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How To Be A Monk 101: shave your head, get a lion turtle tattoo, get some authentic flowy elephant pants from Thailand, go to Oregon and breathe the fresh air. Tada! You're an air nomad now!

How To Be A Monk 101: shave your head, get a lion turtle tattoo, get some authentic flowy elephant pants from Thailand, go to Oregon and breathe the fresh air.
Tada! You’re an air nomad now! #nofilter

What a tease. I still haven’t gotten a decent picture of my tattoo and I apologize for that. It’s still kind of healing, though all the scabs have fallen off. I’ll get an up close one for next time. Look for a post in the coming week or so!

You know, I never realized how much I use my back for things until I spent 8 hours having a needle irritate the skin and essentially create an open wound on my shoulder blade. All of the sudden, I’m confined to one position, no working out, and trying to wash and moisturize a spot that’s nearly unreachable.

The turtle shell took forever to unscab, as opposed to the lion. But I think I rubbed a scab off too early on the lion so there was this fleshy spot there for a while. The shell still looks filmy and is still in the midst of healing. Surprisingly, I wasn’t overwhelmingly itchy (“overwhelmingly” as in wake up at 4 am every night just because of the intense itchiness) after this round as I was the from the first session. In fact, I was barely itchy at all.

Something that I did do the past few weeks that maybe I shouldn’t have was freak out over every little thing. Is it infected? Is it healing too fast? Is it scabbing properly? How long should this, that, and this take? I ended up thinking I had Hep C and that’s when I realized I needed to stop because everyone is different and I need to trust in my own body to tell me if something’s wrong. I think I’ve passed the stage where things can go dangerously wrong, so I’m good.

A lot of these problems I didn’t have to worry about after my first tattoo because it was so minimalistic.

So I went back to Oregon over the weekend and the weather was…NOT COLD. What a surprise!

AND I got to visit two wildlife sanctuaries. We went to a sloth center in Rainier and it was glorious. We got to play with and learn about sloths and they’re so hilarious but you can’t laugh too loud or they’ll stress out and die. But I was rolling in my head. Everything they do is hilarious and precious. We also went to the Audubon Society of Portland and saw an owl and a creek. The trail kind of reminded me of seeing the remnants of Jurassic Park, with abandoned areas in the middle of the wilderness that’s a little eerie with quietude.

On top of this, I finally got to see Kelly Clarkson in concert. I wish I was into concerts earlier in life. I’ve been anticipating this for a while, as with all concert purchases months in advance. Yes, I flew to Portland just to see KC. It was definitely a magical experience, and if you didn’t already know, KC is my #1 forever since her American Idol days. From group singing “Since U Been Gone” during 8th grade formal to singing it live with her. Shit was surreal. She can sing anything and it will be the greatest sound you’ve ever witnessed. I got a major toner for Kelly (also a boner, huehuehue).

Overall, a successful trip.

I’ve been watching a lot of wildlife and global documentaries on Netflix and KCET and they’re depressing and informative and beautiful. I think I’ve always had a negative/pessimistic worldview, but lately, it’s been heightened, perhaps to the point that I can joke about how I hate the world. Now, I’m all about #positivevibes and emitting positivity into the universe, but it’s been difficult to reconcile my two warring ideologies. At times, it seems so futile because we’ve done such irreparable damage to the Earth. Other times, I feel like people are making such great strides and we can really save the planet. I guess it’s just a matter of how you see things. I am making a concerted effort to choose to be positive, and while we must be aware of the injustices in the world, we must choose to be proactive and make a difference in whatever way we can. I cannot save the world, at least, not alone. But I can do my part to make it a better place.

I believe having both viewpoints floating in an endless, sinuous rollercoaster in my mind has actually been beneficial. I cannot let the negative debilitate me like I sometimes do. I also cannot allow myself to remain in blissful ignorance, ignoring the bad things because they make me sad. Instead, I choose to accept both the bad things and good things and really do what I can. I must #staywoke and make independent conscious choices moving forward in my life. I think I’ve found my equilibrium. To be honest, this kind of just clicked right now, as I was typing it out, which goes to show the power of the blog.

I’ve been researching a lot of different organizations that fight for wildlife and environmental protection. The next step for me was to sign up and keep myself informed. I plan on taking action when I can.

I think watching these documentaries has inadvertently turned my wanderlust into overdrive. I know I told y’all I wouldn’t be making a bucket list, but I couldn’t help but start compiling a list of places I’d want to visit because there are way too many and I need to keep track of them. I actually have done pretty well this year with traveling, but like Asian Americans in the media, I need more, more, more.

Here’s how. As you know, I like change, and I can easily change my mindset. I want my hard-earned money to go into traveling. With my growing list, I also believe I need to set goals. I have my list split up into different categories: California trip, a national (so out-of-state, to another state) trip, and an international trip. Right now, and I’m not sure how feasible this is, but I’d like to do (at least) one trip from each category every single year. Again, not sure if it’s possible, but I can try. This will help make the decision easier and also, it’ll give me a mental checklist to complete.

In completing my travels, it’ll also help me check off activities I’d like to try, but don’t really want to do until I find a place to do it. For example, sky diving- I’d only want to do this in an exceptional place. And I’ve been hoping to go on a conservation trip somewhere, so hopefully, this can be incorporated here as well. I don’t want to just travel around the world, I want to bring aid wherever I go. All I need is time (which I’m pretty sure I have), money (I think I’m pretty good at budgeting my own finances and planning trips that are monetarily feasible, but I’ll definitely need more experience here), and people who are down to explore with me (though actually this is optional, and I should definitely look into solo trips).

I’ve also finally made an ongoing list of things I want to attempt to cook. There were just so many recipes floating around out there that seem so delicious that I had to start keeping track of them so I never run out of new ideas to try. I’m excited to get back into cooking. I’m trying to also lessen the amount of times I eat out in a week/month, especially at hyped up restaurants where you see every other table taking Instagram pictures and snapchatting themselves putting food into their mouths.

Speaking of cooking, I’ve been doing pretty well with eating better, though it’s not always ideal. I haven’t worked out in around a month because of the tattoo. I never realized how much I use my back for things. Instead, I’ve been doing yoga and a lot of meditation. I’ve actually lost around 5 pounds, I think most of it is from my belly, but undoubtedly I’ve lost some muscle mass which makes me sad. I’ve been itching to get back to the gym.

I think I need to get back into the habit of planning things. It’s my forte, as much as I dislike being the one bearing the burden and going unappreciated. But then again, I do enjoy it when things work out and people have fun. I think I enjoy most being the person that brings people together. This will also allow me to be more proactive about doing things I want to do. A lot of the time, I just throw out ideas, but no one ever seems to want to plan it. I need to be that person again, for better or worse. I think this will also help me indirectly be better in my relationships, as well as directly with my traveling goals.

On a random note, I’ve been back to listening to some old music on iTunes and it’s made me really nostalgic. I like when I look up an artist that I haven’t checked up on in a while and new things have happened in their life, they’ve released new music, or maybe nothing’s happened. But it’s fun to look them up.

I think the past few weeks have been me laying around on my stomach and not doing anything of great importance. It’s like I was an anti-sloth, opposite sloth, reverse-sloth if you will. I think my tattoo is doing well enough that I can return to regular leaning and laying and stuff. It’s still pretty delicate in the outdoor department though, so I think I have to keep it covered and not be in water or use sunscreen for another week or so.

~ by Btab on 11 August 2015.

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