The Last Quarter Ambition

It’s tough to reconcile my ambitious nature (#Slytherin) with my desire to relax my life/mind. I just want to learn everything, go everywhere, cook all the foods, etc. etc. etc.

I’m excited for September because I won’t be on a strict post-tattoo budget AND I will be recovered enough to go outside without damaging my tattoo. Because of this, I’ve been filling up my weekends next month with all these things I’ve wanted to do and hitting up the people I want to see.

I shall start getting back into cooking. Maybe a new recipe once a month is more doable. I never really find occasion to cook since most of my friends just want to go out to eat anyway. And we haven’t really had a holiday in a while. Laughing at the fact that I thought I could do a new recipe/restaurant every week, though I had kept it up for a good amount of time (mostly eating out at new places and/or trying new dishes at old places).

Travel plan updates! Yeah, it’s seeming less and less feasible to do many trips in a year. And I also realized that a lot of the stuff I want to see in California just pales in comparison with the rest of the world. So my California hiking list has been dwindling as I’ve become more elitist (ugh) about these things. I want to spend my time and money (and effort) doing things that are worth it, personally.

I think I’ve decided on what trips I wanna do for 2016 though. Of course, I have to factor in all the real world life events that come up that can really put a wrench in my vacation plans. As much as I can though, I would like to stop making excuses and instead, live more in the moment. Additionally, it’s important to remember that plans don’t always work out as expected, so in order to enjoy myself more fully, I should roll with the punches. I think I’ve become pretty good at letting go of the rigidity I used to desire in planning. I like to find the silver lining in all things- even seemingly miserable experiences at least make for fun stories and learning experiences. I think all experiences are inherently good, even if they seem bad.

At work, we’ve been prepping decorations and the theme for the school year, which is Harry Potter, and I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. This is what’s been occupying my mind for the past couple of weeks. That, and Kingdom Hearts, because I am sick and need help, but I honestly can’t stop. I actually finished Kingdom Hearts the other day, as in I have all the trophies for 2.5 except all I have to do is beat the game on Critical Mode, which will nab me the platinum. This will probably happen in a couple of months when I suddenly feel the need to play games again. For now, I have been sated. For work, I’ve actually taken things home with me and spent the majority of a Friday at home crafting. It was pretty awesome, but as with all my art projects, I tend to have major doubts that I can pull it off. I made house banners and hourglasses for house points- it’s a burden having to make four of everything. In the end, they turned out pretty nice! I haven’t done art projects in a while so it was nice to spend my time productively and creatively, while also getting paid!

I realized I have four more months of the #yearofnewthings #newthings2k15, so I gotta make these hashtags worth it (though I do feel I’ve already fulfilled it).

~ by Btab on 30 August 2015.

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