The February Rundown

It’s been a minute since I’ve made a monthly GOI post (I retroactively named them (goals of interest); this is a real thing, it’s called a retronym). I’m hoping that these posts will be more consistent, and I can come back to them throughout the month, as well as self-analyze again next month when I write a new post. As always, writing it out has the dual benefit of clearly delineating things for me and holding me accountable.


  • research politics/election (and engage in discussion)
  • find more ways to get involved in global conservation
  • research how to start your own garden
  • research fighting with a bo staff
  • research basic survival skills


  • try 1 new recipe
  • hit at least 1 new PR
  • continue carb-conscious eating (meal prep is no longer listed, since it’s become habit)
  • refine hiking/travel plans (for Feb and Mar and Apr)


  • no personal purchases

Time Management

  • no binge-watching
  • free time for future planning only
  • continue sleeping earlier

Ongoing Resolutions

  • text better
  • take more photos
  • resolutions of 24

~ by Btab on 1 February 2016.

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