The Time

This past month, I’ve really learned about how important time is when used effectively. With the work schedule back to normal, there’s little time throughout the week to do anything.

I started sleeping earlier as well. The results varied. Some nights, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night. Some mornings, I still couldn’t get out of bed, though weather may have been a variable. Other times, I found myself waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Sleeping early makes me feel a bit more rushed during the day. I work, then work out, prep meals and eat…there’s not much time for anything else, though I’ve been trying to end the days with an episode of something. It doesn’t help that all my shows are coming back and I have less time to watch them.

I’ve been going HAM at the gym, or at least, I’ve been trying to lately. Gym sessions have been permanently shortened. I get in and get out, and if I hit one hour, then I’ll just end it there. I haven’t really gained much and I feel like I need to mix up routines, but I haven’t put much thought into it because it’s easier to go in knowing what I’m doing so I can be efficient.

And I’ve been changing up my meals. Protein and fat are way too easy to come by, yet I have so much trouble finding carbs to fit in. My food is now carb-based, so I try to plan around that. It’s harder than it seems. When I first started meal prep, I didn’t even count carbs; now, I think they’re pretty important. But I’ve run into difficulties. I don’t like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, or wheat bread, though the latter has been helped with some Nutella. Carbs fill me up quickly, so it’s hard to always eat so much. Luckily, I find that if I base the day’s meals around carbs, the other macros just fall into place and I don’t have to worry about them. I also have a few solid meals I can mix up every other day so I don’t get sick of the meals so easily. I’m constantly trying to mix things up in the kitchen so I don’t get too routine-based and bored. So far, it’s been good, just takes more time planning.

On weekends, there’s a significant drop-off. I’m definitely lazier and not as consistent with the food or sleep or exercise as I’d like to be. I eat less, I sleep less, and I exercise- you guessed it- less. I know I should be consistent, but I’m just so tired from the week that all I want to do is curl into a ball and watch Fringe*. And that’s what I’ve been doing. Now that I finished that, though, I’m hoping my weekends can be more consistently productive. Lately, I’ve enjoyed having minimal plans so I can focus on myself. During the week, I just don’t have the time to reflect and/or think about the future. That’s what weekends are for.

I put off repairs on my car for too long, when I could’ve done them much sooner. But I was finally able to change my headlights, change my air filter, and clean my MAF sensor…ALL BY MYSELF. This is the first time I’ve done things under the hood because in the past, I’ve been pretty lax and haven’t treated my car as well as she deserves. Now, I’m trying to get all these check-ups in, but money adds up fast. I’m trying to find a trusted place that’s not a chain to help me out. Still got a few more things to do, but since I’ve been trying to drive less because of these issues, it gives me more much-appreciated alone time.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. A lot of self-sufficiency and time to myself. It seems like everyone and their moms has been on vacation this month. It definitely makes my travel rash start to itch (was that a proper metaphor?). I got my hiking backpack this month, and I’m so ready to get out there and try it out. I’m also getting into trying to learn more wilderness survival skills, though knowledge is limited until I can actually get out there in those situations.

Sometimes, I like to analyze my current interests to see if I’m properly allotting enough time for personal interests.

  • Art: haven’t done much drawing/painting or photography, but I will be working on my SDCC16 cosplay soon
  • Literature: still reading every night and blogging when it strikes me
  • Music: mostly a passive interest, though I do have a concert coming up and I started listening to the radio and Spotify again for new music
  • Games: no videogames for now, but I have been getting back into tabletop games in a big way; I bought my Munchkin Adventure Time expansion pack, and Destiny Pizzas has officially started playing Pandemic Legacy, which is intense and addicting; I’m liking the idea of planning more game nights like I used to do back when I was innocent and drug-free and pre-21; also D&D will happen this year I hope
  • Health: cooking new recipes often enough, very focused on nutrition and fitness and yoga and meditation still, so I’m glad I’ve committed to these things that have become so essential in my life; this year, I’ve started with a new health resolution: I’m trying not to eat pork at all, and still less red meat
  • Active: haven’t done anything really, but snowboarding soon; have a lot of hikes planned this year, and will hopefully get some camping in; not planning on traveling out of state much this year sadly, but next year, there will be at least one major trip; I’m focusing mainly on the hiking/camping to fulfill my active needs for now, but I really want to take a class that I can learn some fighting skill- bonus if it includes a bo staff
  • Pop Culture: passive
  • Academia: as much as I can, forever learning; still doing French, learning about Buddhism, trying to understand politics more for this election (as well as foster my stances and opinions on topics of interest)
  • Earth: wish there were more ways I can be more actively involved, but a lot of it is passively learning about things or doing things around the house; need to research more
  • Other: focusing on survival skills right now

I think the biggest changes I’ve committed to are rewiring my thought pattern actively to be less…I guess I would label it as passive aggressive. I think I’ve kept up with a lot of my Year 24 resolutions so far in this way.

Food Lab

  • Egg tarts: from,  a recipe that I had my doubts that I could accomplish, but they turned out pretty well, the shell was a bit too soggy for my liking, but I think I liked them cooler after they’ve been sitting for a few hours; tried multiple batches just to test it out more, it’s pretty fun so I’ll probably make these more often

* A note on Fringe: one of my favorite shows, probably one of my first shows I stuck with consistently. So deep and profound…definitely loved binge-watching it because of all the connections. Makes me sad because I feel so passionate about this show. Now, I feel all deep and profound…

~ by Btab on 24 January 2016.

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