The Christmases

Week 1 of break has been good to me! Sister came home and of course, that means a lot of good eats. Getting a break from work has been helpful.Here are some resolutions that just happen to come at this time of year and have nothing to do with the new year, but have come up because of the aforementioned free time, therefore allowing me to reflect on things.

I’ve decided to stop spending money on material things and learn to be more appreciative of what I have. Surely, I do have more money and I have been rather liberal these past few months. But what’s important is to discern what exactly it is I should be spending my money on. So, I’m taking a stance. No more buying things for myself starting next year as often as I do. I have a list of things I want and it’s rather small. And I’ve actually been good with not having a birthday/Christmas list.

What I’d like to do (and what I have been doing) is spending money on more activities. Hobbies, going out, trips…stuff like that. I’ve been better at balancing money management, having financial semi-independence, and being more carefree with my spending. It’s a very fine line, however, and it’s easy to get caught up one way or the other. Sometimes, I feel like I’m too broke to do anything. Other times, I have this drive to spend my money without worry. I’d like to have less highs and lows…be conscious, yet opportunistic at all times.

This kind of goes hand in hand with my earlier idea in a previous post that I’d like to be more active, or at least try more adventurous things. Of course, hobbies can be quite expensive, but I would like to find something new. I already have a nice list of things, it’s just about making sure I make time to do them.

I’d also like to spend less time on the computer as a whole. I’ve actually been really good at staying off Tumblr. I just need to kick the habit of going on for the sake of going on. Of course, I do have some stuff I need to look at every day, but other than that, it’s really not necessary to go on anymore. I want to get to a point where I don’t feel the need to turn on my computer the moment I get home. It’s not about disconnecting from social media or anything like that (I tried that once and it worked well, so I know I’m not addicted). It’s more about doing something more productive with my time than just mindlessly scrolling (I can do that on my phone when there’s a lull in the day). I realized (as I was posting a new Facebook album) that I hadn’t posted pictures all year (except on Instagram). I’ve been conscious not to bring my camera everywhere, take pictures in the middle of hangouts, and things like that. But I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted any new albums, and I hadn’t whipped out my DSLR, and I hadn’t been editing photos for fun. So maybe more of that in the future.

Instead, I should spend more time with my hobbies. Of course, I’d like to try all this new stuff, as previously stated. But I also forgot that I do enjoy photography. And I haven’t really been doing any artwork or cooking lately because ‘life just seems to busy’, but that seems like a lame excuse.

That brings me to the thought that I can and should prioritize my time better. I should make the most out of the 24 hours that I have. I’m never bored, but it’s about spending time wisely, instead of just getting sucked into a show or a game or what-have-you for hours at a time. And it’s been okay for break because it’s break. But when next year rolls around, I’m going to consciously try and time myself with things and really spend my time pursuing different activities. I shouldn’t feel so comfortable all the time.

Going off of that, I’d like to spend more time out of my comfort zone. I enjoy awkward encounters (awkward for others I guess, because if I enjoy them, it nullifies the awkwardness). I need to put myself out there more and just go with the flow.

And I think I’ve been good at going with the flow of things, but I can definitely work on being more chill. My blood pressure has always been slightly elevated and my Type A-ness makes it go through the roof. I’m trying to actively change that. I think the majority of the time I’m acting like an asshole with a stick up his butt (lol double butthole) is because it’s funny. I’m okay with that. But there are times when I can definitely take a step back and chill the fuck out. These are the times when it’s okay to call me out on it. On the other hand, I need to be more asshole-ish (read: assertive) and stop being passive aggressive (this was an old high school resolution of mine, and I’ve definitely gotten better), but yeah, I’d like to reiterate that I don’t want to be passive aggressive. Instead, I’d like to be more assertive and be able to call people out on their bullshit (within reason, I mean, if they’re important enough to me), and just be a braver person.

Another thing that was previously stated somewhere in an old post is the thought that I should be more proactive. And this is mainly about my friends and doing things and actually committing to plans and keep in touch. I’m really bad at it, and I’d like to be good at it.

This Christmas week has been fun. For the most part, it’s been a lot of gaming, eating, Netflix, sleeping, and general lazing about the house. We actually kind of celebrated two Christmases this year (like how we had double Thanksgiving), but neither of them on actual Christmas day. Instead, it consisted of taking pictures with my family and of course, getting Del Taco because they’re the only place that’s open nearby. Our first Christmas was kind of a joint birthday thing for my grandma, my cousin, and me. Some presents were opened. And our second Christmas was like the actual Christmas where everyone was there, and we ate a lot of food, and had a lot of laughs. We actually watched some old videos (VHS status old) of The Nguyen Family Christmases of 1995 and 1996, both of which I don’t really recall. But damn, it was weird watching it. It was back in the day when there were only 4 of us cousins, and we were pretty much showered with gifts from everyone. Now, there are so many little ones running around, we don’t really do as many presents anymore. But even though everyone is older, they’re all kind of the same to me. Like I’ll always remember my grandparents and relatives the same way as they were when I knew them as a kid. Things haven’t changed much.

And this is why I support everyone taking lots of pictures and posting lots of selfies and blogging about everything because it’s a powerful time capsule that you can revisit and reminisce upon.


~ by Btab on 28 December 2014.

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