The Place Between Sorrow and Bliss

The Olympics are so inspirational! I’ve basically watching the Olympics, eating, and sleeping for the past couple of weeks. I feel like this was a really important one for a lot of reasons. It makes me so patriotic and second-hand competitive.

Fitness update: I’ve been really inspired to push myself hard because of the Olympics. I’m all at the gym about to get some PRs and my own personal victory. HIIT has been intense, though it’s only because I suck at cardio. Trying to research more to mix up routines. Meal prep and drinking mass gainer has been going well, though I find weekends hard to prep for (an anticipated problem that I haven’t necessarily found a solution to). I also started weighing myself again for the first time this year just to keep track. I don’t necessarily want to gain more weight, but I do want to gain more mass and look bulkier I guess. I’ve been eating rather healthily, though. So crazy when you count every little calorie macro and how much fat content there is out there. Not all calories are created equally. I’m also trying to stop over-sleeping on days I don’t have to get up early. Sleeping has been an issue lately because I think I’m having more trouble quieting my mind.

Chiptopia update: August is going well and I’m projected to finish soon. Luckily, my friends have been eating for me and I’ve not had to eat too many burritos this month; I’m trying to avoid eating too many because it would throw my meal prep out of whack and the macro distribution isn’t the best. This isn’t to say it can’t be part of a balanced daily diet, because it can certainly fit…I’d just have to eat a lot less during the day.

Non-adulting update: I’ve been playing Pokemon Uranium even though I shouldn’t be. Look it up, it’s pretty cool. Also saw Alessia Cara in the weirdest free concert event ever at the Irvine Spectrum (which is a shopping center for those who don’t know). I finally got to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which made me quite nostalgic; better than I thought it’d be, a sweet little story.

Adulting update: I got approved for another credit card, this time, a travel rewards card. I also updated my passport (still waiting for it to come back). Clearly, I’m ready to do some traveling. This month’s Lasik update went well (they told me I was seeing 20/10); I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity and for a successful surgery.

This month has been rough in general with all the shit going on. I initially wasn’t planning on going out too much but then I don’t know why I ended up having plans every weekend. I’ve been on the verge of eremitism this entire month. I overestimated by ability to balance my intro/extroversion. My Chiptopia goal requires me to socialize with people and while I have greatly enjoyed it, I’m definitely fatigued. I just want to spend my days petting animals.

I’ve been pretty focused on getting my life back together, but some days, it feels like it’s falling apart because I’m not doing enough. I’m definitely feeling the need to be a hermit again, but alas, there are so many things to do. I think I’ve gotten a little better at filtering all the dumb shit out and focusing on what’s truly important to me. I’ve done better at tackling specific problems and being more clear in my approaches.

A wave of truth hit me earlier this month and I’ve been slowly unraveling the complex ball of issues I’m facing. Just gotta remember the little mantras I’ve made and the goals I’ve set up for myself.

Food Lab:
– Gua Bao. For August, I wanted to make bao (inspired by Eddie Huang for months), which is something that a lot of different cultures have different variations of. I ended up settling on the banh bao / char siu bao / gua bao. I’m actually not a fan of banh bao because I always feel cheated on the bao to meat ratio. But I have learned that what you can buy elsewhere, you can also make at home the way you want it. These are definitely cheap and worth it. The fun thing is that you can put any meat and any toppings inside, which is my favorite thing about cooking. These were pretty simple to make (though we did buy the meat from Sam Woo, so time/effort saved there). The actual bao part came out surprisingly well! It tasted very authentic, and while they were a bit deformed, it was hardly an issue. Also, we made a video:

~ by Btab on 24 August 2016.

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