The Ascetic

I’m feeling so grateful this holiday season, and I’m just ready to be in a happy mood. I feel so cheery just thinking about the festiveness of it all. I love when December hits and everything is all Christmas, all the time.

Fun times update: Thanksgiving weekend was fun- I got to celebrate 3 times: a small white Thanksgiving on Thursday (as in white food, kinda bland, but still fun because it’s special because we never eat it), Friendsgiving on Friday, and our traditional Vietnamese Thanksgiving on Saturday. All the food and all the love. I brought out my tiny hands and they were a hit (even my grandma loved them). I briefly went Black Friday shopping at Best Buy and got some movies, but that’s it.

Health update: I feel like I’m finally getting back into my groove and really pushing myself every time I’m in the gym. HIIT has been…I don’t know. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m trying to get into the mentality of being at the gym, being fully committed and focused, and really being present. This way, I’m able to push myself and be really positive throughout my time there. Changing my mindset is really important in really motivating myself and believing I can do it.

Yoga has been helpful, though I don’t do it routinely. It’s been something I do when I really need a release. And I’ve also been trying to do a handstand, though I think my initial fear of getting off the ground is still holding me back.

Still going strong with my nutrition, so no updates here. I may mix things up soon for fun (but also, they don’t sell wheat pasta at my Albertsons anymore, so that’s depressing). It’s become so routine.

I think I’m doing well maintaining my health. Sometimes, I feel like I’m stagnating, and while it’s not the best feeling, I also know I’m not regressing. I can take cheat days (like holidays) and be okay. I should probably reassess my exercise/nutrition routines soon and adjust accordingly. The goal is still to gain mass, since I’m used to these routines again.

Adulting update: I went to the dentist and I am determined to pay more attention to my oral hygiene. Normally, I routinely brush/floss, but it almost feels like I’m just going through the motions. I’m going to mindfully clean my teeth now. Then, I decided to sleep in and miss my doctor’s appointment. Oops.

Lately, I haven’t been paying too much attention to my budget. Fortunately, I haven’t been spending too much, so I haven’t felt the need to worry about it. Haven’t really thought about traveling sadly; need to put it on the backburner- which sucks, because that leads to never doing it.

The election this year has put a lot of things into perspective. Always a lot to think about, but I just need to remember to be mindful.

So I stopped watching TV shows right now, which is all well and good. However, I don’t think I’ve really found that much extra time. Partly because my work schedule starts later and ends later, so I’ve just been sleeping instead of waking up early. Scheduling is important. Eating at certain times is important. So there’s not always all that much free time outside of work and eating. Perhaps this is all perspective though.

Living ascetically has been going pretty well.

~ by Btab on 6 December 2016.

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