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Adventure Catalog

– I finally signed up for SCUBA classes! I haven’t started yet, but it’s gonna be exciting and scary at the same time.
Brown Thursday Thanksgiving and Black Friday were exceptional this year. My mom and I went over to my aunt’s house and ate white people food. And then my cousin and I went shopping after. On Friday, more shopping with friends (and starting a new addiction?!). I’ve actually been shopping for at least a couple weeks before because places were having good deals ahead of time, which I appreciate.
– A note on consumerism: yes, I am well aware that it doesn’t really align with my sustainability model I strive for. However, I did try to reduce where I could. Deals are sometimes too good to pass up. This year, I’ve officially stopped buying physical movies. In fact, I don’t know if I’ll ever buy movies again. I bought 6 games, but 3 of them were digital. As for the new phone I got, I went as long as I could without upgrading (3 years), meaning that I spent the last year or so with a phone that couldn’t hold a charge…it started dying at 40%…then 50%…then this past month, would die around 60-70% battery. It was difficult to work with this. Lastly, no bags!
– In order to save money, I actually think it’s more economical to do my indulgence purchasing once a year and I’ll be okay for the rest of the year for the most part. I was able to stay within a pre-made budget (I updated my budget based around my income and will officially attempt not to stray from it going forward).
– I actually didn’t go out this month (which explains why I had so much money saved for shopping). I’ve spent a lot of this month enjoying hobbies and making proper use of my free time. I think I’ve been delaying a lot of stuff from my list (see previous post) until the new year (or at least until I got this new phone).
– Y’all, I went 6 days without phone access. It was difficult, but easier than I thought. That’s partially because I’m not beholden to anyone (#single5ever), but also because it was kind of thrilling to go on a forced retreat; I had no option but to be disconnected. There were minor communication issues, but overall, I respected the time I had away from the phone.
– A lot of new and exciting things happening for me next month and beyond. Very excited to go all in!

Health Catalog

– I’ve been dealing with getting health insurance since I’m turning 26 next month, and it’s been annoying how slow things have been. I think I got approved, but who the hell knows. It’s too confusing.
– I also made some final appointments under my parents’ insurance since it’s affordable right now. I’ll just die next year because I can’t afford fixing myself up.
– At the MD office, everything went well for my first physical/routine check-up ever (I know, I avoided the MD for as long as I could). I am a picture of health! My BP was normal– for the first time in…I don’t even know. It might have just been a fluke, but it generally runs high. I also got a flu shot for the second (?) time ever…I know, I’m a horrible human being because I never go in to get it. And I did bloodwork for the first time ever. Results were excellent!
– At the DDS office, there’s another story. I feel like my mouth is about to die, which is annoying, because I’m very orally fixated and have begun to take meticulous care of my mouth (but maybe the years of reckless abandon is catching up).
– I just feel like I’m getting “old” and my body is already starting to die (at an accelerated rate). Take me, I’m ready…

Signal Boost

– Sing. I wasn’t really interested in this movie, but it was on Netflix, so why not? Turned out to be a nice, fun movie with some good vocals. My favorite part from the trailer was the part with the frog saying he’s an insufferable egomaniac and sauntering off all dramatic-like. And then the koala/sheep carwash was really funny. And sometimes animal movies don’t always properly translate everything, but it was cool to see the fish getting their own stairs. I’m glad they made addressed the squid, because I was about to be mad that they randomly had seemingly naked squid swimming in a cage. Still, there were some animal stereotypes. I always have way too many questions about how each animal lives their lives in the animal society, but that’s too much for an animated children’s movie. Really surprised by Matthew McConaughey’s voice acting and Taron Egerton’s singing; loved everyone’s performance as well, actually.
– Kung Fu Yoga. Y’all, if there was any live-action film that is close to Jackie Chan Adventures, this is it! I was randomly recommended this on Netflix because I’ve been watching a lot of Chinese martial arts films. And I saw “yoga” and Jackie Chan and I was in. Little did I know how hilarious and ridiculous this would be, just like the show. Jackie plays an archaeologist named Jack Chan and someone calls him Uncle Jackie and the comparisons kind of end there, but still, that’s enough to make the comparison! I don’t know if this movie is racist or woke. I’m still laughing about it and Jackie Chan is the best. Watch for a wild ride and don’t have expectations going in.
 The Punisher season 1. I didn’t really care to watch this show, but…I had some time and needed a break from gaming. And I didn’t really care (or necessarily enjoy the show) until about halfway through the season. It honestly didn’t feel like the other Marvel Netflix shows, which can be a good thing. The only thing that really rooted it in was Karen Page. Everything else just seemed like any other drama show about Homeland Security. The fight scenes weren’t all that great, but there were some cool ones. I just don’t see a reason for another season. While I do enjoy these anti-hero types that will kill, it does seem to come at a bad time in American history. I still don’t know how I feel; very middle of the road, but not leaning either way.
– Force Grey: Lost City of Omu (season 2). I totally recommend this show to anyone wanting to get into D&D but need bite sized chunks before Critical Role. It it so funny and has celebs (this season has Deborah Ann Woll, Dylan Sprouse, Brian Posehn, Joe Manganiello, and Utkarsh Ambudkar)! Season 1 was great, but this season is even better. The cool thing is this show is made for sampling new stories officially released. You can watch both seasons on Twitch right now.
– And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. Okay, I got through all of Hosseini’s books, for now. Phew, I survived! This was my least favorite of his works as it didn’t hit me as hard as the other two; my connection to the characters was scattered due to the jumps, really. I had some difficulty following along or caring. That is, until the last chapter, where my eyes started leaking and the floodgates opened once again. Still, while the novel remained stark, dreary, and depressing, it didn’t have a hold over me like A Thousand Splendid Suns did. But that’s okay, still great.
– Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. I enjoyed the pieces in this book, I read one almost every day and it gave me some new wisdom to ponder throughout the day. A lot of it was good, but I felt like I have already reached that level of consciousness. A lot of it was sexist and archaic and Eastern, which is good to take with a grain of salt; as long as I realize it is so, then I can understand it. The copy pictured below is the one I read and it had nice commentary at the end of each piece/poem.
– Kids in Love by Kygo. I was surprised because Kygo just released an EP, but then I remembered that DJs release whenever they want. This album is great! I’m glad I’m still really into Kygo’s vibes because he’s been one of my faves for a while.
– Red Pill Blues by Maroon 5. I hadn’t really been following M5 for a while, but I still hold on for the chance at another Songs About Jane. Turns out this album is pretty great and reminiscent of their old stuff with modern pop stuff mixed in! The features are awesome (shoutout to SZA) and there are actually a lot of mellow vibes here too. Per the album cover, I hadn’t noticed, but looks like M5 is now M7.
a581c79e3201364cb5f11f3bd1b5f161-1000x1000x1– What If Nothing by WALK THE MOON. Also surprised by this release because I guess I hadn’t been following any of my faves. Definitely enjoyed this album, because I can’t remember anything from their last one. I don’t think anything will ever be like their first album, but that’s expected. I still love them.
– Escape from L.A. by DANakaDAN. Randomly started listening to this artist because of the Wong Fu + Dia Frampton collab with Run. His rhymes are really fast and I definitely need to listen more to get the nuances, because I’m pretty sure everything’s really clever. I love discovering and supporting Asian American artists!


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