The Log #1

In the following days, I will publish logs from my time away from life, with a self-reflection, which will ultimately, hopefully, lead to a better realization of who I am in the day-to-day, mundane life. The only edits will be grammar. This is Day 1 (though really it’s the start of the second week of isolation):

Sunday 11/15/15

Today, I woke up late and then went back to sleep and woke up late again. I was blogging/reflecting last night (a lot of Thought Catalog too), and I kept Daredevil on in the background, and it was suddenly 4am. Also, the weather was dreary. And it was a lazy Sunday. I would like to stop doing this as it messes up my eating habits. I usually spend a couple of hours after waking up doing nothing: readjusting my eating schedule, playing phone games (and checking social media, but not from now on), sitting on the computer doing nothing.

I let my dog out to go to the bathroom, but she didn’t go. Then I ate lunch because I woke up at 1pm. Today, I focused on eating slower. I turned on music. My phone was charging, so I looked up what my accounts were so people could pay me back for SDCC. I looked up useless things like Pokemon Shuffle and credit card limit increases.

My first priority was to schedule out the rest of the week and the meals I’d need to prep for tomorrow, which turned out to be none. My phone finished charging by this time, so I was able to write in my schedule. This week doesn’t look too busy, which I’m thankful for. I was able to get payment for SDCC.

I ate at 3p again because I felt like I hadn’t eaten for a while. I’m waiting for the playlist to finish before I go meditate. So now I started writing this log. I noticed that I instinctively click social media on my phone or laptop and that’s a habit I’d like to kick.

I realize I don’t have any pressing concerns today, so I’m subconsciously being extra lazy. Usually when I block out a day to work on my future, it ends up being pushed to the wayside.

I finally pulled out this microfleece Sherpa throw my mom got and it’s so soft and warm. I’ve also put on my joggers for max comfort. I feel safe. Perfect time to read. I looked up some cosplay ideas as well. Gotta start early if I plan to cosplay next year.

Along with giving her meds, I fed Persie, which has become a chore because it takes like 20 minutes. Then I ate and watched TV. I spent the rest of the night looking into career opportunities.

I remember this day, a tipping point of sorts that kind of allowed me to recognize that I needed to hole myself up for a bit. I really went hard in the details on this one. It seems like a typical Sunday for me, being overall rather lazy.


~ by Btab on 1 December 2015.

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