The Log #4

Wednesday 11/18/15

I woke up late accidentally today, as in I slept through my alarms. So, even though it was a rush to get ready, I felt pretty awake. Work was long. I caught myself getting mad in traffic, as usual. I was probably more on edge because I was late-ish to work and then on the way home, it had been a long day, so I wanted to be home.

I decided yesterday to do at-home workout instead of go to the gym, because I figured I wouldn’t do it since I’d have a long day and tomorrow I had more free time. I realized today that not going on social media has really allowed my phone battery life to stay pretty solid. It’s been pretty refreshing not going on any of those sites either. I also noticed how poor my posture really is; I mean, I knew it was bad, but I really need to improve it.

I ended up meditating after dinner and then checking in on my dog, since I felt lethargic for the next hour or so. I didn’t have any meals to prep, so I knew all I wanted to get accomplished was a workout. I also didn’t have to be up early tomorrow since my student canceled and I had to go to the vet later.

All this led me to move a little slower today and I decided to watch TV while working out. I ended up not doing any future/career research today, but I didn’t plan to anyway. I read for a bit before I fell asleep rather quickly.

Things that stress me out: Persie got to her wound and had been licking it, but I don’t know for how long or if she reached it.

Speaking of social media, I went back on today…logging in and turning on notifications. Life’s been actually pretty fun without it, I’d like to see myself continue to not gravitate towards it during down time or times when I’m avoiding responsibilities.

I rarely sleep through my last alarm, so it’s always kind of alarming waking up late.


~ by Btab on 4 December 2015.

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