The Nostalgia News

You know what’s hard? Wanting to drink, but knowing how many bad calories are in alcohol. Talk about a dilemma. *cue segue*

Health update: I’ve started meditating off a timer (I used to give myself a time limit on an app), freely going about it until I’m ready to stop. I’ve found this to be a lot easier and freeing. There’s no sense of worry about the time, which makes complete sense in retrospect. I’ve been meditating on this list of self-improvements I’ve been thinking about lately. It’s really allowed me to step up my mindfulness game as well as hone in on my long-term goals and what’s important in my life.

I also luckily haven’t been craving sweets too much (I took one bite of a churro and said BE GONE WITH YE!, bought ice cream for my mom and avoided eating it (so far), but then recently got a milkshake because I was feeling nostalgic for the time I was a white teenager); probably the toughest decisions of my entire life); haven’t really felt the need to change up my meal prep recipes, though I think I can start upping my caloric intake. Most food has been lasting me pretty long, so there’s not too much money spent on groceries, though I do have to go back more often; also tough because there are different stores I go to depending on my needs (bless Costco and bless my freezer and bless my mother).

Chiptopia update: Last month! I’ve been hitting up people who have not gone to Chipotle with me yet. Still trying to figure out the logistics of the catering party, but excited for it! It’s so close, I can taste it. Luckily, I haven’t gotten sick of Chipotle yet (will I ever?? (no)).

Non-adulting update: I’ve made a list of all the graphic novels I want to read, though I don’t generally start a series unless it’s already complete (or the parts I want to read are complete). That way, it’s easier to keep track of everything; I’m still confused about how prolific comics are and all the different narratives and timelines and canons and stuff. I’m generally just sticking to superheroes I like and/or acclaimed “runs”.

On that note, I’ve officially decided to give up TV (gasp, I can’t believe I wrote that out loud). Well, we’ll see how long it lasts. I’m technically not giving up TV, more like taking a hiatus to see what shows really stick with me. Because then I’ll binge-watch it when I have some down time. I’m worried because I’m watching more than a dozen shows and I’m not sure how I’ll cope without keeping up.

But what better way to occupy my time than videogames. I haven’t played in a long time (I don’t really count mobile games), but I’m seriously considering getting a PS4 this year, the catalyst being FFXV (I’ve watched Kingsglaive too many times), which I realize I’ve been anticipating since 2006,which is actually longer than I’ve anticipated Kingdom Hearts III, which is my sole reason for getting a PS4 (aside: the goddess Utada is releasing her album this month and I can’t contain the emotions). I’ve been itching to play some videogames, but perhaps this is more of a distraction than anything. I’m worried that I’ll get addicted like normal. I’ve been out of the gaming scene for a while, so there are a lot of games to catch up on.

This desire to play has also been partially catalyzed by D&D and the idea of a roleplaying game. Tabletop games are so fun, but perhaps they are a better alternative as I can’t get addicted to them (though if I do, it will still require other people to play with). I’ve been researching because I’d like to try my hand at being a DM; it sounds oddly satisfying since I like story-telling and people-pleasing.



~ by Btab on 5 September 2016.

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