The Pseudo Spring Break

A little update in these first 10 days of April, when I started going hard in the paint on many things.

I essentially had Spring Break because a lot of my students were on break. And the weather was all sad. So I did a lot of sitting around, playing mobile games (holy shit, addicted to three games (Marvel Avengers Academy, Adventure Time Card Wars, and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X) right now, two of which I downloaded this past week, it’s not good), planning trips and budgeting the hell out of my money, staying up late and eating poorly (this generally happens when my work schedule changes and I don’t work as often), and hours of deep introspection.

Mulling around the house is not good when the travel bug hits. It’s all planning and hoping, but not really doing anything just yet. Naturally, I cut my hair because catharsis. I binge-watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt because season 2 is out next weekend, and the scary thing is that it didn’t feel like binge-watching, it just felt like watching a long movie (4.5 hours).

I’ve been reading up on travel blogs, travel websites, travel credit cards, etc. And then I started experimenting with monitoring ticket prices to Oregon and when the best time to buy is. Well, I hope it goes down soon because they’ve just been going up ever since I checked them.

It’s my last month (less than, actually) of having my 24 Hour Fitness gym pass. Definitely going to renew because honestly, I love it there. I’m not in peak physical condition, and I still haven’t sprouted an ab yet, but…I’m pretty proud of how healthy I’ve become over the past two years. Lately, I’ve had huge swings in motivation, but I’ve come up with a different routine, so hopefully, this will inspire me to work harder.

I went to Joann’s to check out some cosplay fabrics, though I probably won’t start actually purchasing materials and making anything until June. Always good to do some pre-planning. I was also thinking if I can stand it, and if it gets that long, I’ll grow my hair out to reprise my Sokka cosplay this year for one of my days. We’ll see!

Between tickets, a new gym pass, car fixes (which I still need to do), and general monthly fees…I’ve been having to focus harder on my budget this month. I decided no hangouts where I have to spend excess money. This turned into me not hanging out much, but more me time on the weekends (my dad was home this weekend, so that was nice to not have plans anyway).

Budgeting also means really having to prioritize hobbies, and unfortunately cutting some out. I’ve really put my effort into planning trips because I really want to make it happen. Other costly, new hobbies haven’t been prioritized. And I’ve been trying to quit TV, but I don’t think it’s working. At all.

On one hand, I want to be a Renaissance Man, a jack of all trades, trying new things on a whim and learning a bit of everything. Other times, when I have one singular, dominating thing I want, I go after it with my being. Sometimes, I spread myself too thin- there’s not enough time to do everything I want all the time. Other times, my view is myopic (did I use that properly?) and I try to simplify my life as to cut out things I find currently superfluous. BALANCE.

Currently, my life revolves around planning future trips and activities. Some people think I’m crazy, but I’m just trying to be proactive.

As per my last post, there are always obstacles, which I will digress upon here:

  • Money. Wow, that feeling when you work less this week, so make less overall, but have a lot of big things to buy this month, so you’re worried if you go over budget.
  • Time. Okay, I’ve been trying to fit as much as I can in the next couple years and I’ve been able to get in a lot of trips this year, but still, I feel like time can play a factor if you’re not vigilantly committed. I say now I wanted at least one trip a month this year, so it’s going to happen. Next year, I want 3 big trips total, so that’s gonna happen too. The big trips are more time-feasible, but less money-feasible, if that makes any sense.
  • An unknown future. It has come into play, but I’m trying not to let it influence my decisions too much.
  • Companionship. Holy shit, I knew this was trouble. So many people “down” for stuff, but aren’t actually committed. So many people busy at different times. And I can’t please everyone. I love my friends because they teach me the value of patience and acceptance.


Food Lab

  • This month’s Asian-inspired recipe is: ube bread pudding. Okay, I was really excited to try this after I heard that B Sweet had this, but they never have it when I want it, so I decided to just make my own. The best part about this recipe is that I had to figure it out myself (so technically, it’s my first recipe?!). There’s nothing online, so I had to combine a few recipes together. The best I could find was a sweet potato bread pudding combined with a couple other bread pudding recipes. After I made it, I realized I didn’t know what bread pudding actually should taste like, but it tasted pretty good, perhaps a bit too sweet. I learned to make my own icing, too. Also, not sure if this was actually ube, but I went to Seafood City (Filipino supermarket) and it was labeled as “ube, purple yam”, but I think it’s more of an Okinawan sweet potato. Oh well, it’s really good! The color was absolutely gorgeous. At first, it was a bit soggy, so I just kept cooking it at low heat until it turned the desired consistency. But I think the ube was hardening. I ended up having two options: pieces of bread and chunks of ube vs. everything mashed together; both are pretty decent and I think I prefer something in the middle.
  • Hash browns. I’m really into layering food these days (as with the ube bread pudding). And I finally got to make some hash browns because I had to use some potatoes. It was fun grating potatoes, and it turned out really good. I layered hash browns with shredded chicken, avocado slices, ranch, and ketchup. Didn’t have any cheese, but that would’ve been a good option. Overall, a bit more work than it’s worth, but fun nonetheless.
  • Pink lemonade. I didn’t have a juicer, so I hand-squeezed them (literally, I shoved my hand into the lemon and pulverized it with my fingers). Lemonade is a lot easier than I thought. Just added simple syrup (which I want to experiment with different steeping flavors next time) and grenadine. Awesome!

~ by Btab on 10 April 2016.

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