The Island Flood

I had the house to myself this weekend, which was a great start to my winter hibernation. Some much needed R&R since I needed a balance from the busy Halloween weekend.

I would one day like to do a real retreat, like go to a Buddhist monastery or hermitage and do like a silent retreat for an extended amount of time. That would be really cool. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have that luxury right now (and I know, even thinking about it now, the future will only become more busy with responsibilities, so it almost feels like a lie to say I’ll get to it later, but I can hope).

For now, I’ll have my mini-hibernations. I always need times like this to close up from all the background noise in my life and truly get back to myself, finding my center again. Sometimes, I feel like I’m just going through the motions and routines of life, not really living. When I catch myself, I know I need to do my “introversion recharge” but on a larger scale.

I like to spend the time reflecting on myself, really digging into my psyche to know myself better and become more self-aware, in an effort, of course, to self-actualize. Coming back to the recent goals I’ve set for myself is important, checking in to see how I’m progressing on that front. I think I’ve set a solid list this time around. I also get really introspective in thinking about my place in the universe.

This weekend consisted of finding inspiration/motivation in different facets and perspectives, a lot of reading, making poor dietary choices, singing loudly at all hours of the day and night, and cleaning the house like crazy.

I also went out to go get In N Out for myself, which is crazy because usually, if I’m home and I don’t need to go outside, I will generally just find food to eat in the kitchen. But I found it almost necessary to go and do this for myself. I ended up getting it to go, but not because I would be uncomfortable eating in public alone, but because I had things to do at home.

And I did some adulting: I set up appointments for doctor and dentist visits, I voted early (because my absentee ballot was lost in the mail apparently), and I got my new license (though the information isn’t updated (lol 120 lb. Brian)).

Food lab:
– Longan pudding, adapted from Khmer Krom Recipes. Simpler than I thought, though I’m sure there are many variations on this dish to try out. The cool thing is that you can eat this hot or cold. Note: I still can’t tell the difference between longan and lychee (they look the same when bought canned in syrup). My taste palate is simple, people, gosh…


~ by Btab on 6 November 2016.

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