The Log #14

Saturday 11/28/15

I wasn’t sure when I was going to leave, but I woke up and packed and headed out at 10a. I’m glad I left earlier rather than later, because this return trip was a lot easier.

Phase 1: First things first, I had to get gas. They didn’t fill my tank up all the way because the sensor port wasn’t working and they don’t let you do it yourself, so I only got 7.587 gallons for 16.38, again, really cheap.

Phase 2: I drove 198.0 miles to Myrtle Creek, OR, and refilled at 12:59p, at Chevron, 9.787 gallons for $22.50. I hit California at 2:33p. I was making great time, I didn’t even get out of my car at the gas station, so it’s not a true break. I discovered how to make the back pain go away. Instead of stretching it the other way, I sat up straight. Yoga (with Adriene) taught me “head over heart, heart over pelvis”, so if you stack your body and straighten your spine, the results are amazing. The pain disappears almost instantly, and I feel better. I think I teared up a bit thinking about Persie and how she wasn’t with me and I wouldn’t see her at home.

Phase 3: I was actually able to drive 312.4 miles on this gas tank, and at 5:58p, stopped at a Chevron in Arbuckle, CA (Chevron’s my new favorite). That was almost 8 hours of sitting in that car (I really wanted to see how far I could go), the whole time thinking about how I don’t like to spend more than 5 minutes on the toilet because it’s not good to sit that long in the same position. I filled up 10.702 gallons at $29.95. I was still feeling good and making good time, no traffic, everything was nice. I realized I could make it home without stopping. 8 hours is a long time to be driving with myself. More self-reflection. I started craving In N Out and didn’t want to eat anything else.

Phase 4: So I stopped in good ol’ Kettleman City, CA at 9:33p. I had driven 259.5 miles. I knew I saw an In N Out on the way up! This was my first true break, but I only stayed 20 minutes to get and eat my burger. It was so good. However, I didn’t want to get gas here because it’s almost a dollar more than other places, and I still had some gas left.

Phase 5: I drove 52.9 miles to Buttonwillow, CA, the next Chevron. I think I was cutting it a little close to empty. I found out they charge more if I use my credit card, what?! I didn’t know this. Again, I’ve lived a very sheltered Costco gas life. $34.35 for 11.265 gallons at 10:39p. I knew this was the last gas stop I needed to make before I got home. The final stretch was tough, I was getting a bit drowsy and I really just wanted to get home and lay down. When I hit familiar territory, it invigorated me. I was so close! When I got home at 1:10a, I unpacked a little before heading straight to bed.

Everything was smoother the second time around. No traffic, no weather incidents, I was hardly tired or achy, I didn’t need long breaks. I did take a break from my nutrition, obviously. Being on the road, on “vacation”, during a holiday…there’s no time to think about fitness.

No lie, it’s been rough not having Persie around to greet me when I’m at home or to play with when I’m taking a break from whatever I’m doing. She really brightened up my day and I definitely took that for granted. As much as I want one, right now is not a good time for me to have a pet. I miss her though. A lot.

I am proud of how I was able to make this trip so manageable and successful though.

~ by Btab on 14 December 2015.

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