The Log #13

Friday 11/27/15

I woke up late, sat around and online shopped, then realized that Dick’s was having a good sale on hiking boots that was ending soon. And with that, I got everything on my Black Friday wishlist, which wasn’t really supposed to be fulfilled, but then I realized I was already over-budget for the month, so I just decided why the eff not keep it going? Also technically, I have two budgets. The first line is a set amount. The second line is 50% of that month’s income, so I’m still good, since I’ve been working a lot. I’ve been wanting hiking boots for a long time anyway, so I’m glad I got them cheap and sans tax. Holla!

After, I drove all the way to Portland to get Little Big Burger, because I was craving their root beer float because it’s the best. That was my first time driving in Portland and it was scary, but I survived. My sister was at work, so I had to do everything by myself, wah.

I listened to music while finishing up some work. I read a bit before taking a nap. Then we went out to dinner when everyone was off work to Du Kuh Bee, handmade Korean noodles. So good.

It’s so cold up there, even under piles of blankets, I was still cold. Can’t deal, though I’d like to think I am slowly getting adapted to the cold. After all, it didn’t stop me from going outside in shorts and sandals in 40F weather. I didn’t really want to do much this trip, there was no exploring needing to be done. I had a singular goal and the rest of the time, it’s like I wasn’t even there. I needed to catch up on some work, anyway.

In this regard, it was a good Friday. All I wanted after all, was Little Big Burger. It’s always nice to come to terms with my budget and stretch it when necessary. It’s good to have limits, but understand when it’s appropriate to stretch it. For example, November is off the books, over the limit, but on the other hand, I got a lot accomplished. And by the way, being cocooned away saves a lot of going out money, anyway. It all balances.

~ by Btab on 13 December 2015.

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