The Ruminating Ruminants

May was fun and busy; I actually had made plans for every weekend, which I usually don’t like to do because I’m a hermit and need some alone time. Nonetheless, the month passed by so quickly in between work and weekend adventures.My budget was definitely shot to hell, but that’s okay. That’s what saving is for…just in case you accidentally go crazy one month.

I discovered Roasting Water, which is a boba and tea place with the novelty of free unique glasses/mugs for you to keep. Everyone who knows me knows I collect drinking vessels. It’s cheap, delicious, and they give you two free add-ons. What’s not to love?

I officially registered to vote and sent in my absentee ballot for the CA Primaries.

I went to Anza-Borrego, a desert down south near San Diego. The weather was perfect that weekend and I got to use my hiking backpack for the first time. It was overkill, but I mainly wanted to try it out on a smaller hike. We did a few different things in the area that amounted to a really fun daytrip with the homies. First, we went on a nice hike through the desert to a small oasis area with huge palm trees. Got lost on the way back and it almost started to rain. Then we went to the Slot Canyon, which was awesome. The narrowness of the walls changes drastically every foot and sometimes, you may find yourself stuck. Then we went around to look at the metal sculptures in the area, but I was most excited for the dragon, which spanned hundreds of feet. After, we decided to take a spontaneous detour to the Salton Sea, which was really odd and smelly and the water was brown, but it was cool to see birds thriving there. No sheep sightings this trip.

Mother’s Day was fun. I had soda for the first time in a while and it felt really nice in my mouth, but in my mind, I was dying of sugar overload. Dad’s back home permanently!

I went back to Portland for the first time this year and got to see my precious Persie. I didn’t drive this time, thankfully. As always, tried a bunch of new food places and fell in love with Wiz Bang Bar. Also, did something very Portlandia and hung out with The Belmont Goats, who surpassed all my expectations- they were essentially dogs/cats that looked like goats and they were so cute. Went house-hunting with my sister…thought how strange it is that we’re in such different parts of our adulthood. Falling in love with Portland???

The following weekend, no time for breaks, I went on a roadtrip to Vegas and Zion National Park. We hit up Angel’s Landing and The Narrows. I know the hike was short in mileage, but damn, it really kicked my butt. You learn a lot about yourself when you’re climbing a mountain and slowly dying wondering why the fuck are you doing this and how your body isn’t cut out for cardio and how you haven’t gone to the gym in a month and how you hope you become an angel so you don’t have to descend the mountain. Dramatics aside, I got to use my hiking backpack to my advantage, my boots saved my feet, and I got to overcome my anxiety and ascend to the top without incident. At The Narrows, the water was numbing and we didn’t make it very far; I started not feeling the pain after a while, but while my feet wanted to keep going, my mind was at a crossroads. We ended up just enjoying the view from the shore. Parking, weather, and timing all worked out for us this day, fortunately. Back in Vegas, I, for some reason, was not tired and really thirsty. On the way home, we stopped by Red Rock Canyon in Nevada, where we took a scenic drive through the ever-changing, rocky landscape. Perhaps one day, we can hike here. No sheep sightings this trip either. I was exhausted, but exhilarated; I got home and bought a bunch of hiking supplies that I learned I needed or wanted on the trip, so I can be more prepared next time (if there is a next time because I am way more out of shape than I realized (jk, already got something on the books)).

Lastly, I bought all my cosplay materials, so I’m ready to start making!

I feel like a lot of this month was either going on a trip or planning the coming trips. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I do feel for my bank account and stress levels. Thanks, May, for being a great month of adventure. It was filled with satisfying trips that didn’t leave me weary or wary of travel, it made me excited for where I would go next, and even appreciate the downtime of real life.

Food Lab

  • This month’s Asian-inspired recipe (yay, AAPI month!) was mochi ice cream. Easier to make than I thought, still hard to make. It’s definitely one of those recipes that’s easier to buy, but I thought I’d try my hand at it after seeing some easy recipes for making mochi online. I had all the ingredients laying around anyway. It turned out pretty good, actually, though I guess I prefer my mochi and my ice cream separate.

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