The Yearbooks

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. Not sure why I’ve been having the strangest nightmares lately. But they’re not recurring, just random. But anyway, I became suddenly nostalgic and so I went through all my old yearbooks and read some nice posts in the middle/high school ones. I never did take physical photos with friends, so all I have are the books and digital memories.

I perused through the old ones, looking up people on Facebook from time to time (mainly the cute girls I had crushes on). It’s nice to see where people are these days. We’re all actually adults now.

But it’s strange to think about how life was back then. It seemed so different. My experiences in grade school were, by far, pretty great. I was nerdy, sure, but somehow, I managed to get by hanging with cool kids too and not getting picked on. There was never any of that Familiar White Drama that happened on TV, even though I hung out with a lot of white people in elementary and part of middle school. And as a segue, ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat is a must-watch- it’s also made me very nostalgic. Additionally, I’ve been using the Timehop app since I got my new phone, in which I can relive relatively-recent-but-still-old memories of social media updates.

So many inside jokes during those years…some I don’t even remember. Sometimes, there were people who wrote in my yearbooks and I don’t even remember who they are. Some people I remember greatly. And there are, of course, those who I generally still keep in contact with. And there are people from elementary, middle, and high school that I consider my best friends.

It wasn’t about looking at embarrassing pictures of people. It was about looking at names, recognizing faces, and remembering any fond (or not) memories we’ve shared. It’s crazy how much people can come and go but some random memory can linger on.

It seemed like such a different life. It all kind of blended together. There was pre-college and then there was undergrad (where most of my Facebook friends come from, so I seem to be up-to-date on their lives (I went through phases of clearing out FB friends that I stopped talking to, so there’s a deficit of middle/high school buddies, which is kind of sad but not really)). In college, you had to make friends by being social. In grade school, it was by circumstance- seeing everyone every day for a year in pretty much every class. It’s interesting to see the path we’ve followed, based on the friends we’ve made.

I really enjoyed re-reading some old yearbook entries. I guess people thought I was pretty funny…and weird…and sexy? It’s strange because I still feel like that kid. I wonder when I hit major adult milestones later in life if I can look back and see what has changed. I got a lot of “never change” too, which is interesting because I’d like to think I’ve changed a lot. But maybe I’ve always kept that essence in me- the fun, weird kid who loves to crack jokes and keep things interesting. Of course, with a grain of salt, yearbook entries are supposed to be sappy and overly complimentary. But it’s nice to think people enjoy me as a person. To the people who’ve known me for so long: can you testify to the person I was and the person I’ve become? Do they overlap heavily? Or am I unrecognizable?

It would be fun to gather a bunch of old friends and reminisce on the times for a whole day. Our lunch spots. That parking hill. The early classes. Everything.

I like to think I’d be able to hit people up, people I haven’t talked to in years, but that just doesn’t seem like something I’d do. It’d be weird, surely. But it’s a nice thought, at least.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, so I’ll end with some inspiration: look at your past as something not to be embarrassed by, but something to embrace. We’ve all gotten where we are because of every thing we’ve done. Create many memories (in the form of digital/social media like selfies) because those will be important too. Make a concerted effort to keep in touch. Let your past inspire your future.

Thanks for sticking around, and thanks for reading!

Bathgate – LFMS – CVHS – UCI pride.


~ by Btab on 13 February 2015.

One Response to “The Yearbooks”

  1. I was listening to good ol’ New Found Glory at lunch today: “Pictures fade away, but memory’s forever.”

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