The Ram-Sheep-Goat

Happy Lunar New Year (weekend)! I can never decide what I like better between Ram, Sheep, and Goat, but I like all three. I guess they all kind of represent three different facets of myself, so I like to interchange all of them. Ram is the strong one, Sheep is the kind one, and Goat is the fun one. I believe that the Vietnamese consider it the Year of the Goat. More importantly, it’s the year that marks 2 dodecades (2 zodiac cycles) of my life!

Also, Happy Valentine’s Day since it’s been a minute.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, y’allready know this was coming- I went to my first rave (#yearofnewthings) and it wasn’t horrible, but in fact, I had an exceedingly (hehe..) wonderful time! The night just showed how much I really love to dance and I really love love (for the most part). Most people were really kind. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I sure did. ‘Twas a great experience I’d like to try again. I’ll leave it at that.

I introduced my mom to Big Hero 6 and she loved it. I was trying not to tear up so hard at That One Tadashi Moment. But yay, Asians in media!

I picked up Fresh Off the Boat by Eddie Huang at the library (perfect timing because I had it on hold for a while!) on New Years, and I couldn’t put it down, so I finished it in a couple of days (I’m a pretty slow reader and tend to only be able to read for small bursts at a time). And it was one of the most enlightening reads I’ve ever had. In the book itself, Huang discusses how he read certain books that changed his perspective in life, and I definitely had that moment when I read this book. So poignant. I want to write a memoir one day.

I just have a lot to think about. And what better time than the rest of February, since I’m way over budget for this month and kind of need to take a break for the next week (and save up for the BIG MARCH TRAVEL JOURNEY TO HOGWARTS!).

Because this weekend has been busy. New Years festivities are always fun. I went to the Tet Festival yesterday, which had some interesting food: pho burger, ramen burger, and deep-fried banh bao (which was actually quite delicious). The firework show was awesome because it seemed out of control and there was smoke everywhere and it was really loud and windy and we may have been enveloped in a mushroom cloud. Then we went to Westminster for pho because we failed to enter the pho-eating contest in time. So we had our own contest and I got a free meal, woo!

Afterwards, I made it in time for some family festivities. Love seeing the kiddos and everyone. I feel extra-appreciative of family lately. It’s the people we’re forced to be with, but I’m lucky because it’s always a good time. And I actually got li xi this year! What a surprise! Good timing because, again, I’m broke.

As you may know, I’ve been nostalgic lately (see: last post), and I’ve started listening to old 2000s hits on Pandora (thanks Jacqueline for this idea!) and I’ve also finally opened up my iTunes and listened to some old tunes, which I haven’t done in a while. Good memories. I feel like music has been missing in my life for a long time, but I can’t seem to add my playlist on my phone and I’m not on my computer anymore, so that must be the reason.

Also, I actually got tickets to SDCC15 thanks to some friends! I will be attending Sunday (woah, like actually inside inside for reals woah) and I may be headed there on Saturday to hang out outside (as per usual, aka the last few years) because the ambience is riveting.

It was time: I finally updated the look of my blog. I’ve been avoiding updating it for awhile for reasons that had to with “preserving the blog as it once was when it started”, but I’d imagined it was time. It was all pretty much just sidebar updates, but it’s clean and updated now.

Some final new food/recipes, since I’ve been trying to do #yearofnewthings with cooking/recipes/food and I’ve been forgetting to record:

  • BJs has this beignet, but it’s so much more, it comes with ice cream and strawberries and whipped cream and it’s pretty great. Even after we were full, for some reason, there was enough room for beignets.
  • Eureka! is a nice burger joint- I got the Jalapeno Egg burger which was quite delicious, but the truffle fries took the cake. My list still goes In N Out on top and then Umami, though I’m not much of a burger person because it’s always gonna be In N Out at the top. Period.
  • Tebo Tebo has some dank dranks. Their smoothies are huge.
  • I started eating chicken wings with ranch and then making semi-crisp open quesadilla chips and dipping them in the ranch too. And pretty much: ranch is great. So these quesadilla chips are pretty much a baked/broiled tortilla with cheese melted on top of it. It gets crispy on the edges and the cheese is really melted and near-burnt. You tear it up or roll it up and dip it and it tastes like tortilla chips and nachos and quesadillas all at once and it’s great.
  • Noticeably, I’ve been eating like shit and should really get back on track with the IIFYM and such.

~ by Btab on 22 February 2015.

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