The Wonder

Adventure Catalog

– I have finally been inspired to start a drawing thanks to Wonder Woman.
– I’m worried I won’t have all the time I’d like to prep a cosplay for SDCC because I’ll have tests every week up until SDCC weekend. I also probably won’t have time to continue the MOOCs I enrolled in for the duration of the summer because of the intensity of this class. I guess I can kiss any weekend vacations goodbye for now, though I’m still determined to meet my summer goals.
– Prioritizing my time will be important this summer with class and work. And this skill came in handy over a weekend when I realized that I don’t want to sacrifice enjoying special moments. Like Akash and Alan becoming doctors! Congrats! I was very sentimental over that weekend while also keeping studying in the back of my mind. As we get older, I’m excited for all my friends hitting life milestones and me being there to share in their success and happiness.
– All this led to me really hyperfocusing on my precious time. I only have time for things that make me happy, people that make me happy, and pursuing what I value. #byebadvibes


Congrats Akash on your PharmD! Friends since undergrad!


Congrats Alan on your DDS! Friends since elementary!

Fitness Catalog

– Haven’t been able to keep up with my water drinking because being in class means I can’t leave all the time to go to the bathroom.
– I also sit way too much now because I’m just in class all day. JK, if I wasn’t sitting in class, I’d probably just be sitting at home.
– My posture is bad and probably worse, and my back has been hurting, and I’m often too tired or my schedule is too packed to go to the gym.
– I would like this not to happen, but instead, find the drive in myself to get to the gym despite everything. Because at the end of the day, it will help.
– On the plus, I think my sleep has gotten a lot better because I’m so exhausted.

Life Reflected

– This class has definitely consumed me. Class, work, study, repeat. I find myself looking forward to Thursdays, so at least Critical Role can help me relax. I’m making sure I’m really utilizing my time properly, making sure my week is planned, and giving myself breaks when I need to.
– I learned in my class- I want to turn any distress into eustress. Just by the way I think and cope with it. This stress is good for me, I’m doing what’s right for me and my future. I can meet this challenge and will overcome this obstacle. I will be a better person because of the explicit and implicit knowledge and wisdom I acquire because of this stress. Easier said than done? Nah, b. I got this.
– It’s weird because I never worked this hard in undergrad or high school. But it’s like all this experiential wisdom of being a lifelong student has taught me to study smart, to really understand the content, which in turn, is very interesting (physiology). I do love learning.
– Nonetheless…on top of all this, I rarely have time to sit and reflect (shoutout to my life coach Hanna for allowing me time to do so). Like right now, as I write this post, it’s the first time I feel like I can relax a bit before another long weekend of studying.
– Well. I have a lot to ponder. A LOT.

Pop Culture Analysis

– Wonder Woman. Holy fuck, what a gift. There were few flaws, and I will overlook and ignore all of them because WHAT. A. GIFT. After the tumultuous timeline of this film, we get to enjoy a critically acclaimed DC film that’s actually good…and it’s woman led…and it’s the first of its kind (first Wonder Woman film). The best of Captain America and Thor. The treatment of “other” in Steve’s friends. The music. I just can’t believe this. Man does not deserve dogs. Man does not deserve Amazonians. Listen, a lot of people are saying “everyone just says it’s good because it’s a woman.” And yes, that’s part of the reason it’s good. Why shouldn’t it be? Something new, novel…and it works, against all odds. That should be a reason for its celebration, not one for condemnation. We, as movie-goers, always say we want something different. And this gives us that.
The Fate of the Furious. Okay, well I’ll always watch this franchise, but how do you follow 7 properly? Also, I’m still mad about Han and Giselle (Wonder Woman, though). This one was…meh. Very forgettable, unnecessary, and I wish they’d stop.
Kong: Skull Island. I just learned this was a part of a universe of films called MonsterVerse, and that made this a bit cooler. I enjoyed Godzilla and I enjoyed this film, though they’re not masterpieces and ultimately, forgettable. While I do like these monster flicks and I like the fact that these films are showcasing kindness to these poor beasts, it kind of gets old. Mildly excited for Godzilla vs. King Kong, but then again, why are they fighting? They should just team up and kill all the humans.
Hasan Minhaj Homecoming King. I forgot who recommended this to me, but thank you to that person. This was absolutely brilliant, a comedy special like I’ve never seen…like a one-man off-Broadway show, which I later learned that’s exactly what it was. The tempo, the cameras, the special effects, the delivery, the storytelling. I laughed and I cried. I am floored at how amazing this is. I knew Hasan was brilliant from watching the WHCD ’16 speech, but this is a whole nutha level.
American Gods season 1. I really enjoyed / was confused by this book. So when I heard about the show, I was pretty excited. Bryan Fuller + Neil Gaiman is a visual paradise. What a beautiful and very strange show. I understand the plot more now, though I do wish this first season had more episodes. Also, shoutout to the American Gods SDCC’16 booth for giving me  a free shirt. Also, that panel was pretty great too.
Supergirl season 2. Holy crap, binge-watching this with along with The Flash was really fun. But also, my first time binging on a full 20+ episode, 45 minute per episode season…and I did 2 shows (I decided to stop watching Agents of SHIELD and Gotham). So without doing the math, I stayed up for a whole night (pulling an all-nighter studying with Netflix on in the background) and watched through the entirety of my weekend. Sometimes, I doubt myself and my convictions, but then I remember I’m fucking crazy and have no self-control and tend to overindulge. I really liked season 2, much better than season 1, though I can see “the CW effect” already happening. I do like all the “feminist agenda/propaganda” stuff and I can’t stress enough the importance of a female-led superhero on TV! How awesome. Really liked all the newly introduced familiar characters as well.
The Flash season 3. Speaking of “the CW effect”, this season was super melodramatic. The problem about shows that deal with time travel is that there always seems to be a better/different solution to these problems. I do still really like this show, it’s still my favorite of the superhero fare on TV, but I hope it doesn’t become too much like Arrow, which I stopped watching precisely because of the CW melodrama. The acting is pretty great though, especially with all the different iterations of characters on the different Earths. My thesis still stands: all shows should end at 3 seasons.


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