The Impossible List

I love scouring through my iTunes library and re-discovering old songs/albums that I really love and then listening to them again. In fact, I recently made a compilation playlist on Spotify with a lot of these songs. It’s been such a trip (down memory lane) listening to these old songs.

This has little to nothing to do with what I wanted to talk about in this blog. Except maybe I’ll try to make an obscure connection: enjoying old things…looking back on old things…then transitioning to…new things.

And phew! We’ve made it to: the Impossible List. I got this list from Thomas Frank who got it from the creator Joel Runyon. And then I looked up a bunch of Impossible Lists and developed my own (because my favorite thing to do is make compilation lists, apparently (THERE’S THE CONNECTION: COMPILATION, yes, I knew you could do it, b)). I’ve been really into self-motivating lately.

I’ve actually never been a fan of a bucket list. It seemed daunting and dumb and I would regret all the things I didn’t do. But an impossible list is so slightly different that I got inspired to make one. Essentially, it’s a list of all the goals in your life- even the ones you think are impossible. And it’s an ongoing list you’re not meant to finish. You cross off one thing and you make another, more impossible, goal for it if you want. It seemed fun and something I’d like because I’ve let go of this idea of having to accomplish everything. Additionally, it’s something you’re constantly working toward.

I already do this on a smaller scale; I’ve made goals/resolutions lists, but I thought this cumulative, comprehensive list was more up my alley. I like accomplishments (and chasing trophies on Playstation), so in a way, this is like my very own virtual trophy case for life. It’s not for comparison, it’s not for bragging rights, it’s for me to be the best me possible. And that’s all I ever really want.

I invite y’all to make your own and have fun with it! Here’s mine on Evernote in case you needed inspiration or wanted to help with anything: Btab’s Life List. Check back for updates! Ready, set, go!

~ by Btab on 8 April 2017.

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