The Sustainable Journey #2: Product Updates


Everywhere I turn, there is something that runs contrary to a sustainable lifestyle. In these times, I must remind myself to do the best I can without burdening myself with the weight of the world.

It can be frustrating. And starting out, it can be a bit discouraging.

For example, buying eco-friendly products, but still, the packaging is less than ideal. Cardboard box to ship, but a lot of tape and stickers and plastic air bags. Plastic bottles with stickers, plastic bags with tape, plastic tags.

I bought coconut yogurt as a dairy alternative. While I can forgive the taste (not the greatest but manageable) and the cost (it’s okay to spend more if it means a better world), the sugar content is way too high. That seems like something I don’t want to put in my body and I’d like to see to my health above all else. This was frustrating that I didn’t even look at the nutrition facts before purchasing as it was the only option at Whole Foods. Then, I went to Trader Joe’s and there was NO non-dairy alternative! So frustrating to see so many different types and brands of yogurt but not a single soy/coconut alternative. Nonetheless, I will remain vigilant to find an alternative because I eat yogurt every day in my overnight oats.


Speaking of Whole Foods, a lot of great bulk items I plan to go back to purchase. Still a lot of packaged and processed products in their aisles, but I’ll probably stick to the bulk bin area.

Still even, all the ingredients on my meal prep list are pre-packaged. It’s of course, very convenient. And a lot of this whole process is thinking about having convenience regardless of what consequences that creates.

I bought a steel bento box and a set of bamboo utensils for restaurant leftovers and attempting to reduce waste when eating out. This can also double as my camping food set, so that’s a plus.

I’ve essentially stopped using napkins and I realize I never really used them before at the house. I’ve started using a handkerchief for public restrooms and as a general napkin, though I’m still hesitant to use it to wipe my mouth or my nose. So I still use tissues for the latter.

I’ve stopped using foil and plastic wrap. I also bought silicone baking mats so I’d stop using parchment paper for baking. Silicone is not the best, but it is a better alternative since it’s reusable.

I also bought cloth bags for buying and holding fruits and vegetables in the fridge.

I’m planning on building a compost bin and then finally start a garden. This will be fun!


I bought cloth face wipes, which have actually been really great because of the exfoliation.

I like my new loofah, body wash, toothpaste, lip balm, and deodorant. However, my new lotion is not to my liking. I’ll continue to look for a better alternative.

After waiting a week, I finally installed my bidet and it is so magical. At first, I was skeptical and yes, it seems very odd to us Americans. But you have to try it. No more toilet paper for me (though I did test it the first couple of times after the bidet wash just to make sure).  And now I will poop no where else but this singular toilet.


I’ve signed up on some websites to stop junk mail. I don’t get that much really anyway, so it may be a lot easier for me than others. I’m trying to go digital/paperless as much as possible. Receipts still tend to be an issue because of the BPA-lined plastic paper that almost every place gives out. And if you don’t want one, it still prints and they just throw it away. There aren’t alternatives.


For the most part, a lot of it is in the day-to-day attempts to increase sustainable behavior. Think “how can I do this or change that to be more sustainable?” and then go from there. It’s easier to take it slow (even though I didn’t really follow that advice at first).

~ by Btab on 4 April 2017.

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