep things fresh and new still.
– Bill Nye Saves the World season 2 part I. I really liked this season. Fun, but not too cheesy or dumbed down. Good topics and interesting information. The segments were better done this season. Can I just say that I’m glad there’s a personal childhood hero out there that happens to be a cis straight white man that is not problematic, and is indeed, quite progressive. Also, I really want to smoke a j with Bill.
– Rotten season 1. I love food documentaries, especially ones that address greed and corruption. This is honestly one of the main reasons I would like to go vegan. Big agriculture is so corrupt and as a society, we are so brainwashed, it’s scary! And I’m obviously a hippie socialist contrarian hipster, so I cannot abide. I liked these episodes for the knowledge learned, but I have zero sympathy for these farmers who cannot survive…like boohoo you’re murdering animals for money and can’t survive. Ugh, these episodes made me so angry, partly because they didn’t address a better future or how to fix the issues. Watch if you’d like some enlightenment on food corruption, but there are better docs on Netflix.
– Dirty Money season 1. Another Netflix docu-series that makes me angry. Of course corruption and greed are at the crux of everything, who would have guessed? Very interesting, and may be enlightening to many.
– Midnighter (2015) and Midnigher and Apollo (2016-2017) by Steve Orlando. Yay for representation. I really liked these short series, the latter moreso. Midnighter is such a badass, I would have liked to see him in bigger story arcs that were equally epic, but wouldn’t feel as rushed as these did.

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  1. I agree, people always want to seem “busy.” I used to get it. Now I do not.

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