The Commitment

Happy new year and good riddance 2k15!

Last year was a sobering year for me (ayyyy get it?). No, but I opened my eyes to a lot of things. I realize that I say every year that it’s been a big year, I’ve learned a lot…but yeah…It’s been a big year and I’ve learned a lot. Maybe last year will go down as my least favorite year in recent history, but when you experience negative things, you glean positivity, so I’m thankful for that.

And I just now realized this, so breaking news. I think this year has been shitty for a couple shitty reasons…but also because it was so eye-opening. I’ve perhaps lost faith in a lot of things, but as I come out of the year, I realize that the things I’ve experienced have taught me lessons in life.

December this year has been restorative for me. Here’s a look back at some of the festivities:

  • Secret Santa with DOORS was really fun. I learned how to make my own pizza, which was easier than I thought. Had so many laughs, I didn’t realize how late it was on a weeknight.
  • Lunch with 3LP on my birthday. We haven’t had a hangout for a long time, so it was nice, albeit brief.
  • My birthday party, which I was looking forward to. I hadn’t seen some of these people in a while. I was able to not get completely wasted and hungover. I survived! I don’t know if everyone else had fun, but I did, so really, that’s all that matters.
  • Holiday cookie decorating at the Centala Residence, for the ?th year in a row. Always a fun time, and it’s always getting fancier each year.
  • Seeing my fav cousin for the first time in a long time. Semi-failing at a recipe for the first time. Spoiler alert: Peppermint bark is harder to make than it seems. I spent $9 for ingredients and only $3 of it was salvageable (and before you say it’s cheap, it’s the principle, not the cost). Kind of sad, because I love peppermint bark. Will try again next year, maybe.
  • Christmas, on actual Christmas day. It was like a white Christmas, as in we didn’t eat Vietnamese food. I taught some of my cousins Munchkins and they loved it. A fun time all around, but it’s weird when half your family isn’t there because they’re busy celebrating with the other side. First Christmas without my sister, felt weird, but I’ve seen her a lot this year, so bye.
  • Cheesecake Factory with IB peeps. This counts as holiday festivities because peppermint bark cheesecake, of course. But they ran out because apparently they “try to run out by Christmas”. CF with friends is always a treat, but next year, I want to come back before Christmas is over. And just to let everyone know, their new Salted Caramel flavor easily moved to my list of favorite flavors; it’s perfect, not too salty or sweet, perfectly creamy, and felt light.
  • Holiday party with LFMS peeps. Always nice to see people you’ve known for a long time. It’s like everyone’s still the same little prepubescent kid, but then everyone’s grown up and doing well for themselves.
  • NYE Countdown at Amadeo’s. Chill. I randomly got (too) drunk playing Munchkin on December 30th, so I could not stomach too much alcohol on NYE, which was sad. I got really fall-on-the-floor, head-ringing, bad-hangover drunk…and it was worse than my birthday, so that’s nice to know it’s still possible to be trashy.
  • My dad came home and obviously, that’s a plus. He’s been able to stay all through the holidays.

In between these events and smaller hangouts, I spent a lot of time doing nothing because I actually had a lot of time off of work. It felt nice, but at the same time, scary.

Most of these were events that I look forward to each year during the holidays. It’s why this time of the year is the best because I get to see all the important people.

My December-January posts are always fun to look back on. The two-ish weeks between my birthday and the new year are always limbo months. I don’t really do anything productive except sit around and reflect on my life. I also like setting resolutions and goals for myself. As far as last year’s resolution, I definitely think I’ve become a better texter, thanks in part to getting a new phone. My new resolution: take more pictures.

#strongarm2k13, #yearofextroversion2k14, #yearofnewthings2k15, #commit2k16

This year, I hope to see a lot of commitment: to ideals, to plans, to people, to myself. On my birthday, I published a private post of resolutions I have for myself that I’ve been coming back to; these stemmed from my “time away from life” towards the end of last year and reflecting on the year’s posts.

Commit to the present.

Diho Siam gave me two fortune cookies, so here’s to a great new year:

Well arranged time is a good sign of a well arranged mind.

Your life will be happy and peaceful.

I agree with the first piece of advice. I’ve been trying to be better, or more aware, of time management, so they definitely go hand in hand. Being conscious and mindful of your time allows you to have a clear head. Of course, these past few days (weeks?) have been just passing by because I’ve been chilling. The second one is an actual fortune, for once. I like happy and peaceful, but of course, not all the time. It’s good to be thrown out of happiness and out of your comfort zone, feeling for the sake of feeling. Be alive, not just living.

Final disclaimer: apparently a lot of people felt that I was being harsh with my last post about flakes, even though I didn’t mean to be, and that I’ve learned (and/or am still learning) to let things go. Didn’t mean to make people feel bad about themselves.

~ by Btab on 1 January 2016.

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