The Drivel

I’m so excited for Spring. Movies I want to see. Some new music I can jam to. Outdoorsy fun times. The sun doin’ its thang, in general.

Lately, I’ve been lucky to have a later morning start for work and school; I’ve been settling into a nice routine of waking up and eating my oats while reading an issue of whatever comic book series I’m reading. It’s a nice start to the morning where I don’t feel in a super big rush to get through and sit in traffic, because for the most part, I don’t have to sit in it currently. Done wonders for my Calm.

School update:
– It still feels weird going to school at CC because everyone is so young and they have their whole lives ahead of them and I just feel old. And I’m not used to feeling old since I’m always the baby of the group, so it sucks.
– I think I’m over-studying for quizzes and tests and still get that familiar anxious feeling every time an exam comes around even though I’m confident in what I know. Fun times indeed.
– I was forced to socialize because we had to pick groups for a group project. But when will my life be like Community?
– I got a parking ticket at another CC I went to to see if I could get in the class and I parked in visitor parking for too long because I thought there was a grace period and then I contested the citation and it didn’t work so I still have to pay it…but for some reason, I’m not as mad as old-me would be. It’s annoying, but I remember just accepting it and knowing I’ll have to budget (goodbye second snowboarding trip); at the end of the day, it’s not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. I can’t believe I wasn’t angry, though I did learn a lesson…just pay for parking. To mature adults, this is something to scoff at, but I feel like I’ve come a long way.

Adulting update:
– I ended up going to the bank to get a cashier’s check to pay for my ticket (because I’ve never used checks and didn’t have any and it’d take too long to order and because I didn’t want to pay via credit card because they’d charge a $4 transaction fee which was ridiculous because I don’t want to give them more money). Ended up upgrading my account! Though the lady did look at me like I was a complete idiot because of all my questions, but to be fair, I am a complete idiot.
– The world is still going to shit. Every day I see the news and it’s just too ridiculous to believe we’re living in this age right now.

Non-adulting update:
– Besides that melodrama, I’ve been getting back into tabletop games. I’m definitely a board game enthusiast since forever, but even more since I played Settlers of Catan, D&D, and Pandemic, both opening my eyes to the expansive world of tabletop. I’m excited to build my collection and then I imagine playing these games for a really long time. I really want to start monthly tabletop game nights.
– What are hobbies when real life gets in the way and your hobbies are basically working out and cooking for yourself?
– I’ve caught up on all my shows (except the ones I’m waiting to get on Netflix so I can binge them). I simultaneously disgust and impress myself. But it’s not so bad because I like to have the shows playing on in the background while I do other things. Binge-watching is the only way I can watch TV now. Now I can nerd out with people and be relevant!

Reviews update:
– That leads me into this returning segment where I review things because my opinion is important. Just kidding, I like everything and recommend everything without filter. This is why I suck at reviews and should try harder (should = operative). But not my fault I don’t waste my time on drivel (note: I named the post after writing this sentence because that word is funny).
Pandemic Legacy Season 1. No son, this is not a show. Actually, it’s a tabletop game. And the Destiny Pizzas crew finally saved the world with a humbling, yet acceptable score. It took over a year to complete (because of scheduling, etc.), but it was so worth it. I love co-op games, thinking games, stressful games, and the fact that this game allowed us to ruin parts and make it our own was really something special.
Dixit. A new game I bought to start out my collection. I’m most excited to play this game with the younger cousins in my family at our next reunion. It’s very pretty and interesting and funny, though three people isn’t as exciting as more people, so gotta test it out more.
Hanabi. Another game I bought, this one cooperative and difficult. It’s fun and interesting though. I like the concept, though I think more playthroughs are needed to flesh out a better strategy. On our first game, we got a 17/25, which is a pretty good score!
Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello. This is my first foray into Wonder Woman and I love her as a hero. I loved the Greek mythology, but could’ve done without the rape story, which I knew about going into it. Overall, an interesting and dynamic story.
The Superior Spider-Man by Dan Slott. Also my first foray into Spider-Man, who I actually don’t like all that much, which is odd because he’s so relatable. This one was an interesting story and I liked the take on it, though it got kind of lame and never really hit the epicness I like from comics, such as in Thor.
The Flash by Francis Manapul. My first foray into the Flash and I wish there was less white people because I love the show and Candice Patton. I love Barry (the Flash is my second favorite superhero) and I thought the story was pretty good. The art was amazing.
Daytripper by Fabio Moon. This was probably overhyped for me, as I didn’t find it to be as profound as I thought I would. It was a nice, quick break from superheroes so that was a plus. The art is very pretty.
The Vision by Tom King. This is one of my favorite comic runs ever (not that I’ve read a lot). It’s super short and I couldn’t stop reading it. So dark, unusual, and beautiful. Highly recommended.
A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1.  I thought it matched the books pretty well from what I remember, as I got that sense that people are so annoying and incompetent in this universe. I liked it.
Atlanta Season 1. Loved this and it was at the top of my list of shows to watch. Donald Glover is genius.
Black Mirror Seasons 1-3. Holy crap, I was not ready. I usually don’t like anthology shows, but this one was so amazing and horrifying.
Bob’s Burgers Season 6. So glad I started watching this again. It’s so simple and so hilarious.
Chef’s Table Seasons 2-3. This show inspires me so much. And it’s so gorgeous. The chefs are kind of pretentious sometimes, but I love that they all have their own life and cooking philosophies. And they’re all so passionate, they’re crazy. The latest season wasn’t as great as the others.
Easy Season 1. I watched this because it’s from Joe Swanberg. And though it’s another anthology, it was short and sweet and funny.
Luke Cage Season 1. I finally watched this and it was so great. I loved every second of this. He’s such a bad-ass.
People of Earth Season 1. I watched the pilot at SDCC16 and they also gave me 2 free, cool, and wildly comfortable shirts- and my life motto is “If they give you a shirt, give them a chance” so naturally. The pilot was really funny so I was excited to watch this and the season did not disappoint.
Portlandia Season 6. So ridiculous and funny.
Westworld Season 1. Holy crap, another top of my list that everyone told me to watch and it did not disappoint.
Young Justice Season 1-2 (rewatch). In preparation from S3 (soon?!), I watched these and remembered how much I loved S1 and really disliked S2. Watching them back-to-back just clearly reveals this tragedy. I hope S3 to be better and not so disjointed.
Hidden Figures. Definitely inspirational.
Moana. My favorite Disney movie ever? Modern movies are amazing. The OST is great. And when I try to memorize the lyrics to so many of the songs, even in a language I don’t understand, and when I try to memorize the Vietnamese version, you know it’s great.
Moonlight. I watched this post-Oscars finally and it did not disappoint. Such a great story told so well.
Underworld: Blood Wars. Okay, I just had to watch this because I watched all the others in the series. It’s hilarious and unnecessary, but Kate Beckinsale is an actual vampire because she looks perfect still.
Logan. What a magnificent end to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine career. I’m actually not a fan of Wolverine or the other Wolverine movies, but thought this one was so beautiful and well done.

