The Portlandia

As you know, I’ve been embracing a #namaste lifestyle, which is arguably and understandably, pretty annoying to most of you. Well, I was ready to get full-Portlandia last week when I visited Oregon for my sister’s graduation from Pharmacy school (congrats, we were def the loudest (unceremoniously) at both ceremonies!). I feel like I would probably get along well with Oregonians and I can embrace the laid-back lifestyle.

All I did was relax and meditate and eat and chill and laugh. My sister was trying hard to convince me to move up there, but I mean, what about my plan to move to Costa Rica? But actually, I’ve also been inspired to get my shit together seeing all these proud Masters and doctoral graduates. I also think it’s time to get a Tinder soon because if it’s good enough for Hilary Duff, then it’s good enough for me. And today, I made an appointment and put in a deposit for my next tattoo. I’ve been waiting a while, mainly for a good concept that I want and also funds. Feels like I’ve needed the vacation to really get the inspiration wheels turning and going forward in life.

Both of those ideas seem contradictory at first, but then I remembered how balance is key.

I did a lot of things I haven’t done before, including going to [redacted] one night and getting [redacted] another night, which led to subsequently having the worst hangover on the most turbulent flight ever. Those were interesting experiences. Eating and drinking was bomb everywhere I went: Voodoo donuts, Blue Star donuts, Little Big Burger, Taste of India, Taste of Sichuan, Solstice pizza, Salt and Straw, Pok Pok, Saburo’s sushi house, Aalto, Prost, Bungalo Bar, etc. etc. We got to visit Portland’s Japanese Garden, Powell’s book store — the largest bookstore in the world, Mill Ends Park — the smallest park in the world, we saw Lady Portlandia, Multnomah Falls, part of the Oneonta Gorge, Hood River, and of course, just driving around, one can see the beauty of nature and city intertwined.

I loved this visit (am I actually saying that I love Oregon?) because I got to do a lot of the touristy stuff in the day and then my sister would take me to do all the fun local stuff at night. There’s so much stuff still on my list of things to do, and since my sister is currently permanently situated there, I’m foreseeing many visits to the Pacific Northwest in my future.

So many hipsters everywhere, but none of them Asian, unfortunately. Not as many topknots and manbuns and interesting styles as I thought there’d be, though. Weather was poopy, but I got used to it Nonetheless, #goodvibes all week with family and new and old friends. My sister is really happy and that makes me happy.

You will soon be crossing warm waters for a fun vacation

Hmm, didn’t get to cross any warm water yet, but I did have a fun vacation. ALSO, I had another fortune and it was better than this one and I lost it.

~ by Btab on 22 May 2015.

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