The 26

What is it like to be 26? Less scary than I thought.

26 is a big milestone, partially in terms of number, but more on a personal level. I needed to buy health insurance. I’m past my early twenties…I’m pretty much 30 now. I’m going into a new year feeling like I’m at a good spot in my life- emotionally, physically, spiritually. Usually, at this time, I’d create some resolutions, but in reality, I’ve been very on top of myself (AYOOO!) and have been self-actualizing weekly (daily, even). So, it feels like a slow progression, but I also don’t feel like I need to do these anymore, which is a pretty cool feeling.

I spent a lot of these past couple weeks refining my budget, preparing for a strict 2018 budget. Working more hours means making more money. Being 26 means bills to pay. I’ve been forgiving with myself to allow myself more spending money than I normally give, which has been freeing, yet also terrifying. I didn’t realize how much of my income I’ve been able to save away. But I need to be less afraid to just spend, especially if it’s Experience Spending. At the same time, I didn’t realize how easy it is to have almost nothing saved up after expenses. Luckily, my life is very simple, so my only current subscription is Netflix. Everything is guilt-free moochable stuff, especially from my sister (like Prime and Costco, among others).

I’ve also spent a lot of these past couple weeks figuring out my insurance. It’s been very confusing and there’s been a lot of back and forth with decisions and costs and, not to mention, waiting around for them to get and approve my application. Some crazy, convoluted stuff actually happened, but I can say now that I’m officially enrolled. It was a very confusing process and I had no knowledge whatsoever, which was kind of annoying. But thanks, Internet, for helping me out! I’m not stressed out about this anymore.

On top of that, I’ve been enjoying customizing, updating, and playing around with my new Note 8 (named Totoro), which has so much fun, new capabilities, especially things I never knew with my Note 4. It’s been actually strangely freeing, as I haven’t been addicted to social media lately. I love the Always On Display, the widgets and minimalist design, the gestures and Edge shortcuts, literally all the S Pen stuff, and the near-endless customization. I’m loving the ring I attached so I can hold the giant phone and not drop it on my face in bed, among other things. And it has a magnet, so I can hang it in my car. My favorite thing is NOT HAVING THE PHONE DIE 10 TIMES PER DAY FOR NO REASON. I’ve just given more thought to my phone as an extension of my life, making it work for me as efficiently as possible. I like to believe I live a very electronically ascetic lifestyle (for the average OC/CA/USA middle class 26 (gasp!) year old), but my phone is much appreciated.

These past few weeks have also been me falling into a rabbit hole of Magic the Gathering and just really embracing it all with my best friends. I think that’s been the real fun- we’ve found something random to get excited about and learn about together, just another thing to bring us closer as buddies, which is a pretty cool and rare feeling. A treasured moment.

I spent my birthday weekend in Catalina getting SCUBA-certified. I initially was hesitant to do it, but I thought, y’know, it’s one of those treat yo’self moments, especially since it was my birthday. I technically still have one more class, but can pretty much go diving now! We ended up canceling today’s trip because of the Santa Ana winds, so I was able to go out last night with friends (clubbing for the first time since forever?!). Everyone is still a hot mess and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Like we’re older, but we’re still shenanigan-ful.

Leading up to the moments before starting classes, I kept having so much anxiety. I felt like I reverted back to my super-introverted self who would play out so many scenarios and how things could go wrong. But gaining confidence while underwater is something magical, unforgettable. Catalina was gorgeous and, just below the surface, there’s a whole new world that we really have to protect even though we don’t see it.

For my actual birthday, I finally got to go to a dog park and experience the joys of being overrun by dogs. This was only made possible because of Luke, Leo, and Baby.

Daniel Radcliffe sure has his hands full in NYC **USA, Canada, Australia ONLY**

My next goal.

Lastly, I’ve been prepping a lot of hobbies I want to go full force into, but I’ve just been delaying for the new year, as it seemed like a good turning point to get a routine going.

On a final note, I’ve been listening to Christmas music since November 1 without shame, but I haven’t had the chance to say yet how excited I am for the holiday season. As in, it’s come so fast I almost forgot it was here (it certainly doesn’t feel like it in this climate changing world we live in). For this holiday season, I’m just planning on making memories with the people I love. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and for sticking around and being part of my life…and I just feel really sentimental right now so I should stop.


~ by Btab on 17 December 2017.

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