The Wildest Dreams

Yes, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams on repeat and watching the music video more than once. It’s rare for me to enjoy a song and a music video, let alone watch that video more than once. Good on you, Tay.

I find myself having flights of fancy, perhaps moreso than usual. I start daydreaming about elsewhere, perhaps leading a different life than I do now. And it’s strange, because I am not unsatisfied with my life (excuse the double neg). Rather, I think I just want a change of pace, or maybe I’m worried that I’ll be locked into a path once I must decide. I yearn for another path, yet I understand that, realistically, this is a tough change to make. I wish it was easy to pause life, put a freeze on responsibilities; I need more time to really ponder.

But alas, that’s not how the world works. It flows on, with or without you.

I’ve had many mini moments of enlightenment as of late- my thoughts and consciousness changing in an instant; a wave of relief washing over me; a feeling of complete understanding of my place in the world. And then it tumbles down and the real world beckons.

I seek balance.

~ by Btab on 6 September 2015.

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