The Dreams and the Crows

I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately…. Like, is any of this for real… or not?

*cue Simple and Clean and Kingdom Hearts opening sequence*

No, but I have been dreaming the strangest things that kind of give me chills when I wake up. I’ve been trying to sleep earlier, in my live-a-healthier-lifestyle lifestyle change, but then I also end up waking up earlier, a couple hours before I actually need to be awake. And sometimes, it’s because if some strange dream that causes me to lay there in bed, pondering and assessing the situation. Thankfully, none of it is real. But why the hell is my subconscious giving me so many depressing nightmares?

I think I just need to get used to the sleep adjustments. And maybe not read too much Murakami right before bed?

T-2 weeks until Florida. So I’ve been trying to save money, get back to my tightfisted ways for the next couple of weeks. It’s been going well for the past two weeks, so I just have to hold out a little longer. I’ve been enjoying my weekends indoors; relaxing, quiet, and highly affordable.

Yoga’s been going well. I can do crow pose now for an extended duration (like 10 seconds). Trying to move up to tripod and eventually handstand. But I’ve learned I’m really inflexible and yogis have garnered more of my respect. I haven’t been meditating as much as I’d like.

Kelly Clarkson’s new album got me like AWWWWWWYEAHHHHHHHH


New food experiment:

  • The Naan-wich. Naan is my new favorite sandwich-bread-substitute. Put in your favorite ingredients, and voila. And what I always find difficult is the sauce for the sandwich. Previously, I’d go dry or do guac. One day, I’d really like to try making my own aioli. But what I discovered was that using ranch (I like the Lay’s chip dip ranch) works perfectly well. And when it combines with the avocados, it turns into this creamy, delicious sauce right on top of the meat (in this case, herb-roasted turkey breast deli slices). And don’t forget the cheese, baked lightly until just before melted. It’s a perfect 500-calorie snack.

~ by Btab on 8 March 2015.

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