The Trips

My gym pass expired 11 days ago, and in these past 11 days, I’ve regressed into a sack of potatoes (no disrespect to potatoes, you know how much I love you). I feel pretty gross though. It’s weird to lose such a big part of your daily/weekly routine. I haven’t renewed yet because I didn’t want to go over-budget for April.

This month, I’ve been keeping a low profile to try and save up money and focus on my grind. I don’t even know what I’ve been doing, as it’s all been a blur. I’ve think I’ve been spending my free time playing games, #Lemonade, attempting to stay woke, and living vicariously through other people’s travels.

I’ve been meticulously planning trips still, though I’ve already gone over-budget for a couple things. Not by much, thankfully, but still. A snag is a snag.

Another snag (is this a real word? Snag.) is that airline ticket prices are so unpredictable, I was trying to experiment and delay purchasing in the name of science. I continuously checked my “saved flights” on Google Flights (and other websites) to see trends, but nothing solid came up. The advice I received around the Internet seemed to be false.

Additionally, a predicted snag is people. Waiting for people to confirm or deny. But when your friends are wishy-washy and flaky…yeah, you know how the story goes.

And finally, something I didn’t account for is how much planning everything takes. Like planning for trips far in advance if it’s a major trip. Planning trips while you’re on a trip because the next one is coming up and there’s particular planning windows for certain destinations and times of the year. Everything just feels overwhelming, yet oddly satisfying.

My first official trip was an Ellie Goulding concert in San Diego, which I bought tickets for back in November. Not sure if I ever want to go to a concert again, because I think I’d rather save money for other priorities. But it was a great concert in all ways. One of my favorite artists performed flawlessly. People around us weren’t overly annoying and rude. I had a pretty great time. So, on a high note, I’ll retire from concert-going for now. San Diego was nice, a different experience than when I’m normally down there for SDCC; but we’re idiots and can never show our faces around there.

Speaking of first official trips, my first official trip (my first official trip) was last night. This is intentionally ambiguous, but I wonder if I’ll remember what I’m talking about.

Last, but most important among this sea of drivel I call a post, if you haven’t already, please check this out and donate if you can. I’ve known Alex for a while now and his attitude through all of this is nothing short of inspirational, yet not at all surprising because it’s just how he is. The outpouring of love that people have already shown this family brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for helping any way you can.

~ by Btab on 30 April 2016.

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