The 25

I am now 25. As I enter this milestone, I no longer fear death for I have been eating expired yogurt for months and am still alive.

I’ve actually felt 25 for months. I accidentally told my dentist I was 25 a few months ago. I think I’ve just been dreading it, yet accepting it at the same time. I don’t know, it seems significant and not; though oddly, for one who finds significance and importance and meaning in the smallest of things, I don’t feel like this is all that meaningful. In fact, I’d rather just ignore it. I officially feel old.

I started prepping for my birthday actually for the whole week. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t want to celebrate it traditionally (perhaps this is where we can cue the epiphany that I am celebrating…just differently) even though it fell on a weekend and y’all know that would have been bomb.

Earlier this week, my sister got me a PS4 for my birthday and being me, I bought 6 games for it right away. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. This is where it becomes a learning point, a lesson in self-indulgence and self-control. I know me pretty well and knowing me, I would obsess over these games. When I’m off games, it’s easy not to think about them; but when I have them, it’s hard not to think about them. True to form, it’s been a doozy of a week. Where do the hours go?

Luckily, I’ve been able to finish all the things I need to get done daily before starting gaming. And I’ve been able to sleep in a timely manner…most of the days. I’ve also managed to go to the gym and what I really wanted to do this birthweek was to hit some important PRs. Not necessarily my overall PRs, but getting back to where I was before I stopped working out. And I did really push myself in the gym to accomplish this! I  also really wanted to be on my nutrition game and my sleep game (did someone say game?). I wanted to finish 24 in top form. I did pretty well; not perfect.

It was important for me to take this weekend to myself, even though I do this often enough and even though I’m in a hibernation…still, this was necessary.

Friday: was a wash day, though I didn’t have much planned outside of playing games, so…mission accomplished?

Saturday: was my actual birthday. I decided to stay up and not sleep, because why not. Then when my parents woke up, I went to go read in bed and then accidentally fell asleep and woke up around my normal weekend time of noon. I was doing so well, too. Went to the gym, went grocery shopping and went to Cheesecake Factory to get their newest flavor and their seasonal flavor (Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch and Peppermint Bark, respectively), the latter of which they finally didn’t run out of. I smell a new birthday tradition! Cut my hair (had to be super careful because my bathroom outlet died this morning so I had to use my room’s; also went for a semi-new style instead of buzzing it, I just cleaned it up), made my final Asian-inspired recipe of the year (and turned it into a birthday cake), and played some games.

Sunday: Business as usual, though I woke up later than I’d like (good start to 25…). I also did some spontaneous cleaning. I feel like I want to start getting rid of things that I don’t need anymore and really make my room minimalist. I also did some art, which I’d been meaning to do for a while. I hadn’t actually done a drawing for 3 years, though lots of sketches in between. I decided I didn’t want to start a sketch, but I did play with my prismacolors. Usually, I tend to stick with a lead pencil, but now I’d like to branch into colors. I found the art to be meditative, which I guess I knew it would be, and it always had been before. But after I started being mindful of being mindful, it’s cool to notice when you’re actually meditating (outside of sitting meditation).

The one thing I didn’t get to do this weekend was go see a movie by myself. Though I’ve done this before (because people are weak and seeing 5 movies at the theater is too much (but also jk because I can barely go past 2 now)), I thought it’d be good to do as part of “Operation: do things for and with myself”. Trying to find more of these activities.

Overall, a very chill weekend. Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes, everyone!

Food lab:
– Ginger-garlic-honey chicken, a lot easier than I thought. And it was baked, so a lot healthier than I thought. It was really quick to make, really only waited for the marinade and the actual baking. The cool thing was that this recipe wasn’t drenched in marinade, it was more of a sauce that I could use for dipping (post-baked of course). This was my first time making a drumstick recipe. I would say next time, I need to find a way to enhance the flavors. It was nice and subtle, but it was missing the burst (except in the skin, which soaked up a lot of the juices).
– I tried cooking my pasta in a pan today because I saw it on the Internet. It seemed to work a lot better than the traditional pot method, but I’ll get back to you after I actually eat it and see if it tastes good or not. I’m not too finicky with my pasta and every time I make it, it seems a bit different anyway, so it may be hard to tell due to confounding variables.
– Cheesecake Factory’s Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch review: spoiler alert- one of my new favorites. There’s hazelnut drizzle at the top, just think of it as Nutella frosting. The crust had some wafer/rice-like balls in it (the “Crunch” part of the name) which made the texture new and exciting; it tasted more graham cracker-like than normal, but it was soft, moist, and thick. The actual cheesecake part was tri-layered: some chocolate, some regular mixed with chocolate, and another layer of chocolate; it was very smooth and light, not too rich or sweet.

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