The Unbreakable

Precious babby.

I made a friend!

Post #500. What a milestone. Still going strong!

Because, like Kimmy Schmidt, I am indeed unbreakable. *cue theme song*

And that brings us to another big step I am taking. As with many skin and hair care issues, I like to go to women for advice. So I’ve decided to stop with the harsh chemicals. I’m going to try just washing my face and hair with water. And I’ll see how long I can go for, but I may try other things like oils, etc. So far, I’m just doing aloe on my scalp and face. I’ll keep y’all posted about this riveting new chapter in my journey towards a healthier body.

I also gave myself an important haircut this week. And my hair is officially Sokka’d. It’s been a few years since I last tried this (it’s strange looking up the hairstyle on Google images and seeing my own face, a picture I posted from this blog back when I was trying to get the right style), back when it wasn’t in style, so I didn’t really go any further when I couldn’t stand the long hair. Not to mention, if anyone is watching Vikings, Alexander Ludwig’s character has the same style. Officially considered a Warrior’s Wolf Tail (and yes, I will correct you), the more popular way to wear it is to turn it into a bun and call it a Top Knot, which I can also do now (my hair is so long). I actually don’t think I’ve had my hair this long since I was in middle school, as I generally can’t stand it and never really know how to style it. But it’s much easier keeping it up in a tail, though I do wear it down and/or pushed back when I’m feeling like it. The thing I do like about long hair is that it’s more versatile and I can wear it many different ways; this is something I enjoy as I do like to experiment with different hairstyles (which is evidenced by my older blog posts).

Although it had been roiling around inside me for a while now, my Sense of Adventure feels like it’s gone haywire since coming back from Orlando. All I want to do now is vacation and see the world. I’ve noticed I haven’t checked off much on my new activities list. So I’m here to remedy that. In the past, I’ve avoided a lot of active hobbies, but now, I seem to gravitate towards them. As if I don’t have enough hobbies to keep me interested, there’s a whole uncharted territory of active things to do. But many of these things cost money as well. Yet, now it doesn’t seem like that much in relativity. It coincides with my shift from material things to memorable things. Spending money on experiences makes things seem less expensive. I don’t like having a so-called bucket list because that makes things like a chore; it changes my expectations; and what if I never get to something before I die? That’d be upsetting to dead!me. So for now, it’s just a list of activities I’ve been thinking about trying this year (as part of my #yearofnewthings #newthings2k15 (I’ve been using these hashbrowns interchangeably and need to choose one)). And there’s a list of things I’d like to do more of, into which I added “travel”. It’s no bucket list, once again (there’s no specifics on where I’d like to go), but it’s there to remind me to think about more destinations and beyond. Hiking Blackstar Canyon last weekend with the homies made me itch for a good hike. It was great fun, so I’d definitely want to invest in some hiking boots and go to far off, wonderful, mystical places. I definitely need to be more of a…Daredevil (Netflix is really murderin’ the game). It’s a seemingly inexhaustible drive I now have.

This week also marks a year at my current job, still going well, and I absolutely enjoy it. Can’t believe it’s been a year!

Food lab

  • I am trying to eat more, though also watching my nutrition. Yeah, back on that train.
  • Butterbeer. Very tricky. I’ve tried a hot butterbeer recipe years back that didn’t go so well. But I’m back for more because I miss the taste so much since leaving Orlando. I’ve amalgamated several online recipes, looking for the right taste. It’s pretty fun to try new combinations, so I feel like I’ll have a lot of butterbeer attempts. There are three main components to think about (now stay with me here, the science gets a bit complicated and I also clearly don’t know neither my food terminology, nor my chemistry): the base, the head, and the combination of both. The base is cream soda, though I’ve added combinations of butterscotch, butter, and heavy cream. The best, I’ve found, was the heavy cream- it made the base richer and creamier, though it did lighten the color significantly. The head can be added before or after. Adding before gives the drink a more bubbly/frothy float-like consistency, which is not what we want. Adding after seems to work better, allowing the head to maintain it’s thickness. The trick is to find a head that’s not too thin, but not overly thick. It’s a combination of whipped cream, vanilla, powdered sugar, and cane sugar (in unknown proportions, because I didn’t measure, sorry). I’d like to try a softened ice cream because that’s how it tastes in the park. But for the sake of all you witches and wizards (because drinking my experiments is so difficult), I will stay vigilant and continue to try new ideas and see what I can come up with.
  • 7-Eleven had “bring your own cup day” to get any sized Slurpee (within guidelines) for the price of a medium. I brought a 59 ml empty orange juice bottle, we got some Bacardi, and went to the pool. Good times.
  • New restaurant: Slater’s 50/50. I’m a fan of customizable food, but I’ve never had customizable burgers. This place was pretty good, but I definitely want to go back and try something different. And I have to remember to name my burger!

~ by Btab on 12 April 2015.

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