The New Things 2k15

Happy New Year, everyone! Is it strange that we celebrate this seemingly arbitrary holiday in the name of how time changes and cycles every 365 days. What are “days” anyway? Time is relative. But do ignore me, Interstellar got me saying crazy shit.

I mean, I knew it was coming and all, but fuck, it’s January and I now need to get my shit together.

But it’s still break, right? So I can still do nothing for a couple of days and not feel as guilty. And holy crap, have I been enjoying my doing nothing. It’s been a continuation of last week’s break, work for a couple days, then hours and hours of lethargy.

It snowed here the other day, which hasn’t happened in a decade. That’s crazy, but it was nice seeing people parked along the side of the road taking pictures of the mountains, everyone’s pictures and posts enjoying nature. She truly is magnificent.

I’ve been in a gym funk for like a month now and it sucks. I just don’t feel as compelled to go to the gym and everything seems more difficult and I’m fat. Kind of the opposite of what many people do this time of year, which is decide to go to the gym. Good luck to these new resolution-makers. I think I’m going to stop logging in my nutrition log for a while, since I’m now able to get a good idea of how much I eat a day. I just need to keep on keeping on and I will see more progress.

I spent pretty much all of New Year’s Eve not wanting to go out because it’s been so cold, so I just stayed in and played FFX because I really wanted to beat it before 2015. But that didn’t happen. So I went to Amadeo’s and it was just three guys being dudes (what’s better? (where did this meme come from, someone tell me)). I think I came up with a new business plan. But besides the night’s festivities, I went home in the wee hours and since I didn’t want to sleep, tried my hand at beating the last boss in FFX, but then decided to give up because for some reason, it was really difficult at 6am, so I, in an unprecedented move, decided not to finish the game and just watch the ending on YouTube. Now, as a semi-completionist, I do like to try and get trophies for my games. But lately, I just haven’t felt like grinding or doing side quests. I really just wanted to finish the story. Is this the end of an era? Am I growing out of my video game phase (I say growing out and not growing up because the latter would imply that video games are not for adults, which is an archaic thought)? Since I breezed through Lightning Returns and FFX in a month or so, I’m going to try and slow it down with FFX-2, which holds a lot of good memories for me as the first introduction into the Final Fantasy series all those years ago. Anyway, the story ends with me falling asleep and not being able to stay awake to go hiking in the snow, and so I’ve basically spent the first day of the new year sleeping. First meal: Doritos. First poop: not at my house. First activity: probably some drinking game.

Regardless of the great year 2014 has been, I need some new things to happen in 2015, stat. 2013 was the strongarm year. 2014 was the extrovert year. 2015 will be…? Not sure yet, but I’ve been saying a lot of random shit that I want to do. #newthings2k15.

Oh, I decided to make one new year’s resolution: be a better texter.

~ by Btab on 2 January 2015.

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