The Army

I really enjoy this time of year because everything becomes very festive.

A couple weeks ago, we had our annual pumpkin carving. This year, I was about to not carve a pumpkin for reasons too delicate to mention again, but as it turned out, the night had another plan for me. I actually didn’t even have an idea of what to do, but luckily, everything came together and four hours later, my Jurassic pumpkin was complete! Check it on my Instagram feed in the sidebar.

I also went out on a Tuesday (what?!) because Bottle Logic was having their first Triwizard Trivia Tournament, so obviously I had to go. It was fun, though the trivia was mostly over my head and I couldn’t drink any of the cool Harry Potter-themed drinks. Definitely crowded and the trivia organization was poor, but it was their first time, and everyone seemed to be having a good time (since there was beer involved).

In recent years, I haven’t really had the urge to go hard on Halloween, but this year was an exception, because I really wanted to experience Escape. Holy plur, Batman! At first, I wasn’t vibing (it seems to happen regularly), but once the right beat hit me, it felt amazing for the rest of the night. This was my second rave, but my first huge one. There were so many people, and we made kandi, and I traded with so many kind people. I actually didn’t run into anyone rude in attendance, though I did read a lot of stories about people being molested/robbed, and it kind of scares me. There was one security guard who was unnecessarily disrespectful, and there was a checkpoint guy who frisked me a little too much, but you have this way of getting over it when you’re so happy. We did see someone OD and was promptly dragged out…not really sure what his fate was, but I do hope he’s okay. And also, there was a smoke bomb set off near us and that was frightening. Nonetheless, the good stuff really outweighed the bad. It’s moments when you look at your friends and realize how happy everyone is. It’s moments when complete strangers are so nice to you (and it’s so easy to make new friends just like that). It’s moments where everyone is just feeling good. Those are the moments that make me love events like this.

I dressed up as Commissioner Gordon and like 2 people recognized me, but I did get a bunch of compliments on the mustache, so there’s that. Also, shoutout to Chipotle’s $3 booritos this year, and for having no additives!

Friendsgiving came early this year! I think we’ve improved upon ourselves since last year (the first annual Friendsgiving (we don’t talk about Friendsgiving 0.5)). There was so much love in that room, it was overwhelming. And also, having a Harry Potter theme was the greatest. Events like this can be stressful to plan, but when everything comes together, you realize it’s always worth it, and you look forward to next year’s gathering.

I’m still meal prepping (happy one monthiversary to me)! I did fall off the wagon for a couple of days near the end of October, but for the most part, I worked out hard and I meal prepped hard. I haven’t grown a single ab, though. How lame. Just kidding, I’m over the abs once again, though it’d be nice if it happened…just sayin’…

I one-upped myself and did something I, again, thought I would never do- I bought a kitchen scale. And now, I can figure out the proper portions of meats, etc. to eat. This is like a whole new ballpark of intense nutritioning. Also, it’s just fun to weigh things. Just to let everyone know, 3 oz. of chicken is not a lot at all. Before, I’d actually eat double to triple that amount, oops.

November goals!

Well, saving money is off the list right off the bat because I already plan on buying things for Black Friday. It’s the month of Treat Yo Self because why not get early birthday presents, right? I think exercising and nutrition can move off the list as well because it’s habitual at this point, so I don’t need to focus so much on it.

I’d still like to research and figure out my life, obviously.

And lastly, I think showing appreciation kind of falls in the umbrella of this following goal: conscientiousness and mindfulness. Working on taking criticism. Working on letting go, for real. When I overanalyze things, it’s detrimental. It never really works out well and only serves to spread negativity in my mind. I’d like to be more mindful of how I tread. Sometimes, I do take people for granted and I never realize it. If I am more aware of these things and I communicate more clearly, I think a lot of unnecessary negativity dissipates.

I’d also just like to take a moment to remind myself to be mindful of myself and to myself as well. It’s so easy to sit here and make a list of all the things I hate about myself, what I’m insecure about, all the ways in which I have failed and embarrassed myself. But sometimes (read: all the time), it’s not worth it. Life goes on and I need to cut myself some slack.

This song of the moment is a shoutout to all the people that are close to me because without you, I’d be nothing. I’m lucky to have a lot of people I call “best friends” because I know these people understand me and will always have my back. I rarely brag, but I am really good at picking out friends. And I’m definitely lucky to have the family that I do. I realize life is good when I surround myself with good people. Because even when everything seems like shit, good company can always make my day.


~ by Btab on 8 November 2015.

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