Travel update:
– My Universal Studios pass is expiring this month. I definitely went as much as I wanted but I will miss it. I’ll renew when they add Diagon Alley because that was the best. They’ve continued to add new Harry Potter stuff that I remember seeing at their Orlando park, so I’m excited to see what’s coming next. I really want to see Fantastic Beasts and Ilvermorny stuff because that would just be a dream come true.
– I’ve been trying to plan what to do for my Spring Break at the end of the month because it’s the only time I’ll have a break for the foreseeable future this year. But I don’t have any good ideas. I think everything is out of budget for a solo traveler right now, so I clearly need to latch onto a travel buddy and never let go.

Food lab:
– Pain aux Reese’s peanut butter cups from SortedFood. Deceptively simple because I know how fickle baking desserts can be. I messed up my caramel not once but TWICE and then gave up on it (forever?!). These are so delicious…I tried really hard not to eat them all at once. I love the flakiness of the exterior (comme un croissant), and the soft, meltiness of the center. Viennoiserie in general made me excited to try this recipe and it did not disappoint. Super simple too, barring the caramel. #fuckcaramel
– Eggy bread from The Three Broomsticks at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood (which, if I recall, they didn’t have in Orlando!). We were there early enough for breakfast and decided to try it and then we were the last in line to get breakfast so it was a sign. Then I got this thing I never heard of before (though it’s more or less French toast, but since it has a different name, it’s fancy and Harry Potter related, so shut your mouth), and it was so divine that I had to try and repeat the recipe. Turned out delicious, and made my own syrup that turned out not-ruined-like-caramel. I love the idea of French toast using a baguette (also French!) because it doesn’t get super soggy and it has a crust which is a nice texture addition in my mouth.
– I went to Chipotle for the first time since my Chiptopia catering party; I’ve missed it so much and I didn’t even realize! I got something new too! I tried the sofritas…in a bowl…without cheese or sour cream…and with beans. It was so good too! It didn’t feel heavy at all because it’s half the calories of what I usually get, a chicken burrito. New usual alert!
– A lot of fun vegan recipes to experiment with. Tofu is actually really fun and versatile. I’m looking for simple, repeatable recipes I can make for my meal prep lunches. I’ve found a few and have been rotating and testing them. Some are really good, others are…gross. I’m still trying to get used to the consistency of tofu and actually getting used to the flavors of the spices I’ve been using. Okay, these recipes aren’t as simple as I’d hoped, but still, it’s about getting into the routine and finding simplicity in between. A lot of recipes call for sugar, which sucks because I just leave it out since I’m trying to do low sugar. This probably makes the recipes suffer.
– Tofu Bolognese. First attempt was gross, but the next attempt is my new favorite go-to dish for meal prep. Has that meat-feel that I crave. Tastes very much like my regular pasta I make which used ground turkey.
– Tofu fried rice. First attempt used blocks and was good, though a bit intense in flavors. Second attempt was scrambled, which gave it the egg feel of fried rice, but also a bit intense in flavors. Third attempt mixed both scrambled and block, with more subtle flavors and going back to basics. I think it worked out best!
– Sofritas. I tried to copy Chipotle but mine turned out more verde. The actual tofu was under-seasoned I think so that made for a bland meal that, even when I tried adding hot sauce, didn’t do much for me. It was decent, though more work than I’d like for meal prep. I’ll keep experimenting with this as well.
– Curried tofu. The flavors were too intense at times but then sometimes too bland. I didn’t enjoy it too much, but excited to tweak the recipes to see what I can do. I’m always scared of block tofu over scrambled because I don’t want too much tofu flavoring.
– Southwest tofu scramble. I love tofu scramble because it’s so eggy. This one was experimental, and I’m not sure how it’ll taste yet, but it’s basically sauteed bell peppers with scrambled tofu, which I combined a couple recipes to the spice. I’m excited for this one because it was so simple and I can add potatoes/fries or a tortilla to this.

~ by Btab on 5 March 2017.

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