The February Rundown (II)

Week 1

LAZY. I didn’t work out at all. Though I was working excessively, and I was just so tired. I also slammed the top of my foot on some concrete steps and it really hurts. I’m hoping everything is okay internally. And I felt kind of sick after spending the weekend in the mountains. Those are my excuses, take ’em or leave ’em.

I spent any down time during the week making plans for the rest of the month. I realized I don’t really have any hiking plans for the next couple of months because the hikes I want to go on are optimal for later in the year. I’ve been itching though, so I’ll probably plan something for next month.

Over the weekend, I decided to watch all the Harry Potter movies (because why the fuck not?), but I won’t say it’s technically binging because I didn’t watch them all in a row and I was doing things while they were playing in the background. Namely, I did a lot of research.

I decided what recipe I wanted to do. And I think I’m changing themes for this year. I want to center on Asian-inspired cuisine, namely, what my mom does in the kitchen. Also, I’d like to do recipes that can be recipes I can go back to time and time again.

I went back over to and took a closer look at the individual categories. I find that my interests lie with environmental, science, healthcare, education, and social issues. I have less interest and knowledge in issues regarding the economy and foreign and domestic policy. I’m not sure if I want to focus more on areas of interest, or try and learn more about these subjects in which I have little knowledge. As I want to vote this year, I’d rather get informed as much as I can, though things of little interest obviously fail to hold my interest.

I started looking into global conservation and am finding it difficult to find more concrete things to do other than household things. I stumbled across things likes “living off the grid” and “zero waste households”, which I think are rather interesting, however, I can’t say I want to do this completely. Nonetheless, I think this information is helpful and I can definitely lean towards it to help more in this way. Other than that, I’ve decided this is a more passive, research-based interest, as I will continue to acquire knowledge.

I learned that starting one’s own garden is a lot more complicated and less concrete than I previously believed. And as it turns out, I’m a little late on the train for getting ready. March is supposedly the ideal time to start my own garden, so I’m either scrambling or starting late. I’m not really sure where to go from here, though I guess until I actually start, I won’t know. It’s all trial and error from here on out.

I’ve been watching videos about the bo staff. This month is all about taking notes, so I don’t think I’ll be starting self-training until March. For now, just soaking in the knowledge.

Most successfully, I’ve done copious research on survival skills. And I discovered a new tangent- urban survival, a whole new skillset contrasted with wilderness survival. I’ve taken notes on things like priorities, skills, and materials. I will continue to collect knowledge and hopefully, next month, I can start purchasing materials for a survival kit. I’ve learned about “SHTF” scenarios and what to do in such cases. It’s pretty fun researching this stuff, learning little tidbits here and there.

Ended Week 1 with Super Bowl L. “L” is way cooler than “50”, and it sticks to the pattern. I prepped eggrolls with my  mom and did general chores with the game on in the back.

Week 2

Happy New Year! I cut my hair last week because I learned that it’s not good luck to cut your hair so soon after the new year because you’ll lose all the good fortune you gained. I also made 3 dessert recipes to celebrate. I also did not accomplish “no pork” because I ate eggrolls on Monday. Then my mom made pork for dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday. And I’m pretty sure I will be eating pork this Saturday for New Year’s celebrations, though I already told myself it’s okay because it’s festivities, and I usually go off-diet during holidays. Oops, harder to avoid than I thought. At the same time, I guess it’s not necessarily cold turkey I’m going after, but not choosing it when it’s an option is a start.

I cut my research this week to more detailed notes about survival skills. I also looked up more gardening stuff, which seems a lot more complicated than I thought. I feel like I just want to wing it and see how it goes; then, I can learn from there.

I’ve been working out irregularly, but I’ve been eating properly. This week, I did try to go up in deadlifts, which kind of worked. I hit a weight I haven’t been able to do for a while, and I was able to get through 2 sets of 5 reps. I tried to go up to a weight I think I only attempted once, and got through 4 reps. I guess it technically counts as a PR. I still feel like I’m on the verge of sickness this week.

Unrelated to goals, but I watched Deadpool and it was awesome. The hype was real. I’m glad it’s getting praise. I feel like I rarely go to the movies anymore because most movies just aren’t worth paying for; I’d rather just wait until you can stream/rent them. But every now and then, you’re rewarded with a superb film worth the money, a film you know you’ll buy when it comes out on DVD. Though actually, I think I should stop buying physical copies because buying digital is better for the environment. But I do love my physical copies…such a dilemma. A dilemma I shall now dub…The Pork Dilemma. See how I made this paragraph goals-related, even though I initially threw you off by saying it wasn’t goals-related? And it’s also very meta, a nod at Deadpool, which is the topic of this paragraph. It’s like a Deadparadox. It’s actually 1:43am when I’m writing this paragraph, and I hadn’t eaten enough today, so excuse this paragraph.

I started bookmarking a bunch of news sites so I can stay more actively informed about areas of interest. I’m trying to make a habit of visiting these sites at least once every few days, if not every day.

Ended Week 2 with Tet celebrations. As predicted, holiday celebrations = no dietary restrictions!

Week 3

There has been less work this week. So much less that I was able to get to the gym at the start of the day, work a little, and spend the rest of the night being lazy and watching TV.

Of note, I put more planning into my garden. Less of note, I started playing the mobile game Avengers Academy and these time-management/city-building games are super-addicting and I hate/love it. Even less of note, I’ve been trying (and succeeding by Sunday) to memorize the lyrics to “White Iverson” by Post Malone because it’s my jam this week.

I was able to bench again what I’ve done previously once or twice. So another semi-PR.

Over the weekend, I didn’t officially start gardening, but I had a better idea of the logistics of everything. I went to Home Depot to look at plants and materials, and overall, it doesn’t seem too bad. It was easier knowing that I would start small (only one 3x1x1 ft. raised planter), more as an experiment and dabble into gardening more than anything. I ended up not getting anything because I wanted to do more planning before investing. Hopefully, next week!

Week 4

Unfortunately, as predicted, Marvel’s Avengers Academy has taken over my life and I haven’t done shit. A horrible feeling is when you know you’re spiraling into laziness, but you don’t do anything about it. That’s when you know you’ve hit bottom. And then it all just festers as you sit alone in your pit: the poor eating, the laying around, the negative dwelling…everything just collapses in on itself until the pile of shit you’re in gets so big that you can now climb out of the pit. A clean slate (because the shit washed off).

On the other hand, I was able to hit most of my goals for the month in the previous three weeks, so obviously, I started slacking.

I ended up watching a full playthrough of Until Dawn, so technically that’s binge-watching, but not really…it’s a game, right?

I didn’t plan anything major yet.

I’ve spent the least amount of money this month of all the months in the past year or so since I started budgeting.


  • research politics/election (and engage in discussion)
  • find more ways to get involved in global conservation
  • research how to start your own garden
  • research fighting with a bo staff
  • research basic survival skills
  • try 1 new recipe
  • hit at least 1 new PR
  • continue carb-conscious eating (meal prep is no longer listed, since it’s become habit)
  • refine hiking/travel plans (for Feb and Mar and Apr)
  • no personal purchases
  • no binge-watching
  • free time for future planning only
  • continue sleeping earlier
  • text better
  • take more photos
  • resolutions of 24

~ by Btab on 29 February 2016.

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