The Log #9

Monday 11/23/15

A shorter work day today. I woke up late again, missing my first couple of alarms again…not really sure why this keeps happening. I did sleep a bit earlier, fell asleep quickly, and didn’t wake up until my last alarm went off. I didn’t feel all that tired, actually; rather, I was pretty alert.

Went to the gym right after work. A bit of a slower gym day again. Lounged for a bit before dinner. I started falling asleep, but caught myself, then watched TV and meal prepped. I watched part of Digimon Tri, which makes me even more nostalgic for the times of the Saturday morning cartoon. Almost forgot to meditate!

I got road rage once today, though I was quick to catch myself.

Today was a rather relaxing day, with a shorter work day, I was able to avoid too much traffic and I also got home while it was still light out, which has been a rarity. I didn’t have much meal prep to do, so there was a lot of time freed up to sit around, which is much needed on a Monday.

I need more days like this.


~ by Btab on 9 December 2015.

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