The Quarter Century Mindfulness 2k17

I haven’t posted since last year! LOL I’ve been waiting all year to say that! LOLOL okay I’m done. I already had my quarter life crisis two years ago, so there’s no time for that now. Now is the time to come through!

The time between my birthday and Lunar New Year is always a time of metamorphosis. I become super introspective, make some resolutions, and come out the other side a better person. I’ve started a bit early this year due to Hibernation 2k16.

I actually have two running lists of resolutions/improvements I made a while back that I’ve been revisiting frequently to make sure I’m staying on track. I find it’s not so much about being hard on myself and micromanaging this and that. The first list is about the bigger picture- holistic, general goals, created for making better daily habits and in turn, creating a better lifestyle for myself. The second list is a bit more specific, but it is a broad list of immediate and long term goals for myself. I see it as taking every day as a step toward furthering both of these lists and not going backwards.

24 I feel was a much better year than 23 (23 was the worst), but 2016 was a trying year. I’ve come out the other side a lot wiser and I see the world differently now. Nonetheless, I’ve chosen not to be overly cynical, but instead, embrace optimism.

I’ve also come into 25 in a classic Btab way: charmingly and humorously cynical with a tinge of self-deprecation and Debbie Downer-ness, though with enough cheer and sincerity to make others confused. I feel older, and I’ll take the good with the bad.

And I will say: I love seeing people filled with happiness, inspiration, and hope for the new year. And that, in turn, actually really inspired me and made me more hopeful for this year. My 2016 ended in hibernation and now I’m ready to go get everything I want for myself this year.


Some small pieces of wisdom gleaned last year:

  1. I may love someone and disagree with them.
  2. Always find a way to be productive.
  3. Rise above it all.
  4. Know yourself first and foremost.
  5. Connecting with someone on a philosophical level is the best.
  6. BALANCE. If all else fails, seek balance.
  7. Everything is relative.

I say this almost every year, and I’ll say it again: this year was a big year for me in terms of personal growth. And I love saying it because that means I’m still growing and learning and of course, there is always room for improvement! I feel like I simplified my life a lot by cutting out negativity and things I know that aren’t conducive to a happy life that I want. It’s been clear to see what’s worked and what hasn’t. I see with unclouded eyes (also because, y’know, Lasik, heh).

Here’s where I take perspective. There are many things seemingly heading in the wrong direction in my life. 2016 wasn’t the greatest year for the world. But there is good, no matter how small. And if I forget it this year: it’s wonderful to be alive.

Everything is politically tinged (because politics govern one’s livelihood) and I think I’ve been able to express my views and really critique myself and others. Going forward, I think it’s always important to find my voice.

It’s so easy to to get caught up in a narrow point of view because we as people literally see forward and tunnel-like. But taking that literal and/or figurative step back really opens everything up to broader perspectives. You see yourself and your behaviors unbiased. You see others the same way. You understand the importance or lack thereof within any problem you face. It’s astonishing!

I don’t have any solid travel plans for 2017, though I’m sure things will pop up, and while it is a cornerstone of my one of my lists, I know that I can turn anything into an adventure and I don’t need to rush to go and see the places I want to just yet. Life is worth living in slow motion.

I’ve also gleaned some notions of slowing down and self-control and taking time to “enjoy rather than complete” from buying 6 video games at once and learning how to properly pace myself. It’s been a rough, but necessary lesson for games, addiction, travel, and life in general.

I love the idea of a clean slate on a new day. If you fail in one way, start again another way. If you’re unsatisfied, change it. Do something about it no matter how insignificant it may feel. Embrace the lows and the highs equally.


2016 was a year of commitment. I believe I have succeeded. I was able to commit to a lot of persons, places, and things…and most importantly, I felt like I was able to commit to myself. I really needed to believe in myself and push myself and gain a lot of self-confidence after 2015. Of course, I’m still growing, but it was a big step for me this year.

With that said, moving forward, I’m ready to see what 2017 brings for me. Mindfulness is a huge part of my life and I’m not even all too sure when exactly it started. But I know for certain the idea permeates every part of my being and can be used in every situation of my life. I’ve been practicing more mindfulness all through 2016, but I think 2017 will be the namesake year where it’s at the front of all my thoughts and actions.

#strongarm2k13, #yearofextroversion2k14, #yearofnewthings2k15, #commit2k16, #mindful2k17

Some things I’d like to habituate, aka a third, more specific list, if you will:
– More art
– Consistently better eating and sleeping habits
– Time management skills
– Solo dates
– Taking pictures of everything (I did this before, but I’m going to be more meticulous because reminiscing is fun, even when it’s small things)

~ by Btab on 1 January 2017.

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