The Log #11

Well, Firefox decided to crash on me and not save the draft of my post, which contained a very long, detailed report of my eventful Wednesday. And of course, I pasted it from Word, and then deleted the entry, and there are no previous versions of my doc available. Because, of course this would happen.

After feeling slightly annoyed and a bit more annoyed after looking up solutions and having nothing work, I got over it. I guess in the long run, it’s not such a big deal.


I found it a day later!

Wednesday 11/25/15

Decided last minute last night to go to Oregon today. There were multiple reasons. I needed to get Persie to my sister. I wanted to go for a long drive by myself (I definitely thought it’d be a great time for solitude, and also proving to myself I could do these things for future solo backpacking trips). I needed a change of scenery.

After work, headed out. Vanessa Carlton knows, y’all. 1000 miles is a really really long way. I will admit I underestimated the distance and/or overestimated my skills. The following is very important information regarding my trip.

Phase 1: I left at 1:23p and drove 224.2 miles to Kettleman City, CA, until 6:35p. Most of the time was spent in LA traffic. It started out easy enough, belting out Adele. I think I got tired around 5p, but was able to shake it off. At this point, I was a bit discouraged that it had taken so long to get only a fifth of the way there. Nonetheless, I didn’t feel tired. Persie was okay too, though she didn’t want to eat or drink much during our break. I had a silent 10 minutes of driving when I turned off the music, but it was too silent. I also sat around people watching (and kind of making sure I knew how a regular gas station worked because it’s a lot more chaotic than a Costco gas station). Porto-potty break. Ate some Chipotle.

Phase 2: I left at 7:08p from the gas station (Chevron, $32.15 for 8.553 gallons, the most expensive gas) and drove 269.3 miles to Williams, CA, until 11:08p. I drove further and for around an hour less, so that was nice. At this point, the road was straight and it was dark and there was no traffic. So I started busting out the cruise control, stretches, yoga poses, deep breathing. I had to get creative to get through the drive. I got to pee in a regular bathroom at Shell ($25.41 for 9.416 gallons, a much better deal). Persie would not go to the bathroom when I let her out. Ate a bit, as did Persie. This phase saw a lot of self-reflection. As Adele played in the background, I was moved to really think about my life. I thought about my family, my friends, my future, my self.

Phase 3: I left at 11:35p and drove 249.0 miles to Medford, OR, until 3:08p. This was the wackiest phase of the trip. I think I was going delusional, but my sister also called me midway and let me know she booked me a room here, so there was a destination, I just had to survive until then. There was rain at some point. At around 12p-1a, I was feeling drowsy and falling asleep and trying to make it through. At 1a, I felt probably my fifth wind, re-energized, would I even need sleep? Seeing Mt. Shasta looming in the distance like a stark white behemoth contrasted with the darkness of the sky above (complimented by beautifully gleaming stars) and the vastness of the trees below…it was truly magnificent. Also, I felt mad poetic and alive at this time. When 2a hit, I started feeling drowsy again, hallucinating about things I was seeing in the dark. But suddenly, at 2:40p, I saw a welcome to Oregon sign and I was wide awake once again, hollering in my car that we had made it. In this phase, we hit a cool low temp of 19F. After some confusion, I was finally able to check into the motel room in Medford and rest at 4a. I wasn’t sure how much rest I needed or when I wanted to leave in the morning.


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