The Real Emotion

So I just finished FFX-2 HD and I have a lot of feels so here goes. First off, I’m done with gaming for a while, though I still need to get Kingdom Hearts 2.5, but I think I need to take a break from videogames. I’d been doing very well only playing on weekends, though (the exception being today because I knew I was close to the end). But anyway, this game holds a dear place in my heart. Now, I know it’s not a favorite among FF fans, but it was my first introduction into Final Fantasy and I remember my mom bought it for me at Target because it was on sale and I poured so many hours into this game and it’s the only game I actually have a guidebook for. I loved the New Game +, I loved the music, and now everything makes sense now that I’ve actually played FFX (and it makes the endings that much more special). It’s strange how many quotes I remember from this game. I loved that there was so much character development. I loved the gameplay, the dresspheres, and the fact that there’s so much extra stuff to do (though these days, I don’t have time to do all the extra stuff). I just love this game.

Speaking of reminiscing, I’ve been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it’s such a great show and I’m glad I bought the series on DVD all those years ago, but haven’t had the opportunity to open them nor binge-watch them (until now!).

As for Superbowl XLIX, it was pretty great. Loved the game (Pats!), loved the halftime, didn’t love the commercials…so pretty opposite of how I usually feel, but oh well. I just want a shark costume. I guess I enjoy sports more than I think, though probably only the major face-offs and even then, only minimally. I wish I caught the Australian Open though, so I could watch Djokovic and S. Williams own it. I’ll make a mental note to catch the World Series this year.

January was pretty interesting in a good way. A lot of new things happened, which is something that I’m pretty proud of. Making great changes (ugh FFX-2 feels again) in my life, and actively pursuing said change. “This is my story”.

I’m pretty sure I got out of my gym funk. I also started doing yoga and meditating. I looked up yoga videos online and now do them in conjunction with abs (via Insanity again) on my off days. Meditating has been easier with this app I have called Calm. I’m not sure if I’m doing everything correctly and I do find my mind wandering easily, but I think it’s been helpful. I’m trying to ease up on the stress, and of course, be more chill so I can be healthier. I’m also trying to sleep more. Making good life choices over here!

French is going pretty well. A lot better than Rosetta Stone or some downloaded texts. I’ve been cooking new recipes and trying a bunch of new eating places, so that’s been fun. Though the downside is that I keep going over my monthly food/drink budget and suddenly I’m not sure how I ever went a month without eating out too often. I’m rarely on my computer, though we’ll see how that goes now that I’m not gaming in my free time.

A lot of these things seem so routine now, which is a great feeling because it’s almost second nature now. It’s nice to see some concrete, positive, semi-quantifiable change in my life.

I’m still trying to be more open about myself in general and not be so guarded all the time for no reason.

And I’ve been listening to Ella Henderson heavily…finally found a new artist that I like. So much emotion.


~ by Btab on 3 February 2015.

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