The Log #2

Monday 11/16/15

I woke up a little late and didn’t want to get out of bed. But I had to go to the vet, so another decision to make a quick breakfast. At the vet, I brought a book to get some reading done. The vet didn’t take as long as I thought, so I had time to go to the gym AND make my meals for tomorrow, while eating lunch (I like multitasking).

I went to work briefly (didn’t get mad in traffic, what a milestone) and came back to prep some brown rice. Then I watched TV and researched. I decided to close my eyes for a bit, but that turned into a nap because I really comfy. I didn’t meditate.

This was a pretty good day with getting a lot of the things done before getting home from work for the night. But this also means there’s some downtime, so I end up taking a nap when I shouldn’t. It was a shortened work day because of taking most of the day off to go to the vet.

Off topic, last night, I had a dream that I got in a car crash. And then today, I witnessed a car accident in the lane next to me. I don’t know what to think of this.


~ by Btab on 2 December 2015.

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