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– I’d like to be the type of person that just picks a place and goes. Unfortunately, I am currently not that person and that’s why my Spring Break has not worked out. All the destinations that were on my list that were week long did not have optimal vacation times at the end of March. Me being me, I decided that it’s best not to do any of them until the perfect, most optimal time occurs. And thus, here we are, in the endless cycle of regret and when I’m 30 years old (ew so old), I’ll sit on my deathbed and think of all the places I wish I traveled to. The worst is that I know this is what happens to people, we say we’ll do things, but then we postpone waiting for the “right time” and then all of the sudden, you have to take classes and aren’t sure when your next long vacation will be, and soon enough, you die. Oops, this wasn’t meant to be this morbid.
– As always, I made a comprehensive list of all the trips I want to take, coded with priority as well as length of time. Now, when I see, for example, I have a week to take a trip, I can look at my 1 week trip list and then choose the highest priority item on that list. Seems simple enough. And I don’t even want to take that many trips! There’s a finite list of places I want to see (I’m no longer one of those people who wants to hit every state or every random place just to do it (my vacation time is a privilege I don’t want to waste))! Why is this so hard?!
– I did end up going to Big Bear after worrying about going again since I BOUGHT FOUR TICKETS. Alan taught me how to carve properly and let me borrow his knee pads which gave me confidence to try and/or fall. It was also optimal timing: off-season = less people = parked in the close lot = decent weather = kinda icy, but still some powder = short lines = not scared of running into too many people = more carving practice! Life lesson: just let go and trust in yourself. This simple, albeit cheesy, notion allowed me to learn properly.
20170328_115100.jpg– Additionally, I got SDCC17 tickets! Hopefully, I’ll see my cosplay idea come to fruition (I’d been playing around with a few different options). I’m looking forward to being able to work on my cosplay as well as going this summer.

Life Reflected

– I filed my taxes independently for the first time and it was way easier than I thought, but mainly because I’m single and don’t make that much money. And both state and federal were free! Shoutout to H&R Block online EZ file. I love the psychology of getting money back. Even though it was my money already and it was owed to me, it feels like free money that I can spend and indulge myself.
schema-logo– I feel like I’m at this point where I know what I’m supposed to be doing, yet I feel stuck. I’m paralyzed, I’m hesitant, and I just want distractions. I had some Spring Break plans, but I realized I had a lot to figure out in my life and so, in a way of self-punishment, I really just wanted to figure it out before I did anything “fun” or “indulgent”. Spring Break became the time for me to take a step back from the day-to-day and look at the bigger picture. It’s not always pretty and I wish I could enjoy a break. Right now, it’s not in the stars for me. I mean it wasn’t all sad- it was much needed R&R and self-hobbying, so that was nice.
– I’ve had difficulty really managing my time and doing what I’d say I’d do at certain times, waking up when I’m supposed to, or controlling how much games/TV I indulge in. Then part of me says not to be too rigid and instead allow myself flexibility and not let it throw me when something doesn’t go as planned. It’s a daily back and forth, but I think this way, it also keeps me in check.
– The world is still going to shit.

Pop Culture Analysis

Office Christmas Party. Watched it for Olivia Munn and surprisingly wasn’t all that disappointing, probably because my expectations were no where to be found. Surprisingly funny in parts. Also, four Asians on screen? Three, maybe all, of which could’ve been played by white people. And overall diversity. I’m here for that!
office-christmas-party-poster-22Rogue One. Um, why did no one tell me how great this was? Probably because Star Wars triggers me and no one wants to bring it up around me. Buuuut, I actually greatly enjoyed this movie as a standalone film and thought it was really great, not to mention all the diversity. I think there was an equal amount of Asians in Office Christmas Party and Rogue One, so they’re obviously the greatest movies of December 2016. My favorite thing was that everyone on the Rogue One team was important and they all sacrificed to do what they believed in and it was so inspiring.
gwgxzdg3danoi42fovem9nteolpcy85nglkp4ek8jcfam4mrdrgpqwcmxf1er8vsTrain to Busan. Currently available on Netflix, this Korean zombie flick was super intense. I was shocked through the whole ordeal. Fast zombies are the worst. It’s like World War Z meets Snowpiercer meets Attack on Titan meets this other anime I partially watched with people dodging zombies on a train. As always with zombie-related things, I get so frustrated when people die- like that could’ve been avoided! Nonetheless, very enjoyable.
busanhaengInto the Badlands season 1. I rewatched this since it got added to Netflix. Really excited to see where this show leads. If you haven’t seen it, it’s only ~6 hours and it’s really fun martial arts stuff blended with some feudal stuff. Season 2 premiered last month, so it’s not too late to catch up. Probably one of the few shows that I watch that no one knows about. It’s fun and intriguing and an Asian lead with diversity? Astonishing.
2470026a467dc716333bb235c8a0ed00Legion season 1. A new favorite! But also lowkey didn’t want to go to sleep because I was scared of the Devil with Yellow Eyes. I love the aesthetic of this show, the narration, and the divergence from the typical superhero/comic book genre fare.
15590692_10154747020132488_2201604669235057392_oDr. Ken season 2. I absolutely loved this season. I binge watched it right before the finale. I laugh and I cry. I just can’t believe there’s an Asian American family on TV- and they have regular family problems, touched with an Asian twist. Reminds me of my family in many ways. And these problems are deep, real, relatable (wow who knew, Asian American sitcoms are American sitcoms?!). The cast has so much chemistry (shoutout to Suzy Nakamura who makes me laugh the hardest with her comedic timing). And all the Community cameos just kill me. I’m so happy for Ken Jeong, who is one of my heroes; he deserves all the success that comes his way. This season was better than season 1 and I’m curious to see where the next season takes them. I’m thankful for this show.
dr-ken-season-2_poster_goldposter_com_1Black Sails series (seasons 1-4). I watched season 1 when it came out because at SDCC, they had a party and gave us free drinks and swag. It was pretty interesting, but I stopped because it didn’t make the cut. This year, I learned it was their last season (4), so I decided to binge it all because I heard it got better. I really just love pirates (Uncharted series is the best) and this show was really intense. I got really invested in the characters and couldn’t decide who to side with because everyone was so cutthroat and against one another. Anyway, series finales are always bittersweet. I thought this ended very well, as I’d be really excited to see a Treasure Island show (this show is the prequel to that book). I wish I knew people that watched this show because that finale was so WTF that I just want to discuss it. Another underrated show that I greatly enjoyed. A lot of unknown actors, but A+ acting.
blacksailsposterThe Last of Us and Left Behind DLC. Well, there’s something to be said about games that aren’t huge worlds with a million things to do. This game has become one of my favorites and the DLC was amazing. I actually played the game on Easy because I suck at patience/stealth and wanted to just play without too much stress (still stressed the fuck out). But then I played the DLC on Survivor mode and it was super intense and frustrating, but so satisfying.

Forbidden Desert. Finally got to try this tabletop game and it was very fun, though we lost our first game. I love co-op games and this is very Pandemic-esque since it’s by the same creator. It was difficult and stress-inducing, though in the best way. We literally became really thirsty while playing this game, it felt that real.
– Jason Chu. I recently discovered this artist and have been listening to his albums on Spotify. I really enjoy Asian Americans out here doing their thing. I love rap with messages like this, people like dumbfoundead. Just hearing about their AA stories speak to me.

~ by Btab on 3 April 2017.

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