The Log #12

Thursday 11/26/15

Phase 4: Frost covered the car, but the room was so warm. Going outside was a nightmare, and Persie wouldn’t even go to the bathroom, it was so cold. Of course, she peed in the room when I went to get breakfast, so we’ll see if they notice and charge my card. I didn’t realize how little I ate and drank even though I packed snacks and water. So of course, I shoveled food onto my plate to the chagrin of the other motel guests. I ended up leaving at 9:12a after getting gas at Fred Meyer (Oregon exclusive, $22.38 for 9.858 gallons, the cheapest). It’s so weird that they fill your gas up for you in Oregon. I knew I had only a couple hundred more miles to go and one last phase (I decided not to take breaks until I needed gas, so I’d make it to my destination sans break/gas). I always forget how gorgeous Oregon is. Driving in the daytime was a treat: nature was so gorgeous everywhere. Frost-covered trees, falling leaves, the colors of everything, livestock (even llamas!). This last phase was fun, though there was an 8-minute traffic jam which was apparently caused by some people pulled over looking for some roadkill they hit. Oh, Oregon, what a hoot. Because of this, I got to roll my windows down and drive slowly, breathing in the crisp Oregon air (at 30F-40F). I hit the 45th parallel at 12:45p, which was halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. How cool is that? I finally changed freeways for the last 10 miles of the trip, and seeing Beaverton, OR was so exciting I nearly cried from joy.

I surprisingly didn’t feel tired or achy. I was just glad to be out of the car and talking to people. We let Persie settle in and of course, one of the first things she tries to do is poop in the room. Classic. She was definitely excited to see my sister. After I took a nice shower, we went to my sister’s roommate’s parents’ house for some good ol’ American Thanksgiving food. I had stuffing for the first time. After, despite my earlier decision not to go Black Friday shopping, we ended up going because Target was open so early and the movies I wanted were so cheap. I ended up getting Jurassic World and Interstellar for cheap. I underestimated the cold once again, because we actually stood in line outside and I’ve never done that before.

Got home and relaxed, though I think the tiredness finally hit me as I struggled to keep my head up.

Update: they didn’t find the pee.

This was probably the best part of the trip because I was renewed from sleep and actual food, and I got to drive through beautiful landscape, and of course, knowing I’d make it to my destination soon was motivating.

Black Friday shopping is always fun when you go with friends and you’re not really there for the shopping, though it’s more of a side thing, and you get to people-watch and laugh. It actually wasn’t too crowded, but people were crazy still. Like chill, it’s just a towel.

I’m surprised that I wasn’t all that tired, and made it through the day without being grumpy and sad. Go me!


~ by Btab on 12 December 2015.

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