The Chill Factor

As a quarter of the year comes to a close and Spring begins anew, I’d like to take a moment to reflect and assess the year thus far. Hell, when am I not taking a moment to reflect such things?

I’ve been keeping up with yoga, and I think it’s been going splendidly so far. I’m really enjoying how comfortable I feel going at my own pace and taking my time and falling and learning. It’s humbling. And I’ve noticed I’ve become a lot more flexible.

I haven’t been keeping up with meditating, which sucks, but I’m trying to get back to doing it daily, I just wish I made more time for it- the funny thing being that it takes so little time out of the day, yet I need to do it during the right moment.

Noticeably, I’ve been able to sleep a lot more (and a lot better since my last post, detailing nightmares, etc.). It’s been wonderful, because even though I may feel tired at times when I wake up, I’m also more refreshed and energized throughout the day. I don’t need naps. I’m trying to work my way up to 8 hours a night (meaning I’d probably have to get into bed really early), so I just have to work on time management (I’ve also cut down on a lot of TV in order to spend my time doing other things).

Lately at the gym, I haven’t pushed past a lot of my PR’s. I feel like I’m stagnating, but at the same time, I don’t feel the pressure to always push too hard. I’m trying to maintain a lot and remain consistent, so I can make sure I’m doing everything right before I choose to move up. Getting compliments on my size (don’t be pervy) is always nice (especially from old family friends that my parents had over who were like WOAH).

These things, combined with my new-found appreciation of Being Chill, help with my stress levels, which is a bigger goal of mine. Everything all kind of works in conjunction and I just feel less uptight about things. I’m also thinking I should stop planning things/events because I get too overworked. But it’s been fun looking forward to big events; I have so many coming up this year, almost one/month. I have been getting better with going with the flow of things and letting things go and stuff like that. Basically, I’m still trying not to give a fuck about things that don’t matter. Looking at the Timehop app can be really fun, but then I see old statuses from years ago and notice how angry and/or passive aggressive I was. I’ve made a point to not post negative shit on social media like Twitter and Facebook, hating on other things because there’s really no point. Not to mention, it spreads negativity and getting responses would only fuel the hatred. Instead, I will either not post anything or send out positive vibes into the Universe.

It seems focusing on the above, and the rest of my day-to-day routine doesn’t leave time for much else. I find myself craving TV and a good book at the end of a work day (after my workouts, of course). And although I leave room for “figuring out my life” on the weekends, I naturally gravitate toward social activities. It’s all about finding balance, once again. But lately, I’ve just been focused more on these lifestyle/mentality changes and taking days one at a time, being present in the present (it’s a present).

Now, I think that I just need to do something about my nutrition. It’s been going in waves, sometimes I don’t want to eat a lot or I don’t think about it too much. But maybe I should start making time for meal prep, which is something that seems dreadful. But everything seems to be pretty routine; I just need to hop on this train.

I’m excited for summer, which hopefully means doing more outdoorsy things. I mean, I guess weather in SoCal is not all that drastic, but perhaps it’s more of a feeling-in-the-mood thing. Adventure is out there!

I officially platinum’d Lighting Returns earlier this month, and with that, I have no more games to play. Except when I get Kingdom Hearts 2.5, which will be my last PS3 game. And still, I’m not sure if I’m ready for a PS4 yet. Of course, I’ll be getting one one of these days, but I’m just not sure I currently have that desire to play games at the moment. It’s always curious because there are times when I crave playing games so much that I’ll play anything (and get addicted to mobile games), but other times, I realize that there are so many other things I could be doing. But then again…games are so fun. So, I think I’m just going to hold out for as long as I can.

Everything else that I’ve set out to do this year has been going well. Texting more consistently, being real (read: more upfront) with people in general, managing my time properly. I think the one thing I haven’t been able to do is art. I haven’t felt much of a drive to do it, to be honest. And again, still working on milking the hours of the day. I’m not in a particular rush to do any sketches, though, since I do feel that a lot of other activities allow me to express my creativity and artistry through equally positive outlets.

Additionally, I’d like rant about being mean. It’s been something I’ve worked on all through high school and am still working on it now. I know I used to be a petulant little shit, and in some ways, I still am an asshole. But for a vast majority of the time, it’s all in good fun. Looking at my Timehop, I can see old statuses that used to be angry, rude, passive-aggressive, etc. And I’ve actually made a concerted effort to stop posting statuses that spread hate on social media. I honestly detest when I see people post such angry things on Twitter and Facebook. Grow up, please. I’ve been great about that. What I still need to work on is hating on things in real life. I’ve been able to step back at times and think if it’s really worth arguing over. Sometimes, I like to argue and yell and be dramatic just because it’s fun. I’m joking most of the time, by the way. But I feel like some people don’t understand my humor because (1) I rarely laugh after my jokes and (2) I rarely say ‘just kidding’ or clarify if I’m joking. Generally, my humor does go over well, but it is dark and sometimes angry for the sake of anger. I feel like I want to ask my friends if they do realize that I’m joking just to gauge where I stand. OOOOOOH did you hear that? The sound of Social Experimentation Time! I need to work harder at not discussing things/people I don’t care about, and continue to send out positive vibes into the universe. But if you’re my friend, I’m still gonna make fun of you (but hopefully, only to your face now).

Tomorrow, I leave for Florida and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and I am so ready to relax. I haven’t been on vacation in so long, and it’ll be good to help me unwind and forget about my worries. I’m hoping I don’t stress out too much about doing things. See y’all in a couple of weeks!

Food lab:

  • Greek waffle. If you don’t have your favorite waffle topping or you simply want to try something new, throw some Greek yogurt on your waffle. Better, if there is some fruit in it. It acts as a good, heavy, creamy substitute, and of course, it packs protein.
  • The SAMONUT. Yes, always in caps, because it was prodigious. If you didn’t already guess, it’s a Samoa Donut. As in Girl Scout cookie donut. As in my next small business? Found the recipe online somewhere and just had to make them. And they turned out amazing- protips: refrigerate them overnight and enjoy the next morning, do yourself a favor and just buy the donuts and make the toppings. Check out my insta for a picture. Probably my favorite recipe thus far, though rather costly.
  • We went to Octopus in Downtown Long Beach the other night (happy birthday Alan and Ryan!) and I’m not usually a sushi person, but it wasn’t too bad. I think I’m just getting used to the taste. It’s always fun to try new and unique rolls. And everything looks pretty. Happy hour here seems frequent, and it wasn’t too crowded. Sake bombs are a must!
  • Loaded mashed potatoes. My mom was in awe. And, as always, I’m surprised they turned out so good myself. Another off-the-top-of-my-head recipe. I really just wanted to try making delicious mashed potatoes, which always seemed difficult for me. This time, I added cream cheese and heavy cream (I’m a big fan of recipes that call for heavy cream now) to add some extra…creaminess and heaviness…I guess. It worked! And then I added in broccoli and pineapple bacon sausage (whatever meat I could find laying around, really). Sprinkle some shredded Mexican three-cheese on top, and you’re good to go. I find that I like adding that sausage (thanks Costco) as my go-to experiment meat and that cheese (thanks again Costco) as my go-to experiment cheese. They tend to work out rather well for me.

~ by Btab on 23 March 2015.

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