The Rejuvenation

I feel rejuvenated.

Last month, I got back into fitness (fitness Chipotle in my mouth, am I right?). I am attempting to change up my routines slightly, as well as adding in HIIT. I’ve also started meal prepping, but not just the night before, because I don’t have much time now. I’m on that real meal prep grind- Sunday = prep day. I’ll keep you posted with how long this lasts.

I’ve also come to this idea. I generally swing back and forth between self-acceptance and having body issues. I also know I’ve come to accept this conclusion that I may not have the most bangin’ bod ever. Sometimes, it’s annoying to think, “I’ve been doing this for how long and I still look like this?” Instead, I like to think that I’m working out and eating right to be healthy.

Besides the physical health benefits, I really believe all this fitness and nutrition stuff does wonders for my mental and emotional well-being. I think the last 2 months of being lazy have been brutal. I felt like I didn’t have any goals and I was just slowly throwing my hard work away. Yet, at the same time, I reveled in the laziness. It was so easy.

Now, I’m just glad I got myself back in. It’s helpful to have fitness goals to keep me distracted from all the hate in the world. This year’s SDCC panels have been so wonderful in reminding me of this too- I definitely sat there tearing up listening to great people inspire me with their words and love.

I’ve been meditating more frequently (hopefully, will get back into yoga as well). Some days have been tough trying to turn off my mind and stopping the panic attacks that tend to flare up during meditations.

This month, I don’t have much going on, which will be nice. Focusing on the little things to keep me occupied, doing things I love to engage my mind and my heart. No big trips planned this month, but planning ahead for September/October and next year.

On a side note, finally got to play D&D again/legitimately after trying to years, thanks to the Destiny Pizzas crew. And it was as exciting as I imagined it to be! I greatly enjoy character creation and role-playing videogames, and I also love a good night of tabletop gaming. What a perfect combination! I feel like I could write a whole novel just to flesh out my character, like all the wheels are turning in my head because I’m clearly hooked and already attached to my character. And in true Brian fashion, seconds after writing this, I decided to go ahead and do that- wrote up a whole backstory (in progress), and planning on transcribing each of our quests.

Also, decided to do the opposite of “stop watching TV” and instead binge-watched Stranger Things because I kept seeing it pop up all over social media so of course I had to watch it. Love it! D&D inspiration! I wish I was that geeky as a kid; I think I was just more school-nerdy (sorry to disappoint, ladies).

Also, thought I was enjoying Preacher up until that season finale where I realized I was balls-deep in fandom fervor, only enhanced by that memorable SDCC panel. It had been the only show I’d been watching this summer (besides the one day this weekend I spent watching Stranger Things, as noted above) and I’d been looking forward to it every Sunday. Quality material!

Chiptopia update: July Hot Status reached a few days before month’s end! I have a nice respite, though I’m a bit worried about my meal prepping starting today, which will definitely interfere with this. That said, I found it rather easy to get 11 burritos with the help of my friends (people really appreciate free deliveries). I definitely have a system now. And only eating Chipotle when I eat out has actually allowed me to save money. Now, I continue my journey with a clean slate. Once more, into the fold (breach? fray?)! Everything sounds like an inspirational D&D battle cry now.

Pokemon Go update: Actually, not as addicted as I was. It lost a bit of its luster, which is fine. My battery thanks me. I only pull it out when I’m with friends or in a new area to check out the wild Pokemon there. Otherwise, not really finding it as exciting when a Pidgey pops up and I hatch yet another Weedle. All I want is to catch all of Gen 1 and I’ll be good. That’s my only goal, not that interested in gyms or CP anymore. “To catch them is my real test…”

Food Lab:
– Mango lassi pops: popsicles were a must for me this summer, and I love the marbling effect that some pops have. Nothing better than healthy options, because fruit is nature’s candy. I love mango lassi and was excited to try this recipe modified from Just One Cookbook. Very simple.
– Also decided to recreate Big Stick pops because they’re my favorite. Used pineapple and strawberry and added a dash of grenadine. Simple and healthy. Pureeing fruits is fun. The hard part was straining the strawberry puree to get rid of the seeds, but that’s just optional.
– As always, peep the Instagram in the sidebar for pics. The marbling for both came out surprisingly well.

~ by Btab on 1 August 2016.

